Friday, September 12

National Weather Service Uses The Words "Certain Death" For Costal Residents In Ike's Path

As early as this morning flooding was already present in the Galveston area as hurricane Ike still hours away was showing residents just a sample of what they were in for. Pleas to leave the area continued as some forty percent were to be believed to have decided to stay. The National Weather Service issued a warning not heard from them before. A warning of "certain death" for those who decided to ride out the storm. Many made a last minute decision after seeing the waves as high as ten to fifteen feet crash over the sea wall. Something they had never seen happen so far in advance of a storm. The deadly part of the storm is not the strength of the storm but the catastrophic flooding. Some places along the coast could see as much as thirty feet of water.

Stay tuned with the latest information as hurricane Ike makes landfall between 12:00-2:00 a.m.

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