Tuesday, July 1

In-Depth Analysis Of Presidental Candidates Can Be Hairowing

I think it is a safe bet after reading many of the various Missouri political blogs that most are not fans of Governor Blunt... which does not bother me. I did not vote for him simply because his haircut bothered me, and it still does. Now, while most of you are thinking, “oh brother what a great reason not to vote for somebody.” But think about it. What says more or reveals more about a person than their hair. I mean everything else about them has been analyzed, why leave out the hair?
Take John Edwards for example; if he had gone on to be president, he would have been late for every press conference and/or national emergency because one hair was standing up waving at another hair. Maybe even a no show on bad hair days. His barber is probably the only barber in America with liability insurance.

President Bush on the other hand, does not seem to care if his hair is messed up and that fits right in to what his foreign policy looks like. I have to admit I missed that while he was out on the campaign trail. I was too caught up in his use of the English language.

As for Governor Blutt’s hairstyle, it puts an emphasis on those beady little eyes, which to me was a dead give away of what Missouri could expect.
So far, the hair analysis has been right on track.

Now let’s move on to the two most important candidates, Obama and McCain.

What does Obama’s hairstyle say about his political future?
Obama’s hair is shaved close to his head, which gives off the appearance of one who is smart and mature. Hairstylists also recommend keeping the hair short to cover up gray hairs that are beginning to grow in sporadically. Did someone say coverup? This hairstyle is also one that does not require paying a lot of attention to detail. Yes, the truth often lies in the smallest of details. You know details, like having a friend /spiritual advisor for 20 years and then giving them up or real estate deals or even those personally chosen to be a part of the campaign.
In fact, his barber is about the only one left not tied to a scandal.

Next, we move on to McCain:
McCain keeps his hair short on the sides and wears his hair on the top (all 10 of them) somewhat longer. His hair is completely white, which shows he is not afraid to show his age. The short sides tell me he is unwavering in some of the issues but the top says, “Fly by the seat of your pants.” That is the scary part! What if one morning he wakes up in a bad mood, (we all know he has a temper) and decides to blow something up, say for instance Korea or Iran?

Remember Dick Cheney will not be around to take him bird hunting.

Therefore, you see the choice for the next president of the United States is quite
complex. We have a difficult choice ahead. Elect someone that might decide to give us up or someone that might blow us up. At this point a bald headed Independent doesn’t sound too bad!!

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