Saturday, May 31

Michelle Malkin's Krispy Kreme Jihad

That's the only logical explanation for her recent attacks on the Dunkin Donuts ad in which Rachael Ray is wearing a scarf that has Malkin convinced Ray is a terrorist. Malkin claims that the scarf " is the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad. ..." She further states that it has been mainstreamed by fashion designers.

l"ll sleep so much better tonight knowing that this dangerous donut terrorist has been put out of operation. I have thrown out all of my cookbooks by Ray because after closer review I can clearly see that her recipes are secret codes that map out the plan to attack Krispy Kreme.

It's hard to believe that we Americans could have been so naive as to think that this was just another donut ad. It's down right scary! I just don't know who's donut ads to trust anymore!!

Thursday, May 29

Long Time Veterinarian From Sedalia Drowns In Canada

Dr. Charles Peacock age 64 a long time veterinarian in Sedalia, MO., drown Tuesday near the Ear Falls area of northwest Ontario, Canada. Dr. Peacock fell overboard the boat he and family members were fishing from.
Dr. Peacock graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 1969. He established the Flat Creek Veterinarian Hospital in 1971 where he had practiced for close to 37 years.

Wednesday, May 28

Pilot Uses U.S. 75 As Runway

Motorist traveling along U.S. 75 just south of the 56Th street exit in Tulsa OK., got a surprise Wednesday morning as Allen Braden age 66 of Houston Texas made an emergency landing after his engine began smoking and vibrating.Braden was traveling back to Houston from Emporia KS. He brought his 33-year-old Cessna 206 down after contacting the Tulsa airport which advised him to find a highway. Braden, a marine with 46 years of flying experience was not injured and the only damage to the plane was to the left wing which clipped a road sign.

Iowa Tornado Rated EF5

The tornado that ripped through Parkersburg Iowa and surrounding towns on Sunday has been rated an EF5.

Parkersburg High School

The last time a tornado of that magnitude hit Iowa was 32 years ago in the town of Jordon, June 13, 1976. While the tornado destroyed almost everything in it's path, there were no deaths.
Jordon Iowa 1976

The death toll for Sunday's tornado stands at 7 and approx. 50 people were injured. More than 300 homes were completely destroyed and another 100 sustained severe damage.
This year 110 people have been killed by tornadoes in the US making it the deadliest in over a decade.

School Bus Rollover In Bella Vista

Students from Bella Vista Arkansas had a scary ride yesterday morning as the bus driver Benjamin Owens age 73 lost control of the bus and ran off the road and then over corrected sending the bus over on it's side. Owens and two other students were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Officers administered a drug and alcohol test at the scene on Owens which showed no signs of drug or alcohol use. As standard procedure Owen's blood was drawn and will be sent off to the crime lab for evaluation. He is suspended without pay from driving until the investigation is completed. Witnesses say that water over the roadway may have caused the bus to hydroplane.

Tuesday, May 27

Missouri Highway Patrol Reports Another Fatality On Monday

Daniel R. Dorsey age 15 of St. Charles, Mo., was killed when he lost control of the ATV he was driving and ran off the right side of the road into a flooded creek. He was found several hours later submerged in the creek. The accident occurred on stople road .6 of a mile west of route F. in Gasconade County.

Monday, May 26

Can You Hear Me Now?

Apparently the referee during this girls basketball tournament didn't think his message was getting across to coach Mikey Shaffer of the Lady Wings from central Arkansas. The team was participating in a girls seventh and eighth grade basketball tournament in Little Rock when the coach questioned one of the calls and the referee called a technical. Coach Shaffer sat down but continued to yell at the referee which led to another technical and ejection from the game.
As Shaffer was leaving the game he continued to voice his opinion, that's when the referee grabbed him and started choking him. Both Shaffer and the referee were ejected from the game.
Ironically the tournament was being held at the Court of Dreams facility owned by Positive Atmosphere Reaches Kids (PARK). Link
Memorial Day brings with it stories of courage and sacrifices. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice while others had endured unimaginable pain and suffering so that we may continue to live free.

Here is one such story about a young marine who became known to many as the Miracle Man and why we should never forget those that have fallen.

Missouri State Water Patrol and Highway Patrol Weekend Fatality Report

Missouri Water Patrol has released the following information concerning fatalities that have occurred on Missouri waterways this weekend.

