Thursday, July 31

Springfield Judge Gives Lawyer 120 days In Jail

Kansas City Lawyer Carlos D. Romious will be staying in the Greene County jail for the next 120 days after exhibiting, "rude and angry demeanor," toward Greene County Circuit Court Judge Tom Mountjoy.  Judge Mountjoy filed contempt charges on July 24, against Romious for displaying several previous outbursts in the courtroom.

Rominous, who was representing a man from St. Charles in a jury trial made repeated remarks toward the judge. On one occasion he asked, "if the 'proceeding was a joke' and stated to the Court 'you're going to sit your ass up there.'" Rominous then accused judge Mountjoy of "corrupting and stinking up the case" and "corrupting this system."

Judge Mountjoy then ordered Rominous to appear in court the next day at 8 a.m.  When Rominous appeared before the judge the next morning he asked Judge Mountjoy ,"Are you a pedophile?"

Rominous , in another charge, is accused of attacking a court security officer, after refusing to go through a metal detector at the courthouse in Kansas City Kansas.


Monday, July 28

Missouri Water Patrol: Two Teens Drown On Sunday

Cody Landreth,18 of Iberia, Mo., drown Sunday near the Jackson Branch Cove /4mm on Lake of the Ozarks. The victim along with three others were swimming approximately 250 ft across the cove to a private dock. Landreth began to struggle just before reaching the dock and told the others that he was drowning. Landreth then went under. The other swimmers tried to locate him, but could not. His body was later recovered by MSWP dive team in 27 feet of water.


Tanner Stanton, 17 of Bethany Mo., drown Sunday evening while he was crossing a low water bridge on Big Creek and slipped into the water. Persons with him at the time could not reach him. Stanton went under and did not resurface. No information given on recovery efforts.

Empire District Electric Warns Customers Of Scam

Empire District Electric Company is warning customers to beware of a new scam. A person claiming to be from the company is calling customers and telling them that they need to pay their delinquent bill or their service will be disconnected. Customers are then told they  will need to make a payment over the phone to avoid disruption of service.

Director of corporate communications, Amy Bass, says that Empire District Electric does not ask for credit card or checking account numbers over the phone. The company corresponds thru mail to delinquent customers. If payment is not received then customers will be contacted by the collections department but the department does not take payment over the phone. It is merely a means to touch base with the customer

Customers do have the option of paying their bill over the phone,however, they have to make the phone call to a third party number given to them by Empire. Customers themselves  have to make the call. If anyone calls asking customers to make a payment over the phone, they should report the call to authorities.


Sunday, July 27

Deadly Church Shooting In Tennessee

Two people have died and several others remain in serious to critical condition after a gunman opened fire during a youth performance Sunday at the Unitarian Universalistic Church, in Knoxville. Tennessee. The gunman, Jim D. Adkisson, 58, walked into the church and opened up a guitar case, pulling out a .12 caliber shotgun and began shooting into the congregation.Greg McKendry,age 60, a long time member of the congregation took a direct hit and was killed as he put himself between the gunman and the congregation.

Three men from the congregation tackled Adkisson and held him down until police arrived. A 73 -year-old woman has also died from injuries she sustained in the attack. None of the children were hurt.

Adkisson was arrested and has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held on a 1million dollar bail. The gunman was from the Knoxville area, but it is not believed he attended church there. His motive still remains unknown.

Saturday, July 26

Body Found In Kings River

A call from 911 lead the Carroll County Special Operations Rescue Team to a man's body downstream from the Trigger Gap swim area on Kings river. The victims body according to authorities was found in three feet of water wedged between two boulders. The victims truck was parked nearby. Sheriff Bob Grudeck said the cause of death will not be announced until a report is received from the Medical examiners office in Little Rock. The name of the victim is being withheld upon the request of the family.

Missouri Board Of Education To Discuss 4-Day School Week

The 4-day school week seems to be gaining momentum around the country. At this time 16 states have already implemented the system. Current laws in Missouri prohibit schools from participating in the shorter week, but, changes may be coming. Jim Morris, a spokesman with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education states that the department has received some inquires regarding the 4-day school week.

While legislation was introduced last year on the subject of 4-day weeks, it did not go anywhere. That could change and State Sen. Scott Rupp, R-Wentzville, who is a member of the Senate’s Education Committee, says he is willing to consider changes within the legislation to allow schools in Missouri the ability to go to a 4-day week.

Within the 100 school districts across the nation that have made the change,they have reported saving thousands of dollars just in fuel costs. The draw back however, is not having any solid evidence as to the impact it will have on learning. For Missouri educators that takes top priority over the schools bottom line. Missouri schools won't make any changes until they are certain that the quality of education students receive is not compromised in an attempt to save money.

Morris said that the subject will be discussed with the state board of education during their next meeting in August. He also believes it will be back in legislation next year.


