Friday, May 16

Muskogee Oklahoma Elects Teenage Mayor

John Tyler Hammons, a freshman at the University of Oklahoma made national headlines this week as he became the new mayor of Muskogee Oklahoma . What gained national attention was the fact that he is 19, the youngest mayor ever elected in Muskogee. Hammons has also been contacted by the Jay Leno show along with a company out of California wanting to do a reality show episode with him as mayor.
He will be sworn into office on Tuesday. Story...

It seems there are others that were elected at even a younger age than Hammons and are currently serving as mayor across the United States.

Jeffery Dunkel, Mount Carbon Pennsylvania, elected in 2003 at age 18.
Sam Juhl, Rowland Iowa, elected in 2005 at age 18.
Christopher Seeley, Linesville Pennsylvania, elected 2005 at age 18.

Brian Zimmerman was elected mayor of Crab Texas in 1983 at the age of 11. Texas law prohibited persons under the age of 18 from serving as mayor, which lead to the movie, Lone Star Kid.

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