Saturday, June 28

Flash Flooding Leads To Several Water Rescues This Morning

Many roads are once again closed due to flash flooding that started in the overnight hours. Since early this morning several water rescue operations have be on going.

A little before 11:00 this morning a road collapsed on Lake Shore Drive in Taney County which has resulted in multiple water rescues in that area.

A water rescue was reported at 10:43 a.m., in Hollister along Old Mill Road.

Emergency managers reported water rescue operations at 11:33 a.m., were underway at a Mobile home park nnw of Reed Springs in Stone county. Propane tanks were reported as floating down Railey creek.

A report by amateur radio operator stated a water rescue was underway in Lawrence County at 11:28 a.m.. along Flat creek and Hwy O near Jenkins bridge.

Dangerous flooding has been reported in Shell Knobb by emergency managers where over 4 inches of rain has fallen this morning.

Along with flooding the whole city of Jasper lost power due to a powerful thunderstorm that rolled through the area around 3:15 a.m.
A report coming out of Fort Scott Kansas estimated that a least 100 trees were down across the town along with power lines. The hardest hit area seemed to be on the west side.

Blunt To Sign Bill Lowering Blood-Alcohol Level On Missouri Waterways

July 3rd will bring about some positive change in regards to safer boating on all Missouri lakes, the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers. Governor Blunt will sign a bill that will reduce the blood-alcohol level from .10 to .08 which will go in to effect August 28.
According to the Missouri Water Patrol, 91 BWI arrests have been made this year, with the majority of these arrests occurring on Lake of The Ozarks. The average alcohol level of those arrested was .14 raising concerns of not only safety on the water but also concerns of driving on Missouri roads after coming off of the water.

The ceremony will begin at 5 p.m. at the Pa He TSI located near public beach #2. The public is invited to attend.

Friday, June 27

Conflicting Reports On Missing Camdenton Man

The family of 33- year-old, Justin Sutterfield had been looking for him since early last Thursday morning according to an article in the News Tribune on Monday, June 23. The family said that he went missing after a minor motorcycle accident in which a passerby helped Justin who was pinned under his motorcycle and that Sutterfield seemed disoriented. The man said he rode off on his motorcycle at 1:45 a.m. near Old Kinderhook to an unknown destination .

His sister said that she received a text message from him about 2:20 a.m., and that the cell phone company reported that the last phone call he made pinged from the tower on Lake road 5-65 which is about 25 miles from Old Kinderhook. The police chief offered a statement at that time in which he reported that Sutterfield had no criminal record and said nothing about police being in contact with Sutterfield on the 19th.

Today's article in the Lake Sun Leader says that he went missing after he was involved in a high speed chase with police from Osage Beach to west of Camdenton on June 19 after being stopped for a routine traffic violation. No time was given for when that stop occurred. The last person to see him alive according to this report was a guard at Old Kinderhook who saw him drive in on June 19 at approx. 1:30 a. m.

Sutterfield was found in the Old Kinderhook area on Wednesday by a maintenance man. His death has been ruled a suicide by hanging.

These two articles give very different accounts as to what happened leading up to the death of Sutterfield. Did the man who helped Sutterfield actually help someone else riding a motorcycle in the early morning hours? Did someone get the actual time wrong as to when they might have seen or helped Sutterfield ? In any case, I hope that someone will clarify what happened because at this point something doesn't add up.

Wednesday, June 25

Shooting In Henderson Ky.,Plastics Plant Leaves 6 Dead

An argument between an employee and a supervisor late Wednesday night turned deadly at the plastics plant located in Henderson Tenn. The argument led to the employee being escorted out of the building, only to return with a gun. He entered the building and shot the supervisor and then continued to the break room where he shot several more employees. He then returned to the shop floor and shot another employee. He then turned the gun on himself. It is unclear if he was carrying the gun or retrieved it from somewhere else. His name and the names of the victims have not been released.


Tuesday, June 24

Fatal Stabbing In Monett Leads To Two Arrests

Francisco "Pancho" Hernandez is in custody and has been charged with alleged second degree murder and armed criminal action in connection with the fatal stabbing of 28-year-old Rolando Hernandez of Monett on Friday. He is currently being held in the Adair County Sheriff's Department in Stillwell Ok., awaiting extradition to Barry County.

