Tuesday, September 30

I Think I'll Just Leave... Three Months Early

So, I have come to a conclusion. When I am down to my final year of my job and the school year is winding down, there won't be a need for me to wait until Memorial Day weekend to say goodbye. One weekend in March I will just pack up everything, leave a note, and never return. I am sure a sub can fill my place for those three months. I mean, what is the problem? I won't ever be back there again. What are they going to do? Fire me? Sounds like a great plan, right?

Well, that is exactly what Lawrence County Sherrif Ed Weisacosky did this week. Just three months before his term ended as sherrif, he skipped town. He pulled up stakes and moved to Florida. What wonderful character!! This is a man we voted into office? It would be one thing if health issues forced him to resign, but from all media reports I have seen this wasn't the case.

And the best part of all... one of the candidates running to replace him is named the interim sherrif. I would say *cough cough* that is a little bit of an unfair advantage. But, who am I to judge? After all, I won't care who my substitute is (in 28 years) when I leave the schoolhouse doors forever.

Monday, September 29

Bailout Bill Fails; Now What?

Your thoughts and comments are welcome in this thread concerning the breaking news this evening.

Sunday, September 28

Got Milk?

Listen up all you cow abusers!

"The fact that human adults consume huge quantities of dairy products made from milk that was meant for a baby cow just doesn't make sense," said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. The alternative...human breast milk. Of course, why didn't I think of this sooner?!? PETA has asked the ice cream company, Ben and Jerry's to replace the cow's milk in their ice cream with human breast milk. Yummy!

Do people actually get paid to come up with these ideas?

The reasoning behind this alternative solution is because the cows are suffering from being milked. Good thinking, except for one small detail...MILKING COWS DIE IF THEY ARE NOT MILKED! I guess the cows would not be considered suffering if they are dead. And the word of the day today boys and girls is: RESEARCH.

On the upside,(no pun intended) stay-at-home moms could make some extra cash by selling their breast milk to companies. "Oh look honey, mommy helped make that cheese, lets take some home and suprise daddy." The sale of baby formula and breast pumps would sky rocket. Now that is what I call a stimulus package.

Then I have to wonder about the commercials to promote human breast milk. Ok guys, quit daydreaming and focus. Seriously, what kind of a commercial are you going to put on television? A woman coming out of the bathroom with a pitcher of milk? Maybe a woman holding a breast pump where she says "Got Milk"?

As for Ben and Jerry's, well, they are not quiet ready to leap over to the Breast is Best side yet and offered the following statement:"We applaud PETA's novel approach to bringing attention to an issue, but we believe a mother's milk is best used for her child."

Sunday Night Advice

I've had a busy day today. I have received numerous emails today from some very important people soliciting my political advice. I want to thank them for trusting me enough to seek my opinion. Because I truly care about the readers of the blog here, I wanted to give you some exclusive insight into what the movers and shakers were asking me. Enjoy!

Email #1
to: thenews2k@gmail.com
from: spalin@alaska.closetorussia.gov

Dear Newsy,

I am a little scared about Thursday night's debate because I will be facing the Washington elite media. I wanted to seek your good opinion about what issues I should highlight and to find out what things to avoid.


Dear Sarah,

If I were you I would avoid talking about Russian airplanes and spend a little more time highlighting the fact that you look a lot like Tina Fey.


to: thenews2k@gmail.com
from: jbiden@senate.gov

Dear Newsy,

I have prepared an original opening statement for the debate Thursday night and wanted to get your take on it. Here it is. Please tell me your thoughts.

I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.
I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."
I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.
I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
I have a dream today. And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"


Dear Joe,

Ummm... Joe that is Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech. Taking someone else's work and crediting it as your own is called plaigarism. We have been over this before. Remember 1988?


to: thenews2k@gmail.com
from: khulshof@losingcampaign.com

Dear Newsy,

I am getting worried. We are less than 40 days from the election and I am down over 15 points in every major poll. What should I do?

Kenny Hulshof

Dear Kenny,

Drop out and name Sarah Steelman as your replacement.


Something That Has Been Bothering Me...