Wednesday, July 23

4 Men Escape Ok. Correctional Facility

Update : Three of the four men have been captured. Bobby J. Stow is still at large.

Four men are still at large after escaping from the John Lilley Correctional Center in Boley Ok., Tuesday afternoon. Authorities are searching for:


Christopher Caskey, 23, a white male, about 6 feet tall weighing 150 pounds. He has blond hair and brown eyes.

Jack L. Weems, 19, a white male, about 5 feet 10 inches tall weighing 158 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Ricky D. Parks, 26, a white male, about 5 feet 5 inches tall weighing 136 pounds. He has blond hair, blue eyes and a tattoo on his neck.

Still At Large:

Bobby J. Stow, 45, a white male, about 5 feet 6 inches tall weighing 145 pounds. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. Stow has two prior escape convictions.

Anyone with information about the escapees should call (866) 363-1119 or the Okfuskee County Sheriff’s Department at (918) 623-1122.

President Bush Says-"Wall Street Got Drunk"

KTRK News in Houston Texas has obtained footage of some comments President Bush made during a fundraiser for Congressional candidate, Pete Olson.In the video President Bush states that,

"Wall Street Got Drunk."

"It got drunk and now it has a hangover."

The private fund raiser was off limits to reporters, but someone attending the fundraiser caught the moment on tape. President Bush also had a few other things to say.

Click here [KTRK] web-site to view the video.

Tuesday, July 22

Flight 458 Carrying 7 Congressmen Makes Emergency Landing

A late night flight carrying seven congressmen headed back to Washington D.C. from Houston made an emergency landing at the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans early Monday morning. The flight was diverted to the New Orleans airport after a drop in cabin pressure.

Flight 458 made a rapid descent to get to an altitude where oxygen would not be needed. They were given priority landing status and landed without incident. The plane was carrying former presidential candidate Ron Paul along with Ted Poe, John Carter, Solomon P. Ortiz, Ciro Rodriguez, and Henry Cuellar.

The congressmen were to be in Washington D.C. by 6:30 Monday morning to vote... ironically, on an aviation safety bill.

Missouri Water Patrol:Three Drown On Missouri Waterways Since Saturday

Saturday, July 19

Jess Lansaw age 21of Greenfield, IL., drown while he was tubing with friends on the Meramec River near the Meramec Caverns. Lansaw was in the water holding on to the tube when he pushed away and began swimming.  He went under the water and resurfaced a couple of times before disappearing. He was not showing any signs of struggling. His body was recovered by Divers, Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, July 20

Becky Drew, age 28 of Excelsior Springs, Mo., drown at the Watkins Mill State Park where she was found by another swimmer at the swim beach. Witnesses and Park Rangers attempted CPR, but the victim could not be revived.

Monday, July 21

Eli Stiens, age 19 of Skidmore, Mo.,drown on the Nodaway while he was camping with friends on a sandbar. Stiens decided to go for a swim and was approx. 25 ft. from the sandbar when he started experiencing trouble. His friends attempted to rescue him, but he kept pulling them under and they had to let go. Stiens disappeared and did not resurface. The victim was recovered by Andrew County Fire Department. He would have turned 20 next Wednesday, July 30th.

Barack Chalk Jayhawk

It appears a new T-shirt at the University of Kansas, has caused a bit of a stir around the campus. The T-shirt shows Governor Sebelius holding a T-shirt with the words "Barack Chalk Jayhawk," on the front. The idea for the shirt came after a campaign event in which  Obama referred to Kansas supporters as "Barack Chalk Jayhawks.' The slogan was a play off of the Universities trademark "Rock Chalk Jayhawk".

The Universities Young Democrats club was granted permission to print 100 T-shirts with this slogan as long as they agreed that only club members could obtain and wear the shirts. The University is now concerned that it might look like it is supporting Obama, after a photograph of Governor Sebelius was taken of her holding the T-shirt during a campaign event in May.

The Athletic department which monitors the use of the trademark has stepped  in and has stopped the club for further production of the T-shirts. Controversy over whether the club should have been given permission has arisen. Associate director for the Athletic department Jim Marchiony  says that permission to print the shirts should probably not have been given. He noted that state law prohibits universities from using their trademarks to endorse political candidates or positions.

"We're a state university," he said. "We should never be used to further a political candidacy."

Others on campus seemed to think that students should be allowed to use their school logo to some degree.

As for Governor Sebelius, she says she's proud to own the T-shirt. While it's unknown if she has actually worn the T-shirt yet, one could speculate that she's waiting for just the right when she becomes a "Vice Barack Hawk".

Saturday, July 19

Update: Barry County Shooting Leaves Three Dead

Three people were found shot to death at the sports complex in Washburn, Mo., Friday night by a Missouri Highway patrolman.They have been identified as, Carl Miller, age 42, of Washburn, his former wife, Rhonda Miller, age 39 also of Washburn and Donald F. Horton Jr., 45 of Bentonville, Ark. While police are stilling investigating, it is believed at this time to be a double murder- suicide.

