Thursday, September 11

The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Deranged

I've got an idea...since we seem to be in such a hurry to pass laws that allow us more freedom and more choices why don't we start issuing drivers licenses to kids at any age,as long as their feet can reach the pedals? After all, if they can reach the pedals why should they have to wait to be 16? I mean, if they are old enough to go to school and spend all day long learning to be a productive citizen, they certainly should be old enough to drive, right? If they are mature enough to sit in the classroom and learn the fundamentals and about our country then they are mature enough to get behind the wheel. Who are we to tell them they are not old enough?

Of course the lines at the license bureau would be too long, and we certainly cannot expect them to have to wait until it's their turn. But that's no problem, we can set up booths at our friendly neighborhood Wal-Marts across the country. Once inside the booth they would sit down in front of a steering wheel with a gas and break pedal located on the floor. If they can reach the pedals, they pass the test. A machine would then take their picture and spit out their license and they would now be legal to drive. It's simple and it's easy... immediate gratification, just the way we like it. Everybody's happy!

This would fit in so nicely with the other new laws trying to gain a foothold. You know, the one about lowering the drinking age to 18. And if the legalization of marijuana bill passes then everything will be perfect. Life will be just one big party! Then we won't have to worry about our kids going off to another country to die, they can do it right here in America! It would also take care of the lack of jobs. There would be plenty of jobs to go around, because many would just be at home smoking dope and drinking beer all day. Those that choose to work could get a job growing marijuana and for those that have decided to pursue a career, they could find employment with rehab centers across the country. Teachers would have more time to dedicate to those that truly wanted an education and college presidents could compete against one another by which school is the best "party school." If you can slam a beer, you've passed the entrance exam. Whoohoo! Education at it's best!

The land of the free, free to do what ever we want, right or wrong. A land where we don't need rules. No need to worry about drinking and driving, there will be plenty 6 year olds to drive us home or maybe we can just get rid of that silly old rule too, while we're at it. We will however need laws that protect our rights to do whatever we want. So the first new law we'll need to implement will make it illegal to have loving parents and a home with rules . Open the prison doors, we need room for these kinds of people! How dare they think they can mold us in to God fearing people! Oh, and if you belong to an organization that protects the rights of those who have been abused, killed by someone using drugs or drinking and driving...death penalty. It's now a world that promotes everyone for themselves.

Overexaggeration...yes, at least for the time being. But my point is, where do we draw the line? When do we begin to realize that just because we want something, that doesn't make it good for us or for anyone else. When you are 5 you want to be 10 and when you're 18 you want to be 21, that's normal. But, when you are 4o and burying your children because we did away with the laws that were established to protect them, that's simply stupidity.

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