Izmel Reyes, 24 is in the Benton County jail and has been charged with alleged hindering prosecution after helping the suspect flee Monett and get to Siloam Springs. Reyes is also on immigration hold.

Rolando who is believed to have been an illegal immigrant was stabbed after an altercation between him Francisco over money occurred. Witnesses say an argument started outside then moved inside as Francisco went into the kitchen and got a knife. When Rolando started through the door he was stabbed in the stomach by Francisco.

Monday, June 23

Missouri State Water Patrol Reports Drowning In McDonald County

Carlos Alejo-Chavez age 19 drown Saturday afternoon at the Town Hole in Indian Creek near Anderson, Mo. Chavez was swimming when a witness said he began yelling. Witnesses ran to get help and when they returned they could not find him. He was found around 2:00 p.m., approx. an hour after the accident by two patrolmen.

Saturday, June 21

Introducing Our Future Government Leaders And One Area High School's Historical Night

Area students went above and beyond this year at the 2008 Desert Light Nationals in Las Vegas. Their superior performance not only earned them top awards, but also set a new standard of excellence for their schools. For Monett High School it was a historical moment as Omar Qureshi became the first student in the schools history to receive such a prestigus award at the National tournament.

Omar Qureshi - Monett High School was recognized as 2nd in the nation in International Extemporaneous Speaking.

David Watkins- Neosho High School was recognized as 7th in the nation in Debate.

Bonnie Lyons - Kickapoo High School, 6th in Expository Speaking

Sam Tabory - Liberty High School, 6th place in Extemp Commentary

Other area students receiving national awards:

Cassidy Miller - Parkview High School, 10th place in Original Oratory
Thomas Bentz and Alexsandra McMahan- Parkview High School, 9th in Public Forum

Katie Fredricks - Greenwood Labatory School, 9th place in Debate Speaker
Katie Fredricks and Sarah Godwin- Greenwood Labratory School, 13th in Policy Debate

Congratulations to all the students and their coaches you are to be commended for such an outstanding job!

Friday, June 20

Have You Seen These Two Missing Seneca Teenagers?

The families of 13 year old, Beth Severs and 16 year old, Alex Jeffers are asking persons in the area to be on the look out for the two who are suspected of running away together on Wednesday. Beth was last seen by her family around 7 a.m. when she left her home to get on the bus for summer school. She never got on the bus. Alex left a runaway note and took his mother's car, which was later found in Racine on Hwy CC near the low water bridge.

Beth is describe as 6 foot 5 inches tall and has sandy brown/auburn hair. She was last seen Wednesday morning 7 a.m. near Hwy 43 South of Seneca. She is suspected of being with her boyfriend Alex Jeffers.

If you see them or have any information please call Beth's mother, Kristi Severs at 825-9199 or the Newton County Sheriff's Department at 451-4242.


Could This Be A Sign Of Hope? Grupo Mondelo CEO Resigns A-B Board

The same day that board members of Anheuser- Busch were to meet to discuss the offer made by InBev, Carlos Fernandez president and chief executive of Grupo Mondelo SAB announces his resignation. While Fernandez would not state his reason for the sudden departure, Grupo Mondelo offered a statement saying he had resigned to "avoid the appearance of any conflict."
Some are speculating that this could be a sign that the majority of board members may be in favor of opposing the offer and are meeting to look at ways to decline the offer.

Thursday, June 19

Springfield's Storm Damage Likely Caused By Tornado

The National Weather Service is investigating into what they say was likely a tornado that roared through Springfield today around 3:30 causing damage to the northeast side. Sofa Expressions which is located inside furniture row on Eastgate Avenue near Division street sustained major damage when the roof caved in. Several large trees and downed power lines were being reported on Sunshine Street, Farm Road 199 and Farm Road 205. A large tree crashed through a man's home on Cherry Street causing extensive damage . He was home at the time but was not injured A factory located on E. Division,JRI Industries had a 20,000 square foot section of their roof blown off and a new storage unit nearby was blown onto the factory's roof as well. Approximately 2,500 homes were without power.

No injuries have been reported.