Breaking News: Shooting At Ball Park In Barry County

According to sources two people have died as a result of a shooting at a baseball field in Washburn, Mo. It is believed the shooting occurred after an altercation between a couple who were in the process of getting a divorce. Few details are available at this time and no names have been released.

Members Of Soccer Team Subdue Man On Flight

Persons on board American Airlines flight 727, headed to Los Angeles from Boston were faced with some tense moments as a passenger's behavior turned bizarre. The man who was described as a clean cut man in his 20's appeared from one of the plane's restrooms naked.

  Members of the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer were among those on board the flight. The soccer team's general manager, Craig Tornberg, confronted the man telling him that he should put his clothes back on. The man replied with "I don't hear you, I don't see you." However, a few moments later he put his clothes back on.

It wasn't long after the man got dressed that he made a run for the exit door and tried to open it. That's when Tornberg along with other staff members from the soccer team grabbed him and held him down in a seat until the flight attendant could tie him up.

The pilot diverted the flight to the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, Ok. The man was taken into custody and transported to a crisis center for mental evaluation . The flight reached it's destination to Los Angeles safely.


Friday, July 18

Missouri Water Patrol Releases Name Of Drowning Victim at Lake Of The Ozarks

Ronald Lichtenberg, age 63 of Florissant, MO., drown Thursday on Lake of the Ozarks at the 5.5mm of Big Niangua. Lichtenberg was last seen on the steps of a retaining wall . Fifteen minutes later the victim was found in the water. A neighbor of the victim performed CPR. It is uncertain how the victim ended up in the water.

This is the second drowning in that area in less than a week. A 69-year old man drown Monday, after falling off a dock near the same location.

MSNBC Breaking News: 4 Dead 6 Injured In Houston Crane Collapse

The largest crane in the nation collapsed at a Houston refinery today, killing 4 workers and injuring 6 others. Officials were not sure if the workers were on the crane or under it when it fell over. The crane which belonged to Deep South Crane & Rigging, had been brought in to remove drums from inside a coking unit, but was not scheduled to work on Friday. Full Story...

Man Sought In Fatal Shooting

A Rogers Arkansas woman was fatally shot in her home on Wednesday. Authorities are looking for, 23-year old Sergio Morales-Carrera, who shot Veronica Robles age 37 numerous times with a .45 caliber handgun.

Carrera was a cousin to Robles husband and had been staying with the family, but, according to a neighbor had recently been asked to leave due to him causing problems. Robles husband was in Tennessee working at the time of the shooting. Their 5 children witnessed the shooting. Carrera is still at large.


Obama Promises To Fix "No Child Left Behind"

Barack Obama picked up the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers, during the convention on Sunday. Obama spoke to the second largest teachers union via satellite in which he promised to fix "the broken promises," of the no child left behind law. He said that the law had done little besides label schools and students as failures.

Senator Hillary Clinton appeared at the AFT convention on Saturday to rally support for Obama. The AFT who had supported Clinton's presidential campaign endorsed Obama on Sunday by an enormous margin. The National Education Association which is the largest teachers union, has already endorsed Obama.


Former Shell Knob Man Faces Federal Charges For Harvesting Paddlefish Eggs

Jerry Nix Jr. of Memphis, Tennessee, formally from Shell Knob, was indicted last week by a federal grand jury for harvesting the eggs from paddlefish caught in Table Rock Lake through the use of illegal nets. The eggs(called roe) were processed and turned into caviar and then sold to a Tennessee company.

A federal grand jury in Springfield handed down a seven-count indictment which states that Nix and a co-conspirator transported and sold the paddlefish eggs which is in violation of state and federal laws. The co-conspirator has not been indicted.

The paddlefish were caught using commercial fishing nets called "gill nets." The fish swimming into the nets are trapped by their gills becoming entangled in the mesh. Nix would remove the paddlefish and then cut the underbelly of the fish open to remove the eggs. The eggs were processed at his home and sold to a company in Tennessee that processes and sells caviar. Nix told the company that he was lawfully obtaining the caviar in Arkansas.

Nix and his co-conspirator were in possession of 78 lbs. of unprocessed paddlefish roe and 91lbs. of processed roe when they were apprehended by Missouri Department of Conservation. The case will be prosecuted by Assistant U. S. Attorney Steven M. Mohlhenrich.

Lake Of The Ozarks: Second Drowning At Niangua Arm Leads To Investigation

Less than a week ago a man drown at the Niangua Arm. Thursday evening the body of a 63-year old man was discovered. The man had been seen standing on a seawall, 15 minutes later he was found floating face down in the water. The Missouri State Water Patrol is  investigating the drowning. No name has been released.

