Saturday, February 28

Legendary News Commentator Paul Harvey Dies

News commentator and talk-show radio pioneer Paul Harvey passed away today at a hospital in Phoenix Arizona. Mr. Harvey was 90. He became a familiar voice across the nation with his trademark "Rest of the Story" in which he told a story about a famous person, waiting until the end to reveal who the person was. He was inducted into the radio Hall of Fame in 1990. He began his "News and Comment" for ABC Radio Networks in 1951.

Kansas Governor Sebelius Accepts Nomination

UPDATE: Claire McCaskill's Twitter confirms the news we have been hearing... (7:45 p.m.)

The Washington Post is reporting that Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius accepted the nomination as the new Health and Human Services Secretary this afternoon. President Obama is scheduled to make a formal announcement on Monday at the White House. Governor Sebelius will replace former Senator Tom A. Daschle who withdrew after disclosing he had failed to pay $140,000 in taxes and interest.

Thursday, February 26

Blogging Interrupted

I am apologize in advance for the lack of blog posts during the next 5-10 days. This is the busiest time of year for me and I will be on the road most of the period. Please hang tight. I will do my best to blog when I have a free moment. Regular blogging will resume soon!

Monday, February 23

Links Worth Reading

A new semi-regular feature I thought I might add to the blog called "Links Worth Reading." If I catch a couple of links that are interesting, but I don't feel wound up enough to blog about them, they can be found in these short posts.

Check these out:

Pet Llama Attacked By Dogs

Jeep Crashes Into Church

Stocks Plunge, End At Decades-Plus Lows

Feel free to comment about them below if you would like!

Carnahan Swings and Hits It Out Of The Park!

Let me say that I am not sure I am ready to already talk Senate races so soon after the election of 2008, but with the recent announcements by Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan that they are ready to be your next US Senator, I guess it is time to get prepared.

This may be one of the most interesting races in a long time for a variety of reasons, not the least of which will be a likely Steelman/Blunt primary showdown. The winner of that bloodbath would then move on to face the Democrat Carnahan. Let me also say here that this isn't a rehash of the governor's race last year. Blunt is no Kenny Hulshof... he will be organized and in control. Robin Carnahan is definitely no Jay Nixon... she is a seasoned campaigner who has been through many, many races (either for herself or for her brother, mother, and father).

If recent events are any indication, it looks like so far the score is Blunt 0, Carnahan 1.

Blunt came out with what looked like a good strategy. Immediately challenge Carnahan to a series of debates. We knew she would never fall for it, but it makes Blunt look like someone who is ready to come at the race with everything he has. Plus, it makes him look as if he is the presumptive nominee, something I am not too sure that he is. This should have been a point for him. Yet, Carnahan hit it out of the park.

Listen to what her campaign spokesman, Tony Wyche, said in response: "I was quite surprised to receive a voicemail message earlier today from Rich Chrismer of Congressman Blunt’s campaign, who expressed a desire to discuss a plan for candidate forums. Assuming he had the wrong number, I returned his call and left him a message in which I offered to provide him with a telephone number for Sarah Steelman."

Um, Congressman Blunt... I don't mean to sound like a high school student, but sir... you just got owned. So, chalk that up to Secretary of State Carnahan, but don't get too comfortable with that lead. There is still a long ways to go in this election.

Sunday, February 22

How Much Is A Child Worth?

The sickening answer to that question can be supposedly be answered in a report by KCTV in Clinton, MO. A woman has been arrested nearly four years after she bought a baby from a woman in Wisconsin for $6,000. Top that off with the fact that the wife (Denise Novotny) never told the husband where the baby came from, but created this whole concocted story up about using a surrogate mother. He was just as shocked as the rest of the readers of this article were undoubtedly.

The child, now four years old, has been removed from the custody of the Novotny family. The husband says he will fight to gain custody of the child, whom its original parents say they still don't want. The whole incident appears to have been brought to light by Denise's sister, who was upset over a family issue.