Over the past couple of years there has been a huge emphasis placed on becoming environmentally friendly. This has become what some would call a "green revolution." The question that always nags at me is exactly what can I do to "go green" and why should I? Yes, I understand basic science and I know that recycling and conservation are important... I do both of those things. I just have never been able to be comprehend exactly how additional measures significantly help our environment. Does that sound crazy? It kind of sounds like it now that I have typed it out. Maybe my confusion comes from spokespeople for the environment telling me to help stop global warming, yet they drive around in big SUV's and fly around the world in jets that emit massive amounts of CO2. Can someone answer my questions?

Saturday, September 27

A Great Way To Spend A Saturday

Well, if you have ever wanted an
entertaining way to spend part of your Saturday and you are at least remotely interested in the weather... you should attend a KSPR Weather Warriors get together. It was a wonderful time today. This was the third meeting of the group and the picnic was held this time at Doling Park.

No other station in the Ozarks has a tighter knit group of fans than those who gather together once in a while to talk weather, current events, and just have a good time. There is always a member of the KSPR Weather Team there, too. Kevin, Josh, and Natalie are always gracious. They truly are what we here in the Ozarks would call "good folks."

Meteorologist Kevin Lighty even let us play a couple of rounds of Weather Jeopardy today. Pablo (that's me... not my real name, but my stage name) and the posse went 2-0 on the day and had a wonderful time, as evidenced by our smiling faces. Jeff and his team (pictured above) were not so lucky. He does have a wonderful storm blog called Ozark Storms though. Check it out in the blog roll to the right!

For more information on the Weather Warriors, check out http://www.ozarksweatherfans.com/ and join in on all the fun!

(Yes, that is KSPR Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty on the slide. Yes, we are blackmailing him with this picture.)

Friday, September 26

Ummm... KSPR? Roy Blunt is Not The Governor

I think the KSPR webmaster is confused. The headline on KSPR.com reads "Gov. Blunt Joining In on Bailout Bill Negotiations" yet the AP article specifically talks about Blunt's father, 7th district Congressman Roy, as heading in to the bargaining table.

"WASHINGTON (AP) -House Republicans say they're sending a top leader to renewed negotiations on President Bush's $700 billion plan to bail out the financial industry." Umm.... they said top leader. I don't think they mean Matt.

"Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri will attend the talks with key lawmakers. That's after the House GOP boycotted negotiations on an emerging bipartisan agreement, calling it unacceptable. Blunt is the number two House Republican."

The article even has a picture of Governor Blunt. Oops!

The Debate Is On!

All right, the debate will happen after all. It begins @ 8 p.m. local time. Post your thoughts in this thread. I will update it throughout the evening with my thoughts as well.

Wednesday, September 24

McCain: No Debate? Open Thread

McCain has announced that if the bailout bill doesn't pass, then he will not attend the Presidential debate on Friday night. Your thoughts? Let the open thread begin.

Tuesday, September 23

Michelle Sherwood Is Now Married... I Think

If all went according to plan, KSPR weekend anchor Michelle Sherwood should now be a blushing bride. I am a not a Springfield media insider so I don't have the scoop, but according to Michelle's blog, today was the big day. The KY3 Political Blog has been quiet, so I assume all are out in Hawaii celebrating. Congrats Michelle and Jim!!!

Monday, September 22

Police Cancel Amber Alert For The 4 Missing Children

Police have not given up on the search for 39-year old Shirley Riggs, of Independence, Mo., who did not return her 4 children to DFS as scheduled on Saturday afternoon. The reason they say that the Amber Alert has been canceled is because it has out lived it's effectiveness.

While police feel that the children are in imminent danger, a close friend of the family, John McGliton, does not. McGliton told WDAF that she had taken off with the children before because she had caught her husband abusing the girls. Riggs had taken the children to Oregon where she and the children lived with her mother. After 4 years she filed for a divorce in which her husband became angry and filed a report with Missing and Exploited children. Authorities found Riggs and arrested her.

McGliton also said that Riggs husband's sister works for the Division of Family Services and that she was being, "railroaded". Riggs left with the children in fear that the children would be placed in foster homes and she would lose her visitation. Riggs also feared her husband would be allowed overnight visits. McGliton said he doesn't blame her for taking off with her children. The judge in the case has issued a warrant with a $500,000 case only bond.

