Monday, February 2

Another Joplinian Shows Up in Springfield

Former KODE anchor Brian Richardson has moved from the "4 States" to the "Ozarks", as he is now the weekend co-anchor at KOLR/KSFX in Springfield. He has replaced former weekend anchor Chris Grogan. While it is obviously a step up for Mr. Richardson I have to say that I am not a fan of his anchoring style. (His voice honestly kind of puts me to sleep.)

Richardson's move to Springfield is not an isolated one. He has been preceded by several Joplin tv alum, including Jennifer Denman, Chad Plein, and Tracy Turner. This isn't anything new, however. KY3's Lisa Rose, former KY anchor Cara Connelly, and former KSPR anchor Jaime Ceretta also came to Springfield via Joplin. I am sure that there are others who have traced that same path over the years that I am overlooking. It is also likely there will be more to come in the future.

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Aaron said...

Yeah, his voice is totally boring. You just can't be that monotonic — even if you're trying to be a serious journalist.

I forgot about Jaime Ceretta. She came in and anchored The Morning Scoop on KSPR just before John Brown moved to evenings. Then, they brought in another anchor with her for "Good Morning Springfield." His name was Mike or something like that, but he wasn't that entertaining, and I actually remember him asking "Director Skid" (Jeff Skidmore) to move the prompter up ON AIR when he was anchoring the weekends one time. I'm sure Skid tore him a new one after that.