Credit Cards No Longer Accepted

That's the sign that is beginning to appear at some gas stations across the country as the price of gas continues to climb. Convenient store owners say they are seeing what little profit they make on gas going to credit card companies which charges an interchange fee on every transaction. As the price of goods and services go up the dollar amount fee goes as well, making it harder for store owners to offer the convenience of using a credit card. Gas stations pay a 10 to 12 percent flat fee on every transaction on top of the percentage rate paid on interchange fees, leaving store owners to pay credit card companies in many cases more than they make.
Some stores are now beginning to offer cash discounts to customers who pay with cash. Customers who are paying in cash can receive from four to ten cents per gallon. Another cheaper alternative is using a debit card which has less fees associated with it's use.

Credit card companies show no signs of changing their ways as Visa says that the fees are offset by the benefits to the stations and customers by being able to pay at the pump. Or in other words, your loss is our gain. MasterCard has made a somewhat feeble attempt by capping the interchange fees on gas purchases of $50 dollars or more. Many store owners are afraid they will lose customers if they do away with credit card purchases, so they continue to struggle as they look for alternatives. That is exactly what credit card companies are banking on. While paying in cash may not be a good alternative for some, neither is watching credit card companies thrive as gas station owners place "out of business" signs on their door.

Wednesday, June 18

Senator McCaskill's Letter To AB Board Of Directors

A day after Senator Claire McCaskill met with InBev CEO, Carlos Brito the senator sends a letter to the board of directors of Anheuser-Bush urging them to decline the offer. Click here to read the letter.

Kit Bond To Meet With InBev CEO Today

Senator Kit Bond will take his turn today in expressing his opposition of the sale of Anheuser Bush to InBev Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Brito. McCaskill met with him yesterday to ask questions and to also express her opposition of the sale. But has it done any good? Probably not. Brito continues to assure McCaskill and others that buying Anheuser-Bush would bring about no change in any of things that has made the company what it is today. But McCaskill isn't buying it. She made it clear to Brito that she will do whatever she can to stop the sale.
Gov. Blunt has asked the Federal Trade Commission to look at what effect the sale would have on St. Louis and Missouri as there is a concern of the sale creating a monopoly that could have a negative impact on the economies.

However, in the end the board of directors at Anheuser -Bush may be the ones that hold the key to the future of this company. A company that is being asked to sell not just a product but a part of Missouri's heritage. There is no price worth losing that!

Update: Area Speech And Debate Students Continue To Advance At Nationals

Congratulations to the following students who have advanced to the top 30 in the nation. I will post any additional area schools as information becomes available.

Top 30

Neosho High School
Tom Bentz and Alexsandra McMahon - Public Forum Team
Justin Letts - Lincoln Douglas Debate
Joe Hunter- Dramatic Interpretation

Carthage High School
Rayce Lashley and Zach Easson - Public Forum Team

Monett High School
Omar Qureshi - International Extemporaneous Speaking

Tuesday, June 17

Area Speech And Debate Students Advance At Nationals

The second round of competition has ended and results have been released for those who have made it to the top 60 in the nation. Keep in mind this is only the schools I know for sure who have had students advance and is by no means a complete list. I will update the list as I get more information.

Top 60

Neosho High School - Public Forum Team

Carthage High School - Public Forum Team and Policy Debate

Kickapoo High School - Oratory

Greenwood High School - Policy Debate Team

Monett High School - International Extemporaneous Speaking

Tonight those that have advanced to the top 30 will be announced and I will post those results as soon as I receive them. At this point only the names of the schools are available, but as the list gets smaller they will start to announce the names of students.
The competition will continue until Friday. Keep checking back for updates!!!

Industry Issues Caution About Refillable Propane Tanks

For those of you that use refillable propane tanks the industry would like you to take just a moment to look at the tank before using it. Propane tanks are used by meth cooks to store anhydrous ammonia which contaminates the tank. Once the tank is empty it is returned to the store and could possibly be refilled with propane and put back on the market for sale. The contaminated tank once refilled and sold to consumers could lead to someone getting hurt or becoming sick from the toxic gas. The ammonia corrodes the valve and weakens the tank resulting in the possibility of dangerous leaks.
Here are the things that Randy Cole, State Fire Marshal says you should look for;
A putrid smell, any blue-green or purple stain on any brass portion of the service valve.
Jeff Atkinson with the propane tank inspection company Blue Rhino says, If there is any doubt "don't think twice." Don't take any chances call your local fire department along with the store where you purchased the tank.