Sunday, September 21

KSPR's New Home Under Construction

Groundbreaking took place on Friday at the KY3 campus on Sunshine in Springfield for a 20,000 foot addition, according to the Springfield News-Leader. Most of this new addition will house KSPR 33, once the work is completed. This will be a big step for the company and both television stations. There was no official estimate given on when the project is expected to be completed or when KSPR will make their move.


I know that many of posts since joining the blog ranks of Show-Me Opinions have been rants and that is not normally my style. You will have to spare me one more, however.

Yesterday, a fellow faculty member and I were on our way back to SW Missouri from a conference in St. Louis. We had been driving quite a while and decided to stop in Lebanon to fill up with gas because it is cheaper there than anywhere else along I-44 for some reason. We pulled in, filled up, and started up the car to pull out again when the engine temperature gauge began spiking all the way to red.

I am not vehicle savvy, but I knew enough to have my friend pull up to the station again and turn the car off. We popped the hood, but this car was a 2008 HHR and nothing was where I expected it to be. We decided it would be best if my friend called her Chevy roadside assistance. After spending 15 minutes talking to a computer, she finally received a live person! Yet, this person had less knowledge of Chevy vehicles than I did! The only thing he could do was to call a tow truck and tow it to the dealership in Lebanon and wait for it to be fixed when they opened on Monday. What help!

I determined right then that our only other hope was to go to the Wal-Mart Tire and Lube two blocks down to see if they did that kind of work -- which they didn't. Yet, one of their car service employees took time out to come check on the car. After he and I looked around, he surmised that it had run out of coolant. He told us he was not allowed to do it, but guided us through the process. Before long we were on our way.

Most car issues while on the road aren't major catastrophes, but rather small glitches that can be solved in 15 minutes. Chevy roadside assistance, however, apparently doesn't really mean what it says. What it should really be called is "Chevy Roadside Computer Maze and Towing" since that is all they wanted to do. Shouldn't there be technicians on call 24/7? Cars don't break down from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Many people may gripe about Walmart, but when Chevy wasn't there to help and we were stranded two hours from home, the only place that had someone with the knowledge was Walmart. We are very thankful for that!

Amber Alert: 4 Children Missing

Shirley Riggs, 39, of Independence, Mo., is believed to have fled with her 4 children after she did not return them at 2:00 PM as scheduled. The children were in the custody of the Department of Family Services in which they had given Riggs an unsupervised overnight visit. The report also states that this is the 4th time she has left the state with her children.

Missing are:

  • Kelley L. Riggs age 10, w/f dob: 2-5-98 5.01 tall, 67#, Brown Hair, Blue eyes
  • Raven SA Riggs, age 12, w/f dob: 11-5-95 5.01 tall, 67#, brown hair, brown eyes
  • Rhiannon G. Riggs, age 7, w/f dob: 8-23-01, 4.02 tall, 45#, Brown hair, brown eyes
  • Spencer D. Riggs, age 14, w/m dob; 9-29-93, 6.02 tall, 180#, brown hair, brown eyes

Shirley Riggs, is described at 5.05 tall, 115 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. She may be driving a maroon, 1992 Dodge Caravan minivan with Missouri plate MB6-C8M. Police say she could be headed to Denver, Colorado or Oklahoma.

Please call 911 or the Independence police department if you have any information about this case.


Thursday, September 18

Barry County Inmate Dies...Wife Speaks With Show-Me Opinions

Manuel Flores, 38, who had been an inmate at the Barry County jail for the last nine days, died Tuesday morning, September, 16, the day he was scheduled to appear in court. The cause of death has yet to be determined and his wife, Tonya Flores spoke with Show-Me Opinions about the events leading up to his death. Tonya said, "there have been rumors and false statements as to what happened to Manuel, I just want everyone to know the truth."She also stated, that while she was reluctant at first to speak up, her decision to not stay silent would hopefully keep this senseless tragedy from happening to someone else in the future.

Here is her story.