Tuesday, July 15

Everyone Can Make A Difference

A local blog, Life of Jason, has proposed a wonderful idea in which everybody can come out a winner. For a limited time politicians or businesses can place an ad on his blog. Why I am blogging about the advertising practices of another person's blog? The reason is simple. The cost for these ads directly benefits his son Eli and the Walk Now For Autism that will be held on September 13 at Jordan Valley Park in Springfield, MO. Jason has designed advertising packages that are now available at a very reasonable price. What a great way to get affordable advertising while at the same time supporting a most worthy cause!

Some of you (like myself) may not be in need of advertising, but you can still help support this important event. Any size donation would be greatly appreciated. As I have gotten to know Jason and his family through his blog it is apparent the amazing amount of their commitment to Eli and other autistic children. Let's all do our part to show Eli how important his future is to all of us.

You can click the link below to donate to the Walk For Autism.

Help Eli

"Show Me A Naked"... WHAT?

If there is anything I have learned since entering the blogosphere back in January, it is that sometimes you get a lot more than you bargained for. For example, when choosing something as simple as a name for your blog. It never entered my mind that people would often type in "show me," for reasons other than finding out information about our great state of Missouri.

The first time someone typed in "show me" through one of the search engines, I was a little shocked. "Show me a man's body" was the first entry, followed later by "show me a naughty website." While not a large amount of hits has thus far been directed to my blog by this method, I now find myself checking on a regular basis what people type in that leads them here. Sometimes it's pretty comical.

The most common entry has been "show me a naked body," and to their disappointment all they will find here are my bare bone opinions.

To those of you wanting me to show more than that... my apologies.

You'll have to visit Tony's Kansas City.

Democrats Considering Cutting Convention Short

According to the Los Angeles Times, democrats are considering a scheduling change in regards to the convention. The talk is that while the convention runs Monday - Thursday, closing the convention on Wednesday would give Obama a boost in the polls and extra day to bask in the spotlight. It is further believed that McCain will announce his running mate on Friday before the start of the republican convention the following Monday, a tactic to keep Obama's spotlight limited.

In the article nothing is mentioned about the possible idea being related to funding issues which has plagued the party. One has to wonder if this could be the underlying reason for such a move. The article does mention that it could be too late to make any schedule changes and that Denver officials and the business community would probably not be happy with the idea.

Huckabee To Fill In For Paul Harvey

While talks are still in the works for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to have his own talk show on Fox News Channel, he is finding other ways to fill his time until the deal is sealed. Huckabee will be the host of the ABC radio network "Paul Harvey News and Comment" segment for the next couple of days. Huckabee started his radio career at the age of 14 in Hope, Arkansas and also had a call-in program while he was governor of Arkansas. He has also worked in Christian broadcasting and founded a religious TV station in Texarkana prior to entering the political world.

It is still too soon to know if Huckabee will reach a deal with Fox News for his own talk show. It appear however, for now we will just have to wait for "the rest of the story."

Missouri Water Patrol: Two People Die On Lake Of The Ozarks

Amol Padgaonkar, age 28 of O'Fallon, MO.,was killed Sunday, when the jet ski he was a passenger on and a jet ski operated by Arun Thirugnanasambandam crossed each others path on Lake of the Ozarks. The driver Kishore Siddhareddy, age29 of Chesterfield, MO., sustained serious injures and was taken to Lake Regional hospital.

Max Moyer, age 69 of Camdenton, MO., drown Monday when he lost his balance and fell off a dock into the water at 7mm, Big Niangua Arm. Moyer's body was found by neighbors and a Camden County deputy.

Monday, July 14

Anheuser-Busch Takes The Deal

Anheuser-Busch fell into the hands of InBev as the board of directors took the latest offer of $52 million. The new deal which took place on Sunday, will pay shareholders $70 dollars a share instead of the $65 dollar offer that was rejected in June. St. Louis will become InBev's North American headquarters and keep all 12 breweries open.

Sunday, July 13

Update: Bertha Downgraded To A Tropical Storm

Hurricane Bertha is now a tropical storm, carrying sustained winds of 65 mph. Little movement has taken place and Bertha remains 210 miles Southeast of Bermuda. An increase in intensity is not expected.

While the storm has remained primarily stationary, forecasters expect the tropical storm to start to move at a speed of 2 to 4 miles per hour over the next 24 to 36 hours. A tropical storm warning remains in effect for Bermuda with the eye of the storm to pass just to the East- Southeast of Bermuda in the next couple of days. Rainfall amounts within the outer bands are forecast to be between 2 to 4 inches.

Saturday, July 12

Tropical Storm Warning Still In Effect For Bermuda

Hurricane Bertha is now approx. 215 miles southeast of Bermuda. Bertha remains a category one with sustained winds of 75 mph, and has been stationary for most of the day. While forecasters believe Bertha will begin a Northward drift, little if any strengthening is expected.

Bermuda has been experiencing large swells and high surf from the storm since yesterday and these conditions are expected to continue for at least the next couple of days. The outer bands are expected to produce 1 to 2 inches of rain in Bermuda over the next couple of days as well.