My hope is that this child winds up with a loving, caring, and honest family so that she may have the chance to grow up to her full potential. It is shame that we have people in our society that would stoop so low to sell a child, and that there are people out there who are more than willing to pay for them. Let's not treat children like property. Anyone who has held a baby knows that you can't put a price tag on God's most precious gift.

Saturday, February 21

They are serving what on the flight?

I probably shouldn't even touch this one with a ten foot pole, but I will. CNN's Zain Verjee had a bad week this week. She was having some pronunciation issues the few times I watched The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer. One of the times I wasn't watching she made quite the boo-boo.

Ms. Verjee was doing a story on Northwest Airlines and the fact that they now serve peanuts during their flights, something which is apparently very controversial. What she actually said, however, would be much more controversial. Let's just say that she had a slip of the tongue, not once... but twice... and she announced that Northwest was serving something much naughtier on their planes than Planter's. Couple that with the wonderful chyron headline and you have a You Tube moment ready to happen!

Don't believe me? Click here to see TV Newser's brilliant ability to present the moment as it happened.

MSHSAA State Wrestling Final Results for Monett

Monett will not repeat as state champions in Class 2. They wound up in second place behind Kirksville at the end of the state wrestling tournament in Columbia. Monett did have 2 state champions and several placers. Here is Monett's final result:

1st - Kyle Meyer (Senior) 152 lbs
Kellen Bounous (Senior) 145 lbs
2nd - Ethan Davis (Sophomore) 130 lbs
3rd - Michael Merritt (Senior) 135 lbs
5th - Scottie Wilson (Senior) 160 lbs
6th - Jantsen Boucher (Senior) 171 lbs

For complete wrestling results from the 2009 state championships, click here.

Monett Wrestlers Pounding Their Way To The Top

Last year seemed like a great year for the Monett High School wrestling team. They were Class 2 State Champions and had several wrestlers who did extremely well at state. Fast forward to a year later and the Monett Cubs wrestling team is doing even better than last year. Last weekend they qualified 10 wrestlers to the state tournament. Heading to the finals from Monett are:

Ethan Davis - 130 lbs (State Championship Round)
Michael Merrit - 135 lbs (3rd place Round)
Kellen Bounous - 145 lbs (State Championship Round)
Kyle Meyer - 152 lbs (State Championship Round)
Scotty Wilson - 160 lbs (3rd place Round)
Jantsen Boucher - 172 lbs (3rd place Round)

Other Southwest Missouri schools with wrestlers in the finals include:

Class 1
160 lbs - Dalton Cummings (Seneca)
149 lbs - Dillan Webb (Seneca)
135 lbs - Josh Mullin (Seneca)
130 lbs - Nathan Fortner (Seneca)
125 lbs - Colby Skaggs (Seneca)
119 lbs - Craig VanLue (Diamond)
112 lbs - Timothy Harnar (Seneca)
103 lbs - Tate Smith (Seneca)

Class 2
285 lbs - Kale Crosby (Reeds Spring)
215 lbs - Derek Lee (Bolivar)
171 lbs - Travis Green (Carl Junction)
160 lbs - Steven Whaley (Bolivar)
140 lbs - Dalton England (Carl Junction)
135 lbs - Steven Morey (Reeds Spring)
130 lbs - Lee White (Reeds Spring)
125 lbs - Sam Zimmer (Logan-Rogersville)
119 lbs - Eric Hughers (Bolivar)

Class 3
285 lbs - Chris McMullin (Willard), Drake Holland (Ozark)
189 lbs - Joel Wyman (Willard)
171 lbs - Garrett Buzzard (Carthage)
160 lbs - Garrett Mayfield (Willard), Curt Trimmell (Republic)
152 lbs - Zeb Spicer (Ozark), Keenan Berry (Hillcrest)
145 lbs - Taylor Ball (Willard)
140 lbs - Dallas Smith (Neosho)
130 lbs - Clint Spencer (Carthage), Jared Brock (Neosho)
125 lbs - Justin Huchins (Neosho), Josh Mason (Carthage)
119 lbs - Patrick Grigsby (Webb City), Carter Boatright (Neosho)
112 lbs - Nate Kelly (Carthage), Trevor Hughes (Neosho)
103 lbs - Joe Barnes (Neosho), Colton Howell (Ozark)

Class 4
285 lbs - Justin Britt (Lebanon), Casey Wiener (Kickapoo)
215 lbs - Trevor Byrd ( Lebanon)
171 lbs - Miles Copple (Joplin)
145 lbs - Austin Brawner (Lebanon)

Wednesday, February 18

Breaking News!!!