On Monday September, 15, shortly after Manuel had finished eating breakfast, he began feeling sick. His condition did not improve, and he began spitting up blood and passing out. He then told jail officials that he needed to be seen by a doctor. Manuel was given a medical release form to fill out and sign so that medical treatment could be administered. Some of the inmates had to help him fill out the paperwork which he signed, and according to his wife jail officials "denied". Witnesses told his wife that Manuel was given pepto bismol and tylenol and then told by the jailer to just, "shut up".

Tonya Flores said that after he was denied medical treatment, Manuel called her asking her to please find a way to help him. She proceeded to call the jail, then the sheriff, then the chief of police, five attempts in which she said were ignored. "He's got a touch of the flu, no big deal," she was told. She also stated that some of the inmates who had spoke out about getting him help were put in "the hole" for the night.

The next morning as Mrs. Flores and Manuel's lawyer sat in court waiting on her husband, Manuel died in the floor of his cell. She said it was an hour and a half later when she was told her husband had died.

Mrs. Flores said that statements which surfaced early Tuesday stating the autopsy had indicated the cause of death being from inflammation around the heart, is false. She received a call from the Barry County coroner Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM. It was during their conversation he explained to her that the results of the autopsy would take from 6 to 8 weeks. She said there is no way of knowing the cause of death until that time, and questions why someone would make such a statement.

While there are many unanswered questions surrounding this case, the questions Tonya Flores wants answers to is, why Manuel was denied his right to medical treatment ? Why did her husbands plea for help, hers, and those of other inmates, go unanswered ?

And the hardest question she'll have to answer... is to their son as to why his dad is never coming home.

Wednesday, September 17

Breaking News: Everything Is Breaking News

A quick scan of the television dial just after 8 p.m. this evening featured quite a bit of breaking news. In fact, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News all had Breaking News banners flashing across the screen. If I had been an uninformed individual, I might have believed that there was actually breaking news unfolding at that moment. Here's what was breaking:




You know what would have been true breaking news? Sarah Palin agreeing to come on to MSNBC and be interviewed by someone who isn't smitten with her and the Republican Party, like Rachel Maddow. Also, if Larry King would have found out who Donald Trump's hairdresser is that could have made for a flashy red banner. Possibly most worthy of a Breaking News banner during the 8:00 hour would have been if on the off chance Sean Hannity would actually let Alan Colmes talk. Those issues, my friends, are worthy of breaking news banners. What you saw tonight... was not.

Verizon Stood In The Way Of Finding Kelsey Smith

In 2007 Kelsey Smith, 18, was abducted from the parking lot of a Target store in Overland Park, Kan., and then murdered by 26-year old, Edwin Hall. Hall was sentenced this week to life in prison.

When Kelsey's family realized she was missing the first thing they did was call her cell phone. An hour after Kelsey was abducted law enforcement had the video surveillance tapes from target. Their next move was to track Kelsey through her cell phone. But the technical department for Verizon seemed clueless and uncooperative in obtaining information in which time was of the utmost importance. Information that other cell phone providers say should have taken anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, took 4 days for Verizon. Forty-five minutes after law enforcement had that information Kelsey's body was found.

WDAF Video

Tuesday, September 16

Stop Sending Me Forwards!!!

As an educator, I work long hours. I typically spend somewhere around 10 hours in the classroom (not to mention the time I spend working when I come home). As soon as I arrive in the door after a long day at work, I generally check my personal email account. I always anticipate a nice email from a friend who has moved away or a note from a family member. Instead, I get forwards. Not just one or two...or ten. Tonight, for example, I came home to find 15 forwards in my inbox that had collected from this morning.

As much as I would really like for it to happen, Microsoft is not going to send me $250 for every person I forward your message to. Nothing exciting happens when I click on the send key. Your inspirational messages of hope and healing are nice, but I much rather prefer a personal email filling me in on your life and asking me how my day has gone. Oh, and I especially love the 5 forwards today informing me that Barack Obama is a Muslim and he will blow up America as soon as he is elected. I keep waiting for the forward that breaks the news that McCain actually attends KKK meetings in his spare time.