Law Enforcement Release Names And Faces From Camden County Drug Bust

The names and faces of those arrested in Wednesday morning drug bust appeared Friday in the Lake Sun Leader . It was originally reported that 18 had been arrested, but the count now stands at 14. There are still 12 individuals police have warrants for, who have not yet been located.

Click on Lake Sun Leader above to be taken to the article.

Friday, July 11

A Shout Out To The Guys At Desco Coatings

The guys have been slaving away to meet the end of July deadline at some of the new schools in Northwest Arkansas.My husband reads my blog in the evenings, so I thought I would send a quick hello and let everyone see a sample of the work they do.
This is a trowel-in epoxy floor, which means it's all installed by hand. I call it a work of art! They are beautiful floors.

They stay pretty busy all year round installing the floors in places like schools, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. As you can see from the pictures they can also add designs, which are troweled in just like the rest of the floor. The designs can be simple or very detailed.

They do awesome work and deserve credit for the professional job they do.

Everything Has A Price -- Even Death

In October, two emergency personnel were responding to the same accident. Deputy sheriff Gary McCormack and first responder Joshua C. Douglas, of the Ebenezer Fire Department, were both making their way to the scene of a crash with unknown injuries when they collided into one another. The collision occured at the intersection of Farm Road 145 and Greene County WW. Deputy McCormack was killed in the crash. Douglas was thrown from his truck and suffered multiple injuries. The family of McCormack is now suing the volunteer fire fighter. The lawsuit states that McCormack's death was a "direct result of Douglas's negligence, carelessness, and recklessness."

Let me start by saying this accident was such a tragedy and my deepest sympathy goes out to the McCormack Family.

Yet, I can't help but think that while as tragic as this incident was, the blame for this accident cannot rest solely on one individual. In looking at the facts reported in this case maybe there were things that both could have done to change the end result.

Let's not forget one important thing: they were both trying to get to people who needed their help. Every time a call goes out for help, emergency personnel risk their lives to help others.

Douglas, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol Reconstruction Report, was traveling 27 miles per hour when he approached the stop sign. He had slowed down because he had to turn.McCormack was traveling 93 miles an hour when he reached the intersection and they collided. Even if Douglas had looked to see if anyone was coming, someone traveling at that rate of speed could come out of nowhere. This does not even include the fact that there was trees and brush obstructing both of their views. And I don't care what you hit, moving or standing still, when you hit it at 93 miles an hour your chances of survival decrease dramatically. One has to wonder: was the death caused by the speed Douglas's vehicle was traveling or was it caused by the speed of the McCormack vehicle?

According to state law, emergency vehicles do not have to stop at stop signs. Rather, the law states they are to slow down and proceed with caution at stop signs and/or intersections. One could argue that no law was broken on behalf of Douglas. Further, if Douglas was going 27 and McCormick was going 93 and the law states that neither have to stop but slow down then who was the one using the most caution?

Additionally, suing for the cost of the funeral is conceivable, but to sue for the deputies' pain and loss of life? How does one put a price on that? What message does it send? The family of the person that dies gets to sue the one who lives? Or maybe we think it will make emergency personnel slow down and pay closer attention? Or maybe those that volunteer their time and skills to risk their lives for others will be afraid to???

While only those that knew Deputy McCormack can answer this question, what do you think his response would have been: "Sue the guy!" or "Maybe I could have slowed down somewhat at that intersection too..."?

"Maybe we were in such a hurry to help others that we both dropped the ball on this one".

"The death of Deputy McCormack is tragic but two families' lives were changed forever last October. The other tragedy is that in this day and time we can now put a price on it.

Thursday, July 10

Drug Bust In Camden County Leads To 18 Arrests

An early Wednesday morning drug sweep by the Lake Area Narcotics Group (LANEG) along with Missouri Highway and Water Patrols, Camden County Sheriff's department, Osage Beach, Camdenton police and Lake of the Ozarks police departments led to the arrests of 18 persons. The arrests came after an 11-month undercover investigation in which an undercover narcotics officer had been able to purchase drugs from mid to upper level dealers in the area. The subjects were arrested on various charges for the distribution of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. Law enforcement have 8 more warrants for individuals who could not be found at the time of the sweep.

Wednesday, July 9

Parents Of JonBenet Ramsey Cleared

For years John and Patricia Ramsey have been suspected of playing a part in the death of their daughter JonBenet. Since 1996 they have had to deal with not only losing their daughter but also the way the world looked at them. Finally new DNA evidence proves once and for all that they had nothing to do with their daughter's death. Unfortunately it did not come soon enough for JonBenet's mother Patsy who passed away in 2006.
The Boulder district attorneys office wrote a letter stating that John and Patsy along with the rest of the family had been cleared. The family is hopeful that the new DNA evidence will finally lead to the apprehension of JonBenet's killer and bring about at least some closer to twelve years of suffering.

