Friday, July 17

Political Full Court Press, Part Two

Another day of interesting political news:

1) Indiana Senator Dick Lugar has publicly announced he will vote for Sonia Sotomayor to become the next justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, according to MSNBC. Why is this news? Because he is a conservative Republican. Something tells me Sean Hannity might have something to say about this.

2) You have probably already heard how safe the water was at the Lake of the Ozarks during the Memorial Day weekend. Too bad that information was false! The Department of Natural Resources admitted yesterday to withholding information about unsafe levels of E.coli at the lake for fear of loss of tourism revenue. Now the Columbia Tribune is reporting that a group for the protection of waterways and linked to the Sierra Club has filed a complaint against DNR. This should be fun!

3) KY3's David Catanese reports that MO Senator Claire McCaskill has grabbed the attention of the Washington Post. Click here to find out why and to see the possibly most unflattering picture ever posted on the Notebook of Senator McCaskill.

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