Is it to much to ask that if you want to communicate with me that you actually send me something of value? I think from now on, when I get a forward in my inbox, I am going to respond with the following reply:

Dear Friend,

Since you obviously have enough spare time on your hands that you can send me these 8 forwards in a six hour time frame, maybe you can use your time to check www.snopes.com concerning the validity of the emails you are sending. Look at all the nifty things I learned in just 10 short minutes. No Obama is not a terrorist. Yes, Starbucks supports the troops. Despite your email to the contrary, Pepsi has not removed God from "God Bless America" on their 4th of July special edition cans. God will not send down a lightning bolt to strike me if I don't forward this prayer, but I will quit speaking to you if I get another one of these messages with your name attached to it.

Stop Sending Me Forwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Newsy :-)

PS - If you forward this to 15 of your friends within 12 minutes, you will receive the winning Powerball numbers in your mailbox.

When Do We Reach That Magic Number ?

Two people are in jail and a little boy is dead. Sound familiar? It should as it continues being repeated over and over again in Missouri. The other familiar part is the role that the Division of Family Services seems to play. Kimberly Helmes, 21, and her boyfriend Kyle Cooper, 25 of Blue Springs are being held in the Jackson county jail on a $500,000 cash bond after firefighters found Helmes's 1-year old boy dead in their home on Friday. The home was also occupied by Cooper's parents.

The little boy identified as JB along with his brother were being abused by Cooper according to Helmes. Firefighters had responded to a 911 call in which the caller had stated the little boy was not breathing. When they arrived they found the 1-year old dead with injuries that included a broken arm, fractured skull and ribs, malnutrition and his tongue split in half. A thread was hanging from his tongue where the couple had tried to stitch it back together. It is believed that the little boy had been suffering with these injuries since at least Labor Day. Cooper had however told authorities that the boy had fallen in July and they had "successfully" stitched his tongue back together at that time. The stitches had began to fall out last week.

Both the boys had been taken into protective custody in May by the Division of Family Services because the 2-year old had excessive bruising. Four days later they were returned to the home.

Four days later they completed an investigation in what usually takes a month. Apparently there were no monthly visits or does stitching up a child's tongue not fall within the guidelines of abuse? And certainly one cannot expect a trained caseworker to see the signs of malnutrition. So, either the case was closed because excessive bruising does not warrant a watchful eye or the caseworker never bothered with the visitation. What excuse will they use this time?

I will repeat again, and continue to repeat for as long as it takes, How many Missouri children have to die before we realize "the system" does not work? Is there a magic number that we have to reach before caseworkers and those involved with the system are held accountable? Yes, I said accountable. Two people are responsible for this little boy's murder, but there are others who are responsible for failing to prevent it!

Monday, September 15

Stormy Stocks

Stocks came spiraling down today amid the news concerning Lehman Bros. In fact, the Dow Jones dropped 504 points, its worst single day loss since the reopening of the stock market after 9/11.

The news isn't getting any better either. As of 9:30 tonight, the Asian stock markets were crashing down over 7% in some cases. This is coming in reaction to the US market downturn.

The outlook for tomorrow doesn't look bright either. Futures are already sitting down over 150 points. There is additional concern that insurer AIG may not make it through the night either. Buckle up everyone!

Riding The Storm Out

First I want to welcome newsy, (former The News2k administrator) on board Show-Me Opinions.

Now, I'm going to take the bull by the horns by talking about the recent hurricane and those along the coast who ignored the mandatory evacuation order. Unlike some, I believe if a person decides that he or she is bound and determined to stay, I don't see a problem with staying. What I do have a problem with, is them calling for help and expecting someone to rescue them from their roof top after they made the decision to stay. Nobody wants to leave their home. But to put others in danger just because you don't want to leave is wrong. Stay should mean just that, stay. If your food and water floats away, stay. If you have to live on your roof for a couple of weeks, stay. Whatever happens during and after the storm your on your own.

I saw those on the news standing in their backyard watching the waves come crashing over the sea wall hours before hurricane Ike hit who said they were staying. Officials were going door to door begging these people to leave and still they stayed. I heard things like "I have to stay here and protect my property from looters." Well, I don't think your dead body is going to slow looters down much. What it does do, is put emergency personnel in harms way. They know that sooner or later they will have to return to either rescue these people or put them in a body bag. My hats off to first responders for the job they do, because unless you slept through several days of warnings, I don't have much sympathy for you if you make the decision to stay.
Then there is the excuse, and this one irritates me to no end. "If the Lord has decided it's my time to go, there is nothing I can do about it." Yes, the Lord has sent a hurricane to destroy half of Texas because it's your time to go. The last time I checked the Lord did invent brains in which to make decisions with. Did you ever stop and think that maybe he gave it to you so that you could get some use out of it in times like that? For those that truly believe that way, stop throwing your money away on health care coverage. If it's your "time to go," you certainly don't need a doctor or medicine.

