Tuesday, July 15

"Show Me A Naked"... WHAT?

If there is anything I have learned since entering the blogosphere back in January, it is that sometimes you get a lot more than you bargained for. For example, when choosing something as simple as a name for your blog. It never entered my mind that people would often type in "show me," for reasons other than finding out information about our great state of Missouri.

The first time someone typed in "show me" through one of the search engines, I was a little shocked. "Show me a man's body" was the first entry, followed later by "show me a naughty website." While not a large amount of hits has thus far been directed to my blog by this method, I now find myself checking on a regular basis what people type in that leads them here. Sometimes it's pretty comical.

The most common entry has been "show me a naked body," and to their disappointment all they will find here are my bare bone opinions.

To those of you wanting me to show more than that... my apologies.

You'll have to visit Tony's Kansas City.

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Newsy said...

That is the funniest (and scariest) thing I have read in a long time!!! LOL