Wednesday, May 21

"Ok, Whatever"

That was what Capt. Richard Leavens of the Neosho, Mo. Police Department said usually goes through ones mind when they receive calls like the one they received from a woman who said there was a black panther trying to get in her back door.

However when deputy Hall arrived at the home and got out of the car, the panther started charging toward him. Hall grabbed his shotgun and fired two shots hitting the panther. The panther then started down the driveway only to turn around and start running back toward the deputy. Hall fired another shot from his shotgun, finally having to use several shots with his 45 -caliber handgun before the panther finally stopped.
An officer with the Conservation Department was called in and it was determined that the panther had been domesticated as his claws had been surgically removed.
The woman said she had been outside when the panther started toward her but was stopped by her dogs long enough for her and her dogs to get into the house. Story...

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