Thursday, September 4

Pregnant Teens and Special Needs Children Should Be Kept At Home

That is the message that the media,analyst,and others have been sending since they learned about Governor Palin and her family. Unmarried pregnant teens and special needs children should be hidden away. How dare parents of these children be proud of them or portray their home as a safe and loving environment! How dare a woman with 5 children run for Vice President of United States. Doesn't she realize that this office is reserved for someone who knows their place and stays in it? Doesn't she realize that only a man with a supportive wife and perfect children belong in the White House?

Those thoughts are exactly what has gotten this country into the problems we face today. Someone comes along that disrupts the brainwashing power of big government and the media and all of a sudden Governor Palin is not fit for office because she doesn't fit into the "Leave It To Beaver," world. Well, I'll take a woman who is not afraid to show the world the issues that real life families deal with on a day to day basis and who is not afraid to step on toes to bring about change over a puppet any day!

For the media or anyone else to use the fact that Palin's teenage daughter made an appearance before the nation last night as a reason to discredit her abilities is shear hypocrisy. These kinds of statements only prove their belief that Americans cannot think for themselves and need direction from them in making a wise choice. A choice that protect their interests not ours. That's the way the game is played. How dare someone challenge the rules of the game.

As a voter who has been undecided up to this point, I can say with all honesty, Governor Palin speech was amazing and she deserves the respect that any other person in her position would be granted.I believe...

It's time for all the political geniuses to stick to the issues and let the American people decide based on the issues, like, energy, health care, foreign policy, the economy. Any of those things ring a bell? Believe it or not there are some Americans left out there who would like to hear what the candidates have to say and not the media or analysts. If the political wizards of this country are really concerned with bringing about change, they could start with a change of attitude . If that's simply out of the question, there's always duct tape!

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