Breaking news from the Joplin Globe... the City of Monett will now be the official power supplier to the Valley View Estates Subdivision and the Heim Trailer Park.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Joplin Globe ran a breaking news story on their website about the fact that my subdivision now will receive their electric bill from the city and not from Empire District. You know, I am really surprised that when this news was announced that KSPR or KOAM didn't break into programming and announce the details!

Are you kidding me? Since when is this breaking news? And since when did breaking news become so mundane? It may have been a slow news day, but come on. This is crazy! First of all, it only impacts approximately one hundred people. Secondly, it is about the changing of billing rights. Does that even deserve front page status, let alone a bright red bolded BREAKING NEWS icon?

I will give the Joplin Globe credit for covering the fact that my pole light will be included in the change. Not every journalist pays that much attention to detail.

So, the Globe can mention that Monett has had an electric company switch but can't highlight the fact that Monett's wrestling team qualified 10 to state the day after it happens? Stop the presses... whoever is making these decisions is obviously in the dark about what people really care about.

Tuesday, February 17

MSSU Child Care Center To Remain Open

The Joplin Globe is reporting this evening that some outrage from the community along with the kindness of a campus company (plus an increased cost to those who send their children to facility) has prompted MSSU to reconsider closing the Child Development Center. It was supposed to close in May, but now it won't be closing its doors after all

The center will increase the number of children it accepts plus the fee it charges to keep the children each day. This has to come as little glimmer to those who have been lamenting the decisions of MSSU since they announced the closing of the facility earlier this year.

You can check out the details from The Globe by clicking here.

Thanks for the Blogaroni Nominations!

The Blogaronis completely slipped my mind when it came time to nominate. I had planned to nominate a few people but time got away from me. To my surprise they were all on the list of the nominees that was released today.

Show-Me Opinions has been nominated in the following categories:

Best News Blog
Best Local Coverage Blog
Rookie Blog of the Year

While we will likely not win any of these categories, it is an honor being nominated. Thank you to whomever felt that we were deserving. I will be putting your check in the mail first thing in the morning. ;-)

Monday, February 16

Just Hours Left...

Until two stations in Southwest Missouri turn off their analog signals for good. KOAM and KSPR will be making the switch at midnight. While the deadline for the transition was delayed by Congress, several local stations have decided to keep the February 17th date for their switch. So, if you haven't bought a digital converter box and you are on antenna you might want to make sure you catch either Dowe, Erica, Doug, and Cody or Joe, Michelle, Kevin, and Whitney tonight because you won't be seeing them again until you walk into the 21st century. Those paying rediculously high cable and satellite rates will not be affected (we hope).

Ft. Leonard Wood Dealing With Meningitis

For the second time in less than two weeks, another soldier from Ft. Leonard Wood has been diagnosed with Meningitis. According to the article found in the Springfield News-Leader, both individuals have the non-contagious form. A little over a week ago the first soldier died. Now the second is listed in serious, but stable condition at St. John's Hospital in Springfield.

Both were from the same unit, and neither has had their name released to the public. Sounds a little suspicious to me. The CDC and the Surgeon General's office have been briefed on the situation and are investigating. I have a feeling we will be hearing more about this story in the days to come.

Wednesday, February 11

Thank You!

They say that timing is everything. I pulled in the drive a little after 5 today, went and grabbed the mail, and proceeded inside to fix dinner. It was basically the same old mail... a bill here, junk mail there... except for an envelope from the Springfield Business Journal. I almost didn't open it. I assumed it was junk mail, too, but it wasn't.