Billy Florence age 43 of Sheridan, AR. was tubing Sunday on the Eleven Point River which is located near the Myrtle Conservation Access in Couch, Mo., when he fell into the water due to an unknown medical problem. Nearby tubers were able to get him out of the water and start CPR. Florence was airlifted to the Popular Bluff Medical Center where he died this morning.

On Sunday a helicopter carrying 6 passengers was attempting to land at a private residence located at Sunrise Beach, Mo., on Lake of the Ozarks when it began spinning out of control and crashed into the lake.
One of the passengers, Zachery West age 9 of Eureka, Mo. body was recovered by divers this morning around 10:00 a.m.
Water Patrol ask all boaters to stay clear of the area while they attempt to lift the aircraft from the lake and clear the wreckage from that location.

Highway Patrol Fatality Report

Four fatalities have occurred since Friday on Missouri roadways.

Robert J. Harrison age 17 of Fair Play, Mo., was killed when he lost control of the vehicle, left the roadway and became airborne and hit a pond embankment and went into the pond. The accident occurred on Rt. EE 2 miles East of Elkland in Webster County.

George BrakeBill age 74 of Pittsburgh, Mo., was killed when he lost control of vehicle, overturned and was ejected. Accident occurred in Hickory county 2 miles South of Pittsburgh, Mo.

John A. Rector age 60 of Cameron, Mo., was killed when his vehicle went left into the median and struck an emergency crossover and went airborne over the crossover and then overturned. Accident occurred on I 35 at the 28 mm in Clay County.

Ryan Chapman age 34 of Stigler, Ok., died when he ran off the road and over corrected, came back on the roadway and rolled off the roadway and across the median into Southbound Lane and was ejected. Accident occurred on US 71 4 miles South of Lamar.


Donald A. Hazeton age 89 of Eldorado Springs, MO., was killed in a head on collision on Rt. N 1 mile from Caplinger Mills in Cedar County.

Thursday, May 22

Eureka Springs Woman Gone Without A Trace

Penny Sherman, who had recently been moved by her family to the Ridgeview Assisted Care Center in Eureka Springs to be closer to them, had plans of her own. Sherman, a disabled veteran and a former prison guard walked away from the facility on May 13th and disappeared. Authorities believe she walked to highway 62 where she caught a ride with someone. Sherman suffers from bipolar disorder and has attempted suicide twice in the past.

A woman matching her discription was seen walking around the Tyson's plant in Berryville Arkansas on Monday. No reports have indicated she has been found.


Wednesday, May 21

"Ok, Whatever"

That was what Capt. Richard Leavens of the Neosho, Mo. Police Department said usually goes through ones mind when they receive calls like the one they received from a woman who said there was a black panther trying to get in her back door.

However when deputy Hall arrived at the home and got out of the car, the panther started charging toward him. Hall grabbed his shotgun and fired two shots hitting the panther. The panther then started down the driveway only to turn around and start running back toward the deputy. Hall fired another shot from his shotgun, finally having to use several shots with his 45 -caliber handgun before the panther finally stopped.
An officer with the Conservation Department was called in and it was determined that the panther had been domesticated as his claws had been surgically removed.
The woman said she had been outside when the panther started toward her but was stopped by her dogs long enough for her and her dogs to get into the house. Story...

Drew Peterson Charged With Weapons Violation

Drew Peterson a former police Sgt. for the Bolingbrook Illinois police department who remains the only suspect in his wife Stacy Peterson's disappearance and the death of his 3rd wife Kathleen Savio has been arrested on a warrant for weapons violation. Police confiscated 11 guns during the search of Peterson's home after his wife Stacey mysteriously disappeared in October of last year. One of the guns confiscated was a semiautomatic assault rifle. Authorities say that the barrel is too short under Illinois law.

Peterson's attorney said the arrest was part of an effort by state police to harass Peterson.
"Any inconvenience they can cause him, so much the better," Brodsky said as he waited outside the jail. "They might believe it's a tactic to shake him up."

Illinois State Police Sgt. Thomas Burek denied that the gun charge was an attempt to harass Peterson.

Separately, he said the investigations into Stacy Peterson's disappearance and Savio's death are "going well.""We're moving methodically," Burek said. "We're confident that (the investigations) will result in an arrest".
"The felony gun charge, unlawful use of a weapon, carries a penalty of up to five years in prison". Story...

