Thursday, August 19

Who's Leaving KOLR 10?

* It looks like either Joy Robertson or David Oliver will soon no longer be at the anchor desk of the Springfield CBS affiliate. A job posting has been listed on KOLR 10's website for a 5,6, and 10 p.m. co-anchor. The job was posted Monday.

* Additionally, it looks like Charlie Hannema is on the way out as sports anchor for KSFX and KOLR 10. The weekend sports anchor position was posted today on the website as well.

Burn Ban Issued

The communities of Monett, Pierce City, and Friestatt have issued a burning ban, effective immediately. The dry weather and hot temperatures have created a dangerous combination across the region. The ban will only be lifted when a significant amount of rain has fallen to lower the wildfire threat. There is a 60% of showers and storms Friday night according to the National Weather Service.

Tuesday, August 17

Endorsements Galore!

* US Senate Candidate Roy Blunt has received the endorsement of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, according to the Springfield News-Leader. Everybody raise your hand if you are surprised. I'm blown away by the news... not.

* Former Republican candidate for the 7th Congressional District seat today endorsed Democratic nominee Scott Eckersley over Republican Billy Long. While the symbolic gesture is significant, even if all of Wardell's primary supporters voted for Eckersley that would only add an additional 844 votes to his total.

Springfield Apartment Complex Fire Caused By Electrical Problem

KSPR News is reporting that the fire at a Springfield apartment complex was the result of an electrical issue. The larger issue at hand wasn't the fire, however, but the lack of smoke detectors and sprinkler systems in the building. Check out the KSPR report below.

Sunday, August 15

Crack Is No Laughing Matter

The AP is reporting that a 47 year old North Carolina man was sentenced to jail after laughing while awaiting a judge to preside over his court case. When he refused to answer why he was giggling, the judge had him arrested. Upon sending him to the cell, they found cocaine on him.

The moral of this story is two-fold: 1) Don't do crack and 2) Don't tick off the judge while in possession of crack.

Saturday, August 14

Here Comes 2012...

In politics, it is never too early to be thinking about the next election. That is especially the case concerning Presidential campaigns. It won't be long before candidates officially start to jump in the race. As a result, CNN and Opinion Research conducted a poll to see who Republicans believed should be their nominee. It is early but most names will be familiar to you.

  • Mitt Romney 21%
  • Sarah Palin 18%
  • Newt Geingrich 15%
  • Mike Huckabee 14%
  • Ron Paul 10%
  • Haley Barbour 3%
  • Tim Pawlenty 3%
  • Mike Pence 3%
  • Rick Santorum 2%

These poll numbers show a variety of faces that are likely to emerge in the coming weeks as potential Republican nominees. It will be fascinating to watch and see who will eventually prevail.

Thursday, August 12

Former Lawrence County Sheriff Dead

Former Lawrence County Sheriff Doug Seneker has passed away at the age of 75. Visitation will be held tomorrow, Friday, August 13 at 6 pm at the Fossett-Mosher Funeral Home in Mt Vernon. The funeral will be held on Saturday.

KSPR has a full bio on him. Please click here to read it.

Scratch That...

Well, I pinned too high of hopes on Scott Eckersley apparently. All mentions of the trip Friday evening to Monett have been scrubbed from the campaign blog and it appears he will not visit. Oh well... better luck in two years...

Monett To Get Visit From Congressional Candidate

The Democratic candidate for the 7th Congressional District will be doing something most of his fellow predecessors failed to do-- campaign. On Friday evening, Scott Eckersley will be attending the outdoor downtown festival in Monett known as Broadway Nights. The event is held on the second Friday of every month and is designed to attract people to a downtown that has been undergoing extensive renovation. According to a release from the campaign's blog, Eckersley will be in Monett from 5:30 until 7 p.m. He will hold a gathering at Mocha Jo's at 5:30 for anyone who would like to meet him and ask questions.

For more on Broadway Nights, check out the Monett Times article here.

For more on Scott Eckersley's candidacy for Congress, click here.

Wednesday, August 11

New Coalition For Blunt Emerges

Yesterday's Columbia Daily-Tribune has a snippet that I found interesting. Former state representative Catherine Hanaway and morning radio host Renee Hulshof announced a new coalition in the fight for Missouri's open Senate seat. "Women for Blunt" has been created to help the current 7th Congressional District Congressman earn a seat in the US Senate in January.

Do you know what the irony in of all this is? Both women were integral parts of statewide campaigns that did not receive a majority of Missouri's support. Hanaway failed in her attempt to become the Secretary of State in 2004 and Mrs. Hulshof's husband Kenny lost the race for governor in 2008. Maybe the third time will be the charm.