Our New License Plate Will Be Issued With Error

The Department of Revenue reports they will not correct the grammatical error on our new license plate. The show-me-state does not include the hyphens which was pointed out by a Missouri Southern State University English professor. The department said that this was the way it appeared when it won the on-line contest and therefore will stay as is. After all, whats a missing hyphen among friends?

Man Identified In The Horrific Beating Death Of Toddler

A California man who beat a 2 year old boy to death Saturday night has been identified as, 27 year old Sergio Casian Aguilar. Aguilar took the 2 year old boy whom authorities believe to be his son, to an unlit road Saturday night, took him out of his car seat and proceeded to kick, punch and stomp him. Passing motorist called 911 and tried to stop him but he continued, saying that the boy was full of demons. One man said that a first he thought the boy was a dead animal lying in the road and then he realized it was a child and tried to stop him. By time police arrived the boy was unrecognizable. Even after a police officer demanded him to stop, he continued. The police officer shot him in the head killing him, but it came too late for the toddler.

Monday, June 16

Area Speech And Debate Students Head To Nationals In Las Vegas

Missouri's cream of the crop NFL students headed out over the weekend to the 2008 Desert Lights tournament being held this year in Las Vegas. Top students from across the U.S. will compete for a national title and scholarships in Policy Debate, Public Forum, Duo Interpretation, Lincoln Douglas Debate, International Extemporaneous Speaking, United States, Extemporaneous Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, and Oratory. Competition started this morning and will run through the week and ends Friday with an awards ceremony.

Students from Monett left Friday and spent Saturday checking out the sites in 104 degree weather. Saturday evening they were treated to the theatrical performance of "Phantom of the Opera." High School students from Neosho, Joplin, Cassville, the Springfield area and many other local schools will also be competing in the National Tournament. Good Luck to each of them!

The NFL prepares students in areas of leadership in business, government, law, education and many more. Students learn and develop critical thinking skills and persuasive speaking. Many past NFL students have gone on to become government leaders, politicians and actors such as President Lydon B. Johnson, various members of Congress, NBC Dateline's Co-anchor Stone Philips, Oprah Winfrey, news anchor, Jane Pauley just to name a few.

I will post results of the competition, so keep checking back!

Friday, June 13

Two People Who Drove Through A Tornado In Iowa Video Tape It

Ky3 has posted on their site raw footage of two people driving through a tornado. After watching the video I don't believe they planned it that way. Click here to see the video.

Thursday, June 12

School Uses Drunk Driving Hoax To Get Students Attention

The El Camino High School in Oceanside California designed what they labeled the scared-straight exercise. The Highway Patrol visited classrooms early Monday morning telling students that several of their classmates had been killed in car wrecks over the weekend. The students were all traumatized by the news and some became so upset that counselors had to tell them the truth, that it was only a hoax. It was originally planned for students to be told the truth in an afternoon assembly, but after counselors revealed to those upset students the news began to spread. While some were relieved, many other students were angry saying that the school went too far. The school stands behind their decision to conduct the exercise. Superintendent Larry Perondi says only a few parents had called and the PTA said there had been no complaints regarding the exercise.

Wednesday, June 11

Federal Judge Alex Kozinski's Naughty Website

It appears that the chief judge of the U.S. 9Th Circuit Court of Appeals is in need of some computer lessons or a different past time.Chief judge Kozinski's in an interview with the Los Angeles Times states that he had no idea that his collection of sexually explicit material could be viewed by others. He thought that the site was for his private viewing only.

Now, before you try to log on to his site (purely for verification purposes) I'm sorry to say it has been blocked. You can however click here to read his story and about the kind of material that was on the site and then decide for yourself if he needs computer training.

Oh and one last thing, he is currently presiding over an obscenity trial in L.A.

Johnson Steps Down As Head Of Obama's Vice Presidential Selection Group

After coming under fire from Republicans James Johnson announced today that he would step down as the head of the vice presidential selection group. For the past few days he has been discredited for his dealings with the sub prime lender group Countrywide Financial Corp., after the Wall Street Journal reported he had received more than $2million in home loans from Countrywide. It was suggested that these loans might have been below average market rates which led Johnson to step down as to not be yet another negative factor in Obama's campaign. Full Story.

