Sunday, May 18

The Turner Report Does It Again

While this post finds itself a couple of weeks overdue, I wanted to take this opportunity to commend the Turner Report in his continued coverage of the Rowen Ford case. It is apparent after reading his posts how important this case is to him as it should be to all of us. By continuing to update us on the progress of this case he also reminds us that no longer are these horrific acts taking place in far off places, but rather in our own neighborhoods. By keeping this story in front of readers he has become a voice for a child who can longer speak for herself and that each of us has a responsibilty in protecting our most vunerable. No longer can we turn a blind eye and excuse ourselves by thinking it is someone else's problem or we just don't want to get involved. If we do, then we are as guilty as the person who commits the crime.

Not only has the Turner Report done an outstanding job on this case, but in my opinion he does an outstanding job on every post. The combination of relevent news and passionate opinions deserves recognition for a job well done.

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