Tuesday, May 20

Senator Kennedy Diagnosed With Malignant Brain Tumor

The news came this morning as doctors released the results of a preliminary biopsy. Malignant gliomas is a form of brain cancer that affects approx. 9,000 Americans a year.

Kennedy while he remains in the hospital has not had anymore seizures and seems to be doing well. Doctors will be conducting more tests to find out exactly what kind of treatment will be needed.

Cattle Sold By Eastern Kansas Man In Springfield And Carthage Leads To Prison

Kevin R. Thompson of Richmond, Kan. was sentenced Monday in U. S. District Court in Kansas City, Kansas after he pleaded guilty to selling off cattle belonging to WNK Cattle Co. Thompson sold off the cattle from March 2002 to December of 2003 at cattle sales in Fredonia, Ks., Springfield, Mo. and Carthage, Mo., totaling more than $1.3 million worth of cattle. Story...

Three People Drown Over The Weekend

Three people have lost thier lives this weekend in Missouri.

On Saturday, 49 year old Greg Tucker of Overland Park, Kan., drown when he jumped off a boat in an attempt to save his grandchild who had fallen overboard in the Lake of the Ozarks.

Jerry Ray, 69, of Sheldon also drown on Saturday while he was trout fishing in St. Clair County.

Charles C. Cribb, 28, of Branson was found Sunday in Table Rock Lake after he had attempted to go swimming on Saturday while his sister had gone to the restroom.


Monday, May 19

Silence Not Always Golden

Friday night I was filled with mixed emotions as I helped my daughter get ready for another milestone in her life. As I watched her enter the standing room only gymnasium I could not fight back the tears of pride and relief. As each graduating students name was called and they made their way across the gym to accept what they had worked so hard for, I kept waiting for one name to be called. A person that had worked just as hard if not harder to make this moment a reality in his life. I waited for the principal or a school board member or even one of the two Salutatorians to recognize this person within their speech or to bring attention to a seat that has been left empty for a fallen classmate as has usually been the tradition.

Nothing, nothing but silence in regards to a classmate that drown during the March flood. So while members of the school system and classmates of this student found it acceptable to ignore his accomplishments I do not. So for whatever it is worth I would like to recognize this young man now.

Mark Gene Speir Jr.

Age 19

Earned his high school diploma after returning to school an extra year to complete the state requirements. He had just finished his last requirement which was the Missouri constitution test.

He could have given up after not graduating on time but he did not. He returned to finish what he had started. He worked two jobs one at Taco Bell and the other at Lowe's. He would have started college in the fall. He had a bright future ahead of him due to his determination and a special education teacher who encouraged him and never allowed him the opportunity to give up.

While the decision to wade into Kelly creek that afternoon was a tragic one so was the decision not recognize his accomplishments.

Sunday, May 18

The Turner Report Does It Again

While this post finds itself a couple of weeks overdue, I wanted to take this opportunity to commend the Turner Report in his continued coverage of the Rowen Ford case. It is apparent after reading his posts how important this case is to him as it should be to all of us. By continuing to update us on the progress of this case he also reminds us that no longer are these horrific acts taking place in far off places, but rather in our own neighborhoods. By keeping this story in front of readers he has become a voice for a child who can longer speak for herself and that each of us has a responsibilty in protecting our most vunerable. No longer can we turn a blind eye and excuse ourselves by thinking it is someone else's problem or we just don't want to get involved. If we do, then we are as guilty as the person who commits the crime.

Not only has the Turner Report done an outstanding job on this case, but in my opinion he does an outstanding job on every post. The combination of relevent news and passionate opinions deserves recognition for a job well done.

Missing Man's Body Recovered In Table Rock

Twenty- four hours after 28 year old Charles C. Cribb a mentally disabled man was reported missing his body was found in Table Rock. The man apparently wondered off while his sister was in the restroom near the Dewy Short Visitors Center. Mr. Cribb's body was found in 18 feet of water approx. 150 feet where his shoes and clothing had been discovered shortly after his disappearance. Story...

Beef Recall In 11 States Due To E.coli Scare

A Chicago based company is recalling beef used in ground products. The company, JSM Meat Holdings Company is recalling 30 pound, 60 pound and 47 gallon barrels of "Morreale Meat" beef products. The states affected by the recall are Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Massa -chusetts, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. No illnesses have been reported . Product number is "EST.6872." Link to story...

