Tuesday, August 3

Some Things To Watch

While the polls do not close until 7 pm this evening, there will be some things to keep an eye on during the day today.

1) What is voter turnout like in Springfield, Joplin, and in the Monett/Mt Vernon/Aurora areas? This may give us some idea of the base level of support the top 3 candidates in 7th Congressional district may have. For Long to win, he must carry Springfield by a large margin. For Goodman to win, he must carry his home district by a significant margin. For Nodler to win, he must carry the Newton/Jasper county vote by an astronomical margin.

2) What is the feeling on the ground in some of the other larger communities in the 7th District? Bolivar and Branson have been somewhat overlooked in this race in my opinion. Who carries their vote might decide who wins if this contest is a true nailbiter.

3) Will Democrats vote in their own primary or will they cast a Republican ballot? There is a primary for the 7th Congressional District seat on the Democratic side, which may help limit the number of Democrats who vote in the Republican primary.

4) What is voter turnout like in Kansas City and St. Louis? The Secretary of State's office predicted lower voter turnout totals in the urban areas of Missouri than the rural ones. Projections were for only 10% of registered Kansas City voters to go to the polls. If this does come to fruition, Proposition C will likely have an easier time passing.

Let us know what you are seeing in your area as you vote today!

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