Hurricane Bertha Update

Hurricane Bertha is now back to a category 1 with sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. Bertha is moving West- Northwest at 12 miles per hour and is 715 miles Southeast of Bermuda.

A gradual turn to the North- Northwest with a decrease in forward speed is expected. Some strengthening is also expected over the next 24 hours.

Obama Taking The "Show-Me" Logo Seriously

When it comes to winning the support of Missourians Barack Obama believes he needs more than just words from 30-second TV ads to get the job done. He knows that in Missouri "Show-Me" is more than a logo, it's an attitude and that attitude will play an important role come November. Important enough that the campaign has tripled it's paid staff . The campaign will increase the staff from 50 to 150 in what is being deemed as an unprecedented amount.

Senator Claire McCaskill commented on this approach by saying,“Never before have we had a presidential nominee who’s organized and competed in nearly all 50 states prior to the general election.” The Obama campaign has 30 field offices in operation here in Missouri and with 150 workers their hope is to generate the neighbor to neighbor approach, focusing on word of mouth instead of strangers calling from phone banks.

While polls indicate that the race between McCain and Obama is close here in Missouri, the McCain campaign believes this increase to be sign that the Obama campaign is in trouble as far as winning Missouri. McCain has 10 field offices and between 12 and 14 full-time staff members in Missouri.

As Lloyd Smith, a long time GOP Campaign strategist for the Show-Me state put it,
"You can have all the paid people in the world trying to sell a product, but if that product is not what people are looking for, they won’t buy it."

At this point in the campaign it would be refreshing for either one of the candidates to "Show-Me" something to get excited about!

Monday, July 7

First Hurricane Of The Season Puts Bermuda On Alert

Hurricane Bertha, the first hurricane this season has already surprised forecasters which expected Bertha to become a category 2 before losing it's strength, is now a major storm. Bertha which is still more than a thousand miles Southeast of Bermuda is now at a category 3 and packing winds of 115 miles per hour. Forecasters say it is still too early to predict where or even if Bertha will make land, but due to Bertha's current path residents in Bermuda have been urged to monitor the latest weather information over the next few days.

Recently Released Documents From Rezko Trial Referencing Obama

The Sun Times has documents that were recently released in which reveal that the government could have called Obama as a witness in the Rezko trial. Obama was not called as witness during the trial, however the judge did grant permission for his name to be used and to be called as witness.
Obama is mentioned beginning on page 17.

Monett Times Interviews Omar Qureshi

The Monett Times conducted an interview with Omar Qureshi who placed 2nd in the National Speech and Debate tournament in Las Vegas. The interview along with a picture of Omar and his trophy does a good job of explaining just how much goes into not only the preparation but the competition as well. Several Southwest Missouri students did an outstanding job this year at Nationals. Interview...

Missouri Highway Patrol Report 9 Fatalities Over Holiday

July 4Th

Scott N. Kramer, age 45 of Willow Springs, MO
Crested a hill at a high rate of speed, ran off road then over corrected. The vehicle overturned several times ejecting the driver. Kramer was pronounced dead at the scene.
The accident occurred 2.5 miles Southwest of Theodosia.

July 5Th

Chester N. Gillispie, age 80 of Vienna, MO
Suffered a medical emergency and crossed center line, ran off the left side of the road and then traveled down a steep embankment striking a large boulder. His injuries were minor from the accident, but later died at Capital Region Hospital from the medical condition.

Forrest W. Wood, age 81 of Lebanon, MO
Was killed when he was crossing the road on his riding lawn mower and pulled into the path of a westbound vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
Wreck occurred on Ember Drive, 1 mile south of Lebanon

Matthew E. Leer, age 27 of Nevada, MO
Was killed while he was hood surfing and fell off the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at Nevada Regional Hospital.
The accident occurred at Alma and Barry St in Nevada

Jesse M. Neal, age 32 of Joplin, MO
Marya L. Toler, age 50 of Liberal, MO
Daniel D. Toler, age 48 of Liberal, MO

Were killed when the pickup truck driven by Neal crossed the center line and hit the Toler vehicle almost head on . All three were pronounced dead at the scene. Rebecca L. Toler age 26 was flown to St. Johns Hospital in Joplin with serious injuries.
The wreck occurred on MO 43, six miles Southeast of Liberal

July 6TH

Paul A. Gerner, age 33 of Washington, MO
Was killed when he lost control of his Harley Davidson while trying to avoid a deer. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
The accident occurred on Route DD .8 miles North of Highway 94 in ST. Charles County.

