Tuesday, September 16

Stop Sending Me Forwards!!!

As an educator, I work long hours. I typically spend somewhere around 10 hours in the classroom (not to mention the time I spend working when I come home). As soon as I arrive in the door after a long day at work, I generally check my personal email account. I always anticipate a nice email from a friend who has moved away or a note from a family member. Instead, I get forwards. Not just one or two...or ten. Tonight, for example, I came home to find 15 forwards in my inbox that had collected from this morning.

As much as I would really like for it to happen, Microsoft is not going to send me $250 for every person I forward your message to. Nothing exciting happens when I click on the send key. Your inspirational messages of hope and healing are nice, but I much rather prefer a personal email filling me in on your life and asking me how my day has gone. Oh, and I especially love the 5 forwards today informing me that Barack Obama is a Muslim and he will blow up America as soon as he is elected. I keep waiting for the forward that breaks the news that McCain actually attends KKK meetings in his spare time.

Is it to much to ask that if you want to communicate with me that you actually send me something of value? I think from now on, when I get a forward in my inbox, I am going to respond with the following reply:

Dear Friend,

Since you obviously have enough spare time on your hands that you can send me these 8 forwards in a six hour time frame, maybe you can use your time to check www.snopes.com concerning the validity of the emails you are sending. Look at all the nifty things I learned in just 10 short minutes. No Obama is not a terrorist. Yes, Starbucks supports the troops. Despite your email to the contrary, Pepsi has not removed God from "God Bless America" on their 4th of July special edition cans. God will not send down a lightning bolt to strike me if I don't forward this prayer, but I will quit speaking to you if I get another one of these messages with your name attached to it.

Stop Sending Me Forwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Newsy :-)

PS - If you forward this to 15 of your friends within 12 minutes, you will receive the winning Powerball numbers in your mailbox.

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