Saturday, May 17

Missing Man Believed To Have Gone Swimming In Table Rock

Divers and the Missouri Water Patrol searched the area near Dewy Short Visitors Center today in search of 28 year old Charles C. Cribb. Cribb who is mentally disabled was reported missing this morning. Relatives told authorities that he had told them he wanted to go swimming. Story...

Senator Kennedy Hospitalized

Senator Kennedy was taken to Cape Cod Hospital this morning after suffering from a seizure. He was transported to Massachusetts General and was under going tests to try and determine the cause of the seizure. His spokeswoman said it would be at least 48 hours before anything is known and that at the present time he is resting comfortably at the Massachusetts hospital.

Friday, May 16

Muskogee Oklahoma Elects Teenage Mayor

John Tyler Hammons, a freshman at the University of Oklahoma made national headlines this week as he became the new mayor of Muskogee Oklahoma . What gained national attention was the fact that he is 19, the youngest mayor ever elected in Muskogee. Hammons has also been contacted by the Jay Leno show along with a company out of California wanting to do a reality show episode with him as mayor.
He will be sworn into office on Tuesday. Story...

It seems there are others that were elected at even a younger age than Hammons and are currently serving as mayor across the United States.

Jeffery Dunkel, Mount Carbon Pennsylvania, elected in 2003 at age 18.
Sam Juhl, Rowland Iowa, elected in 2005 at age 18.
Christopher Seeley, Linesville Pennsylvania, elected 2005 at age 18.

Brian Zimmerman was elected mayor of Crab Texas in 1983 at the age of 11. Texas law prohibited persons under the age of 18 from serving as mayor, which lead to the movie, Lone Star Kid.

Wednesday, May 14

Texas Man Tries To Sell Cyanide To FBI Informant

Jeffrey Don Detrixhe of Higgins, Texas was scheduled to appear in court today after he was arrested Monday on a complaint of possession of or transfer of a chemical weapon. An affidavit filed by FBI agent John Witworth stated that Detrixhe told informants in a taped conversation that he had a 25 gallon drum of cyanide and would sell it for $10,000 a thermal imager and an automatic Ak-47 assault riffle, Russian made. According to the affidavit he told the informant that the chemical could be used to kill a large number of people. Story

Tuesday, May 13

Bentonville Teacher Detains Almost Naked Man For Police

This story is nothing short of bizarre and scary, but thanks to Shellie Cope a junior high school teacher from Bentonville Arkansas a man identified as Freddie Eugene Philpott of Washburn, Mo. is behind bars. Philpott jumped a curb in his jeep and ended up in the field behind the school. He then drove toward students until they had to jump out of the way. He had nothing on but a pair of underwear and told one of the male students he would give him $20.00 if he would ride to Missouri with him. When Cope told the man he would have to leave he almost ran into two of the female students. It was at that point Cope decided to talk to the man until police could arrive. It appears that this man had just gotten out of jail in Anderson on a DWI charge and the days prior to this event were just as psychotic. Read full story here.

Monday, May 12

Pitcher Oklahoma Fire Chief Says "Enough is Enough"

Jeff Reeves, who serves as Fire Chief for Pitcher Oklahoma spoke with Gov. Brad Henry after touring the storm damage of Saturday's EF-4 tornado that left 6 dead. Many residents had left the mining town due to contamination and unstable ground, reducing the size of the town to approx. 800 people. Several of the homes that were damaged in the storm were vacant as residents had agreed to participate in a voluntary buyout due to the contamination.

Reeves asked the Governor to make getting people out of Pitcher the number one priority.

“It is devastating,” Reeves said. “All that we have been through and now this ... when is it going to stop?”

“We have just been beaten down and beaten down ... this may be the knockout punch.”

Federal legislatures stated Sunday that they will try to speed up the process of getting people out of Pitcher.

Barry, Newton And Jasper County Coroner's Release Names of Storm Victims

There were a total of 16 victims in Saturday's tornado that killed 13 in Newton County, 1 in Barry County and a 17 year old girl who lived near Carthage. She was killed when straight line winds blew a tree over onto the mobile home where she lived. A fire fighter from Seneca has died due to injuries sustained trying to warn people about the approaching tornado, bringing the total to 14 in Newton County. Here is the list of victims.

