Wednesday, June 18

Kit Bond To Meet With InBev CEO Today

Senator Kit Bond will take his turn today in expressing his opposition of the sale of Anheuser Bush to InBev Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Brito. McCaskill met with him yesterday to ask questions and to also express her opposition of the sale. But has it done any good? Probably not. Brito continues to assure McCaskill and others that buying Anheuser-Bush would bring about no change in any of things that has made the company what it is today. But McCaskill isn't buying it. She made it clear to Brito that she will do whatever she can to stop the sale.
Gov. Blunt has asked the Federal Trade Commission to look at what effect the sale would have on St. Louis and Missouri as there is a concern of the sale creating a monopoly that could have a negative impact on the economies.

However, in the end the board of directors at Anheuser -Bush may be the ones that hold the key to the future of this company. A company that is being asked to sell not just a product but a part of Missouri's heritage. There is no price worth losing that!

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