Clinton S. Starmer, age 19 of Bethany, MO
Was killed when the vehicle went off the east side of the road and Starmer over-corrected to the left and went across and off the West side, struck and embankment and overturned several times ejecting the driver. Starmer was pronounced dead at the scene.
The wreck occurred on Harrison County Route -bb, 5 miles Southwest of Bethany

Saturday, July 5

Breaking News: Aurora Man Commits Suicide After Reckless Driving

While information is still sketchy, according to sources a man from Aurora ran through a backyard tearing out a portion of chain link fence, damaging an above ground pool and hitting two trees. He then left the scene only to end up in an accident near Mt. Vernon. The subject left that accident and was finally spotted in the Aurora Price Cutter parking lot. The man was leaving the parking lot when an Aurora police officer spotted him and tried to pull him over. The man kept going but finally stopped the car and got out. It was then the man put a gun to his head. The unidentified officer asked him to put the gun down at which time the man cursed at the officer and then pulled the trigger.

Information on what lead up to the suicide is still forth coming but it is believed that alcohol may have been involved.

Drowning Update: Missing Osage Beach Man's Body Found

Bradley Burns, age 22 of Osage Beach was reported missing early Thursday morning after he disappeared from a dock on Lake of The Ozarks he and friends had been fishing from. The two friends had left the dock and when they returned Burns was not there.
Recovery operations were slowed down due to the Truman Dam and reservoir floodgates being open. The victims body was recovered at 2:30 a.m. on Friday, close to where water patrol had been searching.

Friday, July 4


When I become upset because...

someone has written or said something that doesn't agree with what I have written or said,

I should remember to be thankful for that means I have

Freedom of Speech.

When I become upset with...

the leaders of our country

I should remember to be thankful my voice can be heard, for I have

The right to Vote.

When I get upset because...

I 'm tired of getting up early everyday

I should be thankful for that means

I still have a job.

When I become upset because...

of the price of gas

I should remember to be thankful for that means

I have a car.

When I become upset because...

of the rising cost of utilities

I should remember to be thankful for that means

I have a home.

When I become upset because...

someone's religious beliefs differ from mine

I should remember to be thankful for that means

I have Freedom of Religion.

Today, as we honor those who have fought and are fighting this very minute for us to keep all that we have, enjoy, and so often take for granted, I will be thankful.

God Bless America !

Thursday, July 3

Nightmare On The 4th Of July

Two years ago my husband and I got this brilliant idea to spend the weekend camping at the Lake and then take our boat to the Shell Knob bridge to watch the fireworks. So we packed up the motor home and boat for a relaxing, fun filled, child free weekend.

Why am I telling you this?
Therapy, I still have nightmares about that weekend and I have no memory of seeing any fireworks.
In fact that is why I'm up so late because I fear I'll dream about it since it's on my mind.
My husband says that it wasn't as bad as I make it out to be. But when I'm sitting in a boat at 9:00 in the morning trying to fish in 20 ft. of water and the wakes are so bad that I see the bottom of the lake, I consider that bad.

One minute your basking in the morning sun and a gentle breeze and the next minute your surrounded by seadoo's and boats that are coming at you from every direction!
Your knuckles are turning white from trying to stay in the boat and your praying that the boat coming straight toward you that is bigger than most houses is going to turn.
Oh... and it does, just in time to turn your bass boat into a knee board.
There were logs the size of fence posts everywhere and I know there were at least two barges that went past us.
Now I've been red fishing in Louisiana and we've jumped wakes that will bring you up out of your seat and the thoughts of falling out into water with alligators doesn't even begin to compare to this.
When we finally made it back to our camp-site, my husband says, "I told you, you wouldn't like it."
When was that ever mentioned ?
When did he tell me that we were about to be in our own episode of "The Perfect Storm"? Was it before or after we got in the boat?
Maybe it was while I was trying to write out my will on the back of my fishing license.
I don't know, all I know is I'll go fishing anytime of the year, but on the 4th of July it's nothing but dry ground for me!

Whatever you choose to do over the 4th of July weekend please have happy and safe weekend.
Happy 4th of July everybody !

Wednesday, July 2

Has The Whole World Gone Mad?

What on earth is wrong with people who think it's funny to harm another person, video tape it and then put it on YouTube ? This last genius is a 16 year old boy from Lee County, GA., who used an inflatable pillow to lay an 8 month old child on and then jumped on the pillow which caused the child to be airborne and land several feet ON THE FLOOR. In the video, which has been pulled from YouTube the baby can be heard crying according to the report.

The baby was left in the care of the family of the boy who was taping the "how to make a baby fly," video. A student from the Lee County High School saw the video and showed it to one of the teachers who then called authorities.

The boy who sent the baby flying through the air has been arrested and charged with felony cruelty to a child.
No charges have been filed against the boy making the video, nor was there anything mentioned about what planet the family who was suppose to be taking care of the child was on during the time this all transpired.

In my opinion... they should all get the opportunity to become better acquainted with the judge who should video tape throwing the book at all of them and letting the world see that on YouTube!


On Going Recovery Operation By Missouri Water Patrol On Lake Of The Ozarks

Bradly Burns, age 22 of Osage Beach was fishing with two friends early this morning and is now believed to have drown in Lake Of The Ozarks. Burns and his friends were fishing on a community dock when his friends left the dock. They did not see Burns enter the water and the last time they saw him he was on the dock. The water patrol is currently conducting recovery operations in that area.

