Thursday, June 5

Rezko Convicted In Corruption Case

Things didn't go to well Wednesday for Tony Rezko the well known fundraiser who has past ties with presidential candidate Barack Obama and Gov.Rod Blagojevich. Rezko was convicted of 16 counts which included fraud, money laundering and bribery. Powerful testimony was given about Governor Blagojevich and how he had discussed a payroll job for a campaign contributor and that there was a donation in the amount of $25,000 lying on the table. There was also testimony that Blagojevich had promised big contract deals to those who helped further his political career.

While neither Bagojevich or Obama have been accused of any wrong doing it has raised serious concerns and issues of impeachment for the governor. As for Obama, he and Rezko have a history that goes back since he began his political career. Rezko donated more than $21,000 to his Illinois campaign, not counting how much he raised for the campaign. They were involved in real estate deal together. Obama has donated $150,000 to Rezko's organized charity contributions. Rezko did not however raise or contribute to Obama's presidential campaign.

Rezko's 8 million dollar bond was revoked and he was immediately taken into custody.

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