Sunday, May 11

Saturday's Tornado Outbreak Leaves 14 Dead In Missouri

Severe storms and tornadoes plowed through Southwest Missouri Saturday afternoon leaving behind a path of destruction and death. In Racine Mo. 12 people were reported dead by authorities and 1 person lost thier life in Purdy Mo. A teenager from Carthage was also killed when a tree fell on a moble home.

There were at least 90 people being treated for injuries at a Joplin hospital.

Thursday, May 8

Rev. Al Sharpton Arrested

" Organized civil disobediance"was the promise Rev. Al Sharpton made in the courtroom after 3 police officers were acquited April 25th in the shooting death of Sean Bell in 2006 on his wedding day.

Today Sharpton's promise was kept as protesters blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Holland Tunnel,the Triborough Bridge,the 59th Street Bridge and the Queens Midtown Tunnel at the onset of rush hour.

Approxiamtly 200 people were arrested including Sharpton, Bell's fiancee and her mother.
The New York State director of the NAACP, Hazel Dukes made the following statement,
"We're here to continue to send the message to judges and lawyers that it's time to stop taking innocent people's lives."

Bell was shot over 30 times and two of his friends were injuried when police fired 50 shots at the men as they were leaving a bachelor party for Bell at a Queen's strip club. Officers believed the men to be dangerous armed felons but Bell was found to be unarmed.

Full Story

Man Who Once Ran For Barry County Sheriff, Gets A Room

A man who once ran for Sheriff in Barry County in the late 1980's is now a guest at the Barry County jail after a drug bust at a home in Seligman on Tuesday. The Barry County Sheriff's Department along with the Barry County Special Response Team arrested Norman Gluekert along with 5 other people and recovered approximately $35,000 in methamphetamines. Each of them still remain in the custody of the Barry County jail.

Authorities Seek Information

Authorities in Newton County are looking for clues after partial remains of a body believed to be that of a man was found near Granby Mo. on Tuesday. A necklace was found among the skeletal remains and the Newton County Sheriff's Department are asking anyone who might have information regarding the necklace to contact them at 451-8300.
More Info...

Wednesday, May 7

Drug Bust At San Diego State University, 75 Students Arrested

A 5-month undercover operation has lead to the arrest of 75 students from San Diego State University and the suspension of six fraternities. The investigation revealed members of the fraternities were openly dealing drugs and in one instance a member had sent a mass text messages about a sale on cocaine, also listing the reduced price.

The investigation was prompted by the death of a student from an apparent drug overdose in 2007. Another student died while the investigation was being conducted. Undercover agents made more than 130 buys from students at fraternities, the university student parking lots and dormitories.

Out of the 75 students, one student was about to receive a criminal justice degree and another a master's degree in homeland security. Full Story

Tuesday, May 6

First Execution Since Supreme Court Ruling Scheduled For Tonight

A Ga. man is scheduled to be put to death this evening at 7:00 p.m. using the lethal injection procedure. Earl Lynd was convicted of kidnapping and shooting his live-in girl friend, Ginger Moore in the head after they had consumed Valium, marijuana and alcohol. Prosecutors stated that Moore died a slow and agonizing death, regaining consciousness twice after being shot in the head. Lynd will be the first prisoner since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the three-drug cocktail does not violate the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. The use of lethal injection has been on hold since last September awaiting the high courts ruling.

Mississippi State Supreme Court has scheduled an execution for May 5th and a Texas judge has scheduled an execution date of August 5 th for a Mexican national. President Bush had ordered his case reopened along with approx. 50 other cases of Mexican Nationals convicted of murders here in the U.S. In March the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal stating that Bush had overstepped his authority.

Update on Table Rock Lake Area Parks

This is the latest information on the condition of area campgrounds located on Table Rock .

Decriminalization of Marijuana Bill Gains Support From Missouri Rep. Clay

Missouri Rep. William Clay says he supports a bill that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. He along with three other lawmakers are backing the bill and believe that tax dollars are being wasted on federal prosecution of individuals who are considered small personal users of the drug. The bill also calls for the removal of penalties for the transfer of marijuana between adults of up to 1 ounce as long as there is no money exchange involved in the transfer. Full Story...