Tuesday, June 10

Blunt Signs Real-Time Electronic Tracking Bill

Today Governor Blunt signed a bill that will allow Pharmacists in Missouri to keep an electronic log with real-time information of who purchases cold medicine that contains pseudoephedrine. This chemical compound is used in the manufacturing process of methanphetamines. Until now Pharmacists have kept the data on paper.
The legislation also allows Missouri nurses with special advanced training to write prescriptions for some controlled substances such as pain relievers. Nurses have been able in the past to prescribe some medicines but not those that fall under the category of a controlled substance. Until today Missouri was one of three other states that barred nurses from prescribing these types of medicine.

Monday, June 9

No More Social Security Checks

That could be coming in the near future as the U.S. Treasury Dept. has announced plans for a debit card system. Social Security benefits would be loaded directly onto the electronic debit card. Treasury officials mail out approx. 10.5 million checks each month and say this could save the federal government up to $42 million a year.Those without bank accounts will be able to go to any bank, retail outlet or automatic teller that excepts master card. Information on this new system will start being sent out now until October. You can also go to

Toto Not In Kansas Anymore

Residents of Richton Park a southwest suburb of Chicago, had their own version of the Wizard of Oz on Saturday. As residents were taking shelter from the storm witnesses say they saw Chase a 130 lbs. Rottweiler picked up by the twister. One lady reported seeing Chase up in the air outside their house along with mailboxes and other items. A girl who was watching out the basement window told her mother to come to the window that Chase was in the air.

Chase was found about a block from his home shaken up but unharmed. Full Story

Sunday, June 8

Missouri Water Patrol: District 4 Reports 3 Drownings

Matthew Pruessner age 17 of Union City Mo., drown Thursday while swimming after dark with a juvenile friend in the Bourbeuse River. Pruessner told the friend he was going to swim out to deeper water. As the juvenile waited near the shore Pruessner called out for help but the friend could not locate him in the dark. After a few minutes he called out for help again, but still the friend was not able to locate him. After waiting for a period of time the juvenile left and went home. The next morning the juvenile called around to try and locate him, but could not. The juvenile then reported what happened to authorities. Pruessner's body was found Friday under the hwy 50 bridge.

Lucas Light age 31 of Cuba Mo., drown in the Meramec River. Light jumped off a 15 foot cliff and was attempting to swim to a nearby gravel bar when he became tired. Light started to bob up and down he then went under and did not resurface. His body was found near Canes Bottom.

Tyler Snowden age 17 of Stafford Ok., drown while he and his brother and several other youths were trying to swim across the Current river 1 mile above the Arkansas state line. Tyler and his brother began to struggle and clung to a root wad. After awhile they attempted to continue swimming and again started having trouble. His brother finally made it to shore. Tyler went under and did not resurface. His body was recovered by divers from the Doniphan Fire and Rescue 50 yards downstream.

Sunday: District 1

Jason Corbin age 23 of Raymore, Mo., drown after he jumped from a rope swing and landed in swift current on the Sac River. The current swept him down stream over a low head dam. Corbin was submerged for about 30 seconds, resurfaced and was swept toward the dam a second time and was submerged again for approx. thirty to forty five seconds. He once again was swept toward the dam and was submerged for about a minute. Corbin resurfaced face down as a bystander jumped into the water and pulled him to shore. CPR was administered until an emergency crew arrived.

Wal-Mart Spares No Expense For Shareholders Meeting

A week full of free concerts by Taylor Swift,Journey, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban were just the beginning to what lie in store for the shareholders of the world's largest retailer. Thousands of shareholders from around the globe gathered on Friday for the annual shareholders meeting at the Bud Walton Arena on the University of Arkansas campus.

Wal-Mart showed no signs of feeling any economic pinch as the meeting got underway at 7:00 a.m with Brazilian drummers and acrobatic performances. Then the Master of Ceremonies Queen Latifa along with soul singer Josh Stone, actress Jennifer Hudson, American Idol winner, David Cook and country music star Tim McGraw made appearances. Wal-Mart also honored those that had made a difference within their communities.

As the meeting got down to business Chief Financial Officer Tom Schoewe reported that profits increased by 5.8 percent and sales increased by, 8.6 percent over the year. Shares were also up from $ 43.28 last August to $59.08 as of Thursday.

President and CEO Lee Scott talked about the various ways in which Wal-Mart is working to save customers money in areas of food and energy and what measures they are taking to become more environmentally friendly.