The stress people face when having to leave their home and not knowing what they will return to is understandably great. Being told to leave time after time certainly must get old. That however, comes with the territory of living along the coast. If people feel that they must stay to protect their material things, by all means stay. Just don't ask others to risk something that their families wont be able to replace.

Watching Wall Street

Keep an eye on the markets today. After the announcement that Lehman Brothers will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it looks like the stock market is set for a major sell off. Dow Jones futures values this morning are down nearly 360 points.

In my opinion, the biggest test today is twofold. First, how low will the market go? Secondly, will the market stabilize by the end of the day? If there is a huge selloff early but the market can then stabilize itself, we will see that it is just reacting to the financial news from the weekend. If it doesn't, then it will shine a light on the fact that this economy is in worse shape than some thought.

It is going to be a long day for some.

Sunday, September 14

Ike Sends Gas Prices Up Across Show-Me State

Hurricane Ike has left in its wake higher gas prices across the state. As of Sunday evening, the highest price of gas being reported by Gas Buddy was $4.59 for regular unleaded in Farmington. The cheapest gas was $3.39 at the Casey's in Lexington. That is a $1.29 spread across Missouri alone.

Could someone please explain to me the disparity in price from one store to the other?

Why is Casey's charging $3.39 in Lexington and $4.39 in Farmington? Is there that much difference?

May I Have Your Attention Please!

Hello, and welcome to Show-Me Opinions. You may notice some changes around the blog over the coming days. One of the biggest is the addition of me, Newsy, to the blog. Donna and I are teaming up to create a bigger and better place for news and unfiltered opinion in the blogosphere. I was the former admin at TheNews2K, but I have decided that the old cliche is true... two heads are better than one! I look forward to not only blogging, but carrying on a conversation with you the reader on this site. This isn't just about our opinions... it is about yours, too. So, chime in!


Friday, September 12

National Weather Service Uses The Words "Certain Death" For Costal Residents In Ike's Path

As early as this morning flooding was already present in the Galveston area as hurricane Ike still hours away was showing residents just a sample of what they were in for. Pleas to leave the area continued as some forty percent were to be believed to have decided to stay. The National Weather Service issued a warning not heard from them before. A warning of "certain death" for those who decided to ride out the storm. Many made a last minute decision after seeing the waves as high as ten to fifteen feet crash over the sea wall. Something they had never seen happen so far in advance of a storm. The deadly part of the storm is not the strength of the storm but the catastrophic flooding. Some places along the coast could see as much as thirty feet of water.

Stay tuned with the latest information as hurricane Ike makes landfall between 12:00-2:00 a.m.

Live Coverage KTRK

The Latest Information On Hurricane Ike- Live Coverage

The monster hurricane Ike is scheduled to make landfall sometime early Saturday. Flooding has already began to effect some areas hours before Ike's arrival because of this storm's massive size. People along the coastal areas have been warned that death is eminant if they choose to stay. Many people still remain and officials are so concerned they are going to the residents and speaking them face to face, begging them to leave.

You can follow the latest information by using the link below.


Thursday, September 11

The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Deranged

I've got an idea...since we seem to be in such a hurry to pass laws that allow us more freedom and more choices why don't we start issuing drivers licenses to kids at any age,as long as their feet can reach the pedals? After all, if they can reach the pedals why should they have to wait to be 16? I mean, if they are old enough to go to school and spend all day long learning to be a productive citizen, they certainly should be old enough to drive, right? If they are mature enough to sit in the classroom and learn the fundamentals and about our country then they are mature enough to get behind the wheel. Who are we to tell them they are not old enough?

