Tuesday, August 3

As Voters Go To The Polls, Jeff Wisdom Speaks To Us

As you know, Show-Me Opinions has reached out to each of the candidates for their answers to just a few questions. Up until this morning Gary Nodler was the only candidate to have responded to our request for questions to be answered. On this election day, however, Jeff Wisdom graciously took time out of his schedule and thoroughly answered some of our questions.

SMO: Why did you jump into this race?

Wisdom: I entered the congressional race because, like other constituents in the Seventh District, I was frustrated with the direction of the country after the meltdown on Wall Street began to affect Main Street. Our leaders were taking the country down a dangerous path of debt and spending. I had just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq and felt the call to serve again, this time in elected office. I wanted to make a difference. I knew I had the economic background and fortitude to make the tough decisions needed in our nation's capital. I had new conservative approaches to the economy, immigration, health care, etc.

SMO: In a crowded field of Republican candidates, what exactly sets you apart from the rest of the candidates?

Wisdom: I am the only candidate in the race that has served in either Iraq or Afghanistan. I did detainee operations in Iraq, so I am very familiar with our mission at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I am the only Republican that has studied the economy extensively. I am the only candidate with new ideas: economic plan, immigration plan, etc. I am the only candidate to make a pledge to the district.

SMO: What qualifications or experiences make you most qualified for this position?

Wisdom: As a well-rounded individual, I have spent over half my life in public service, first the classroom, then the battlefield, now hopefully elected office. I have degrees in economics, political science, business, and education. I have served the country in uniform and taken an oath to defend our principles, values, and Constitution. I have proven I can be frugal with resources. Our campaign has spent approximately $20,000 and we have even produced and run radio and television ads. I have sought to prove that an effective campaign can be run on a small budget. In other words, I have proven I can be a good steward of the people's resources in Congress. Some campaigns have spent much more, but achieved smaller results. I seek to live by example.

SMO: What are the three most important issues you want to tackle in DC if elected to this office?
Wisdom: The most pressing issue is the creation of jobs. We must get the country working again to achieve true economic recovery. We must also deal with the massive problem of illegal immigration. If we do not secure our borders, it will affect our economy, our educational system, and our health care resources. A third very important issue is curtailing government spending. If we do not cut the size of the federal budget and stop monetizing our debt, we are laying the foundation for hyperinflation which could end up collapsing our currency.

SMO: Why should an undecided voter cast their ballot for you today?

Wisdom: During the last week of the campaign, other candidates opted to go negative. My campaign has remained positive from day one, and I have focused on solutions to our nation's problems and substantive issues. I have worked hard throughout the district to meet people and listen to their concerns. I will be a congressman they can trust and on which they can depend.

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