Scott said that while success feels good something that feels even better and was meaningful was saving people money so that they could live better.

"Those aren't just words in a mission statement, Scott said, they're embedded in the business and culture of Wal-Mart."

Saturday, June 7

Legendary Sportscaster Jim McKay Dies

Jim McKay host of Wide World of Sports for over 40 years died today at his farm in Monkton Md., of natural causes. McKay was the legendary voice of the opening lines on the Wide World of Sports program.

"spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sports."

"the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."

Over the course of his career he won a total of 13 Emmy Awards for his coverage of sports, news broadcasting and writing.

McKay was known around the globe for his coverage of the Olympic games and especially known for his coverage in Munich Olympic village in 1972 when terrorist attacked Israeli athletes.

McKay was 86 years old.

Friday, June 6

Nuclear War Scheduled For Thursday

The end of the world is at hand and tonight only one network can bring you all the exclusive details. You won't find it in the no spin zone nor will the man with the suspenders have all the answers. Tonight the world will be watching 20/20 as they interview the Texas prophet "Buffalo Bill" Hawkins as he attempts to predict the end of the world for a second time.
It appears however that Hawkins followers are buying into more than his beliefs as they prepare for Thursday's nuclear war. Former members say that Hawkins requires his members to buy doomsday food and supplies from a company owned by Hawkins. It just so happens that Life Nutrition Products has all of your end of the world needs, each and every time.

Phew...Good thing I am having my underground shelter installed on Wednesday!

Thursday, June 5

Sedalia Youth Drowns In Big Buffalo Creek

Kendrick Killiebrew age 7 was standing in shallow water where he was swimming with family at a low water crossing when he lost his footing and was swept away by the current into a culvert. His mom and a friend tryed to hang on to him but the current was too strong. He was found later by personnel from the Stover fire department 1 mile downstream from the low water crossing. He was wearing a personal floatation device.

Two Top Air Force Officals Forced To Resign After Embarrassing Mistakes

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced in a press conference at 4 p.m. that two top Air Force officials had resigned. Secretary Micheal W. Wynne a civilian, and Chief of Staff Gen.T Micheal Moseley the top uniformed Air Force Leader were involved with several mishaps since last August.
Earlier this year fuses for missiles had been shipped to Taiwan instead of helicopter batteries which were ordered. In April the Pentagons inspector general found out that a $50million contract had been improperly granted to the Thunderbird's aerial stunt team by the Air Force. Problems arose last August when a B-52 bomber mistakenly flew six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles across the country.
Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England made an unexpected visit to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base located in Ohio where he asked for Wynne's resignation.

Rezko Convicted In Corruption Case

Things didn't go to well Wednesday for Tony Rezko the well known fundraiser who has past ties with presidential candidate Barack Obama and Gov.Rod Blagojevich. Rezko was convicted of 16 counts which included fraud, money laundering and bribery. Powerful testimony was given about Governor Blagojevich and how he had discussed a payroll job for a campaign contributor and that there was a donation in the amount of $25,000 lying on the table. There was also testimony that Blagojevich had promised big contract deals to those who helped further his political career.

While neither Bagojevich or Obama have been accused of any wrong doing it has raised serious concerns and issues of impeachment for the governor. As for Obama, he and Rezko have a history that goes back since he began his political career. Rezko donated more than $21,000 to his Illinois campaign, not counting how much he raised for the campaign. They were involved in real estate deal together. Obama has donated $150,000 to Rezko's organized charity contributions. Rezko did not however raise or contribute to Obama's presidential campaign.

Rezko's 8 million dollar bond was revoked and he was immediately taken into custody.

Wednesday, June 4

Thousands Flock To Wal-Mart Shareholders Meeting

Thousands of people from around the globe have started arriving in Northwest Arkansas this week for the annual Wal-Mart shareholders meeting held at the Bud Walton Arena on the University of Arkansas campus.
Chartered buses began arriving Tuesday at the Bentonville square where flags from every country that Wal-Mart does business with were flying. Inside the visitors center they could see Sam Walton's truck and see displays from each country. Activities are scheduled each day such as free concerts from big name celebrities. Shareholders will then get down to business on Friday and vote on a number of resolutions which can be found here.