Of course the lines at the license bureau would be too long, and we certainly cannot expect them to have to wait until it's their turn. But that's no problem, we can set up booths at our friendly neighborhood Wal-Marts across the country. Once inside the booth they would sit down in front of a steering wheel with a gas and break pedal located on the floor. If they can reach the pedals, they pass the test. A machine would then take their picture and spit out their license and they would now be legal to drive. It's simple and it's easy... immediate gratification, just the way we like it. Everybody's happy!

This would fit in so nicely with the other new laws trying to gain a foothold. You know, the one about lowering the drinking age to 18. And if the legalization of marijuana bill passes then everything will be perfect. Life will be just one big party! Then we won't have to worry about our kids going off to another country to die, they can do it right here in America! It would also take care of the lack of jobs. There would be plenty of jobs to go around, because many would just be at home smoking dope and drinking beer all day. Those that choose to work could get a job growing marijuana and for those that have decided to pursue a career, they could find employment with rehab centers across the country. Teachers would have more time to dedicate to those that truly wanted an education and college presidents could compete against one another by which school is the best "party school." If you can slam a beer, you've passed the entrance exam. Whoohoo! Education at it's best!

The land of the free, free to do what ever we want, right or wrong. A land where we don't need rules. No need to worry about drinking and driving, there will be plenty 6 year olds to drive us home or maybe we can just get rid of that silly old rule too, while we're at it. We will however need laws that protect our rights to do whatever we want. So the first new law we'll need to implement will make it illegal to have loving parents and a home with rules . Open the prison doors, we need room for these kinds of people! How dare they think they can mold us in to God fearing people! Oh, and if you belong to an organization that protects the rights of those who have been abused, killed by someone using drugs or drinking and driving...death penalty. It's now a world that promotes everyone for themselves.

Overexaggeration...yes, at least for the time being. But my point is, where do we draw the line? When do we begin to realize that just because we want something, that doesn't make it good for us or for anyone else. When you are 5 you want to be 10 and when you're 18 you want to be 21, that's normal. But, when you are 4o and burying your children because we did away with the laws that were established to protect them, that's simply stupidity.

Sunday, September 7

There's Still Time...

Just a reminder there is still time to help out Eli and his Team With A Moose. The Walk Now For Autism will be this coming Saturday at the Jordan Valley Park in Springfield.

If you can't attend the walk you can still get involved by making a donation. Any size donation would be greatly appreciated. To make a donation click on Eli and his team with a moose above.

To find out more about Autism click here.

Let's show Eli how important his future and those of other autistic children across Southwest Missouri is to us.

Thursday, September 4

Pregnant Teens and Special Needs Children Should Be Kept At Home

That is the message that the media,analyst,and others have been sending since they learned about Governor Palin and her family. Unmarried pregnant teens and special needs children should be hidden away. How dare parents of these children be proud of them or portray their home as a safe and loving environment! How dare a woman with 5 children run for Vice President of United States. Doesn't she realize that this office is reserved for someone who knows their place and stays in it? Doesn't she realize that only a man with a supportive wife and perfect children belong in the White House?

Those thoughts are exactly what has gotten this country into the problems we face today. Someone comes along that disrupts the brainwashing power of big government and the media and all of a sudden Governor Palin is not fit for office because she doesn't fit into the "Leave It To Beaver," world. Well, I'll take a woman who is not afraid to show the world the issues that real life families deal with on a day to day basis and who is not afraid to step on toes to bring about change over a puppet any day!

For the media or anyone else to use the fact that Palin's teenage daughter made an appearance before the nation last night as a reason to discredit her abilities is shear hypocrisy. These kinds of statements only prove their belief that Americans cannot think for themselves and need direction from them in making a wise choice. A choice that protect their interests not ours. That's the way the game is played. How dare someone challenge the rules of the game.

As a voter who has been undecided up to this point, I can say with all honesty, Governor Palin speech was amazing and she deserves the respect that any other person in her position would be granted.I believe...

It's time for all the political geniuses to stick to the issues and let the American people decide based on the issues, like, energy, health care, foreign policy, the economy. Any of those things ring a bell? Believe it or not there are some Americans left out there who would like to hear what the candidates have to say and not the media or analysts. If the political wizards of this country are really concerned with bringing about change, they could start with a change of attitude . If that's simply out of the question, there's always duct tape!