Meramec River

Ashley Davis, age 18 of Butler, Mo., drown when the canoe she and a friend were floating downriver in hit a log and capsized. The canoe was pinned against the log trapping the victim underneath the canoe. The victim was rescued by friends who got her to shore and started CPR until EMS arrived on the scene but Davis could not be revived.

Time Change On Gov. Blunt's Bill Signing At Lake Of The Ozarks

Governor Blunt who was originally scheduled to appear at 5:00 p.m., July 3rd at Lake of the Ozarks has rescheduled. Blunt will still be at Lake of the Ozarks on July 3 rd to sign the bill lowering the blood alcohol to .08 on Missouri waterways however, the signing will take place at 2:45 p.m. The ceremony will take place at Pa He Tsi located in the state park near Public Beach no.2 In the case of inclement weather the ceremony will take place at the Willmore Lodge in Lake Ozark. The public is invited to attend.

Thieves Steal ATM In Bella Vista

A lot of thought and preparation went into the theft of an ATM at the Pulaski Bank in Bella Vista early Monday morning. The thieves stole a 930-G front-end loader from an ARCO excavating job and then drove it to the bank where with the use of heavy chains ripped the ATM loose. Then they loaded the ATM into the back of a pickup truck which was also stolen. They drove off with the ATM machine thinking that their worries were over. The one thing they failed to plan for however, was how to get the money out of the ATM. The stolen pickup truck and the ATM was found on Sunset Drive in Bella Vista approximately two hours after the theft took place. The money still safely inside.


Texas Death Penalty Case Stirs Up New Orleans Federal Judges

The 5Th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ordered a federal evidentiary hearing for 29 year old Michelle Wayne Hall who was sentenced to die for his part in the murder of a 19- year -old woman in 1998. The three judge panel criticized the trial court and the highest appeals court for the mishandling of the case by not allowing a full and fair hearing of evidence, but instead relied solely on written arguments. The Texas courts ignored evidence of the possibility that Hall is mentally retarded. Three IQ tests on file show that his IQ was below 70 which is considered mentally retarded and making Hall ineligible for the death penalty. Each judge involved in the trial case believed that they could sort through all of the evidence themselves instead of allowing testimony from the defendant which in the opinion of the New Orleans judges was a direct violation of due process and Hall's right of confrontation. Robert Neville Jr. who was also involved in the murder was executed in 2006.


Tuesday, July 1

In-Depth Analysis Of Presidental Candidates Can Be Hairowing

I think it is a safe bet after reading many of the various Missouri political blogs that most are not fans of Governor Blunt... which does not bother me. I did not vote for him simply because his haircut bothered me, and it still does. Now, while most of you are thinking, “oh brother what a great reason not to vote for somebody.” But think about it. What says more or reveals more about a person than their hair. I mean everything else about them has been analyzed, why leave out the hair?
Take John Edwards for example; if he had gone on to be president, he would have been late for every press conference and/or national emergency because one hair was standing up waving at another hair. Maybe even a no show on bad hair days. His barber is probably the only barber in America with liability insurance.

President Bush on the other hand, does not seem to care if his hair is messed up and that fits right in to what his foreign policy looks like. I have to admit I missed that while he was out on the campaign trail. I was too caught up in his use of the English language.

As for Governor Blutt’s hairstyle, it puts an emphasis on those beady little eyes, which to me was a dead give away of what Missouri could expect.
So far, the hair analysis has been right on track.

Now let’s move on to the two most important candidates, Obama and McCain.

What does Obama’s hairstyle say about his political future?
Obama’s hair is shaved close to his head, which gives off the appearance of one who is smart and mature. Hairstylists also recommend keeping the hair short to cover up gray hairs that are beginning to grow in sporadically. Did someone say coverup? This hairstyle is also one that does not require paying a lot of attention to detail. Yes, the truth often lies in the smallest of details. You know details, like having a friend /spiritual advisor for 20 years and then giving them up or real estate deals or even those personally chosen to be a part of the campaign.
In fact, his barber is about the only one left not tied to a scandal.

Next, we move on to McCain:
McCain keeps his hair short on the sides and wears his hair on the top (all 10 of them) somewhat longer. His hair is completely white, which shows he is not afraid to show his age. The short sides tell me he is unwavering in some of the issues but the top says, “Fly by the seat of your pants.” That is the scary part! What if one morning he wakes up in a bad mood, (we all know he has a temper) and decides to blow something up, say for instance Korea or Iran?

Remember Dick Cheney will not be around to take him bird hunting.

Therefore, you see the choice for the next president of the United States is quite
complex. We have a difficult choice ahead. Elect someone that might decide to give us up or someone that might blow us up. At this point a bald headed Independent doesn’t sound too bad!!