Along with shareholders, protesters will also be a part of the crowded landscape. One such group called Against The Wal Coalition has stated that they will picket outside the Arena. Martha Burk, chairwoman for the National Council of Women's Organizations will also make an appearance to promote proposal No.6 which requests that the company's board design a report that outlines how stock options and restricted stock awards are distributed among gender and race. Proposal No. 6 would allow persons to see that Wal-Mart is creating good jobs for women and all races. Wal-Mart's board of directors have asked the shareholders to vote against proposal No. 6 as they rely on performance based criteria in granting equity compensation awards.

Tuesday, June 3

President Bush Honors The Kansas Jayhawks

Kansas Jayhawks were honored at the White House on Tuesday in a ceromony held in the Rose Garden.

President Bush gave a recap of the Jayhawks winning season before a large crowd gathered in the Rose Garden which included senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, congressman Jerry Moran and Dennise Moore and former senator Bob Dole.

"I know you’ve got to be excited about winning an incredibly tough tournament,” he said. “Your fans are excited, and I’m excited to welcome you to the Rose Garden. It’s a big deal as far as I’m concerned to welcome you to the Rose Garden.”

President Bush commended the Jayhawks for playing as a team.

"More than one player, Americans will remember the way you played as a team,” he said.

Springfield Police Respond 2 Hours After 911 Call

The Springfield News- Leader is reporting a double homicide of an elderly Springfield couple. The story says that a man called 911 and said that his wife had killed herself and that he would be dead before they arrived. According to the news-leader police entered the house two hours later. If this is correct, what on earth would have taken two hours? What are the procedures for a suicide call? It's pretty apparent that time would be precious. Even knowing that the person was armed and had threatened death and the area would need to be secured what kept police from entering the home for two hours?
Could someone please explain to me how this happened?

West Virginian's Fired Up Over Cheney's Verbal Insult

Vice president Dick Cheney found out yesterday that he probably won't make it as a stand up comedian at least not as far as West Virginians are concerned. Cheney was talking about how he and Barack Obama were related and that Obama had Cheney's on both sides of the family.
He then said, "And we don't even live in West Virginia."
"You can say those kind of things when your not running for re-election," he further stated.

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin was angry and asked Cheney to immediately apologize.

Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia blasted Cheney stating, "a vice president to openly display such contempt and astounding ignorance toward his own countrymen" was an insult to all Americans.
"Now that he or the administration he represents no longer needs their vote, Mr. Cheney apparently feels that he is now free to mock and belittle the people of West Virginia," Byrd said.
Cheney immediately apologized for his comments .

Monday, June 2

Kennedy Wide Awake During Brain Surgery

Wow! This is not only amazing it's a little bit creepy. Kennedy was not only wide awake during the operation but was aware of what was going on around him. The surgery which requires a patient to lie perfectly still for hours finds most patients are out cold or awake for only moments when doctors need to do tests that requires the patients participation. These tests include things like holding up pictures, carrying on a conversation or object recognition. Kennedy however was wide awake when the tumor was removed. FullStory...

Sunday, June 1

Free Fishing Weekend First Weekend In June

The First weekend after the first Monday in June is free fishing weekend in Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. During this time anyone can fish without the purchase of a fishing license. The free fishing weekend was designed to give anglers an opportunity to discover what the fishing is like in these three states. Fishing regulations such as size and the number of fish you can keep still remains in effect.

Las Vegas Judge Issues Felony Warrant For Rezko

Tony Rezko who is currently on trial in Chicago for federal corruption charges linked to the administration of Gov. Rod Blagojevech of Illinois, now faces more legal trouble. A warrant was issued for Rezko in Las Vegas for failure to pay $472.275 in gambling debt to Caesar's Palace,Bally's and processing fees to the Clark County district attorney's office. Rezko a Chicago businessman with political connections has also drawn attention to his ties with Barack Obama.

Federal authorities in Chicago have been notified of the warrant. If Rezko is convicted the gambling charges will be on hold and a detainer would be put on him so that he would face charges at a later date. If he is acquitted he would be extradited to Nevada to face the gambling charges. Full Story...

Another Missouri Teen Killed In ATV Accident

Zachery T. Barker age 15 from Potosi MO., was killed Thursday when the ATV he was riding on entered the roadway from a ditch in front of a car. The vehicle struck the side of the ATV ejecting both the driver and Barker. Barker was pronounced dead at the scene.
This makes the second Missouri teen fatality since Monday involving an ATV.