Tuesday, June 17

Area Speech And Debate Students Advance At Nationals

The second round of competition has ended and results have been released for those who have made it to the top 60 in the nation. Keep in mind this is only the schools I know for sure who have had students advance and is by no means a complete list. I will update the list as I get more information.

Top 60

Neosho High School - Public Forum Team

Carthage High School - Public Forum Team and Policy Debate

Kickapoo High School - Oratory

Greenwood High School - Policy Debate Team

Monett High School - International Extemporaneous Speaking

Tonight those that have advanced to the top 30 will be announced and I will post those results as soon as I receive them. At this point only the names of the schools are available, but as the list gets smaller they will start to announce the names of students.
The competition will continue until Friday. Keep checking back for updates!!!

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