I opened it up and inside was a letter informing me that I had been nominated to receive the top 40 under 40 honor. I know it sounds cliche, but it is an honor just to be nominated by someone. There are hundreds, even thousands and young people all around Southwest Missouri that are hard working and making a difference in the lives of many. The fact that someone took the time to consider me worthy of this honor is worth as much as the actual award.

So... to whoever nominated me for the Springfield Business Journal's Top 40 Under 40 honor, I really want to say thank you. I am sure that I won't be in that final list, but your confidence in me (whoever you are) has made my day.

Sunday, February 8

New Weather Blog Makes SW Missouri Well Covered

KOLR 10 has jumped headfirst into the blogosphere and has put together a great product. The Weather Lab is now available via Blogspot, which you can connect to by clicking here or by checking out the link over in the blogroll on the left.

All I have to say... KY3... hello? Where are you?

Saturday, February 7

KY3 Sweeps Best of 417

417 Magazine's Best Of Issue always has a place in their hearts for the media of television and the Ozarks has voted. The top male anchor, female anchor, meteorologist, and sportscaster came from "The Place To Be." Steve Grant, Lisa Rose, Brandon Beck, and Ned Reynolds were the winners in this year's contest. To see the runners up and the rest of the "Best of 417" pick up a copy of the magazine or head to this link.

Wednesday, February 4

Braiden is here!

Braiden Lane came into the world shortly after 4 p.m. this afternoon. He weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 22 inches long. Mother and baby are doing well this evening. Thanks for your emails, prayers, and comments!!!

Oh baby!

Good morning! It has been a long night. Donna, myself, and soon to be "great grandma" spent the night at the hospital where a new baby is about to be welcomed into the world. We will let you know how it goes. Do understand posts will be limited to little updates like this on my cell phone.

Monday, February 2

Another Joplinian Shows Up in Springfield

Former KODE anchor Brian Richardson has moved from the "4 States" to the "Ozarks", as he is now the weekend co-anchor at KOLR/KSFX in Springfield. He has replaced former weekend anchor Chris Grogan. While it is obviously a step up for Mr. Richardson I have to say that I am not a fan of his anchoring style. (His voice honestly kind of puts me to sleep.)

Richardson's move to Springfield is not an isolated one. He has been preceded by several Joplin tv alum, including Jennifer Denman, Chad Plein, and Tracy Turner. This isn't anything new, however. KY3's Lisa Rose, former KY anchor Cara Connelly, and former KSPR anchor Jaime Ceretta also came to Springfield via Joplin. I am sure that there are others who have traced that same path over the years that I am overlooking. It is also likely there will be more to come in the future.

Sunday, February 1

Michael Phelps Gone Wild

Fox Sports is reporting that the pictures of Michael Phelps smoking the happy grass by the Tabloid News of the World are apparently authentic. You can check out the full article by clicking here.

There is a major discussion going on around the net about whether this is a big deal or not. All I have to say is this: here is a role model that many kids look up to and it is a shame that now what they are going to hear about is the fact that their role model did an illegal drug. And this is not the first time that Mr. Phelps has been in trouble. He was also arrested when he was 19 for drunk driving.

I wonder how many sponsorships Michael will lose? Maybe that isn't important. The biggest loser in all of this may be our youth. In a world filled with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Brittany Spears... many probably thought Michael Phelps was a safe choice for a role model. Maybe you think he still is. Me? I understand he is young still and will undoubtedly make mistakes, but the gold around his neck seems a little less shiny than it did on an August night in Beijing.

Awww Shucks...

We want to thank Southern Watch for their kind words about our blog in recent days. I didn't know about their blog until I started noticing traffic coming over to our blog from there. That is when I discovered a niche blog that really delivers for those who are interested in what is going on over at Missouri Southern State University. You can now keep track of blog posts from Southern Watch by clicking on their link on our "Best of the Best" blogroll in the left hand column.