Wednesday, May 21

Drew Peterson Charged With Weapons Violation

Drew Peterson a former police Sgt. for the Bolingbrook Illinois police department who remains the only suspect in his wife Stacy Peterson's disappearance and the death of his 3rd wife Kathleen Savio has been arrested on a warrant for weapons violation. Police confiscated 11 guns during the search of Peterson's home after his wife Stacey mysteriously disappeared in October of last year. One of the guns confiscated was a semiautomatic assault rifle. Authorities say that the barrel is too short under Illinois law.

Peterson's attorney said the arrest was part of an effort by state police to harass Peterson.
"Any inconvenience they can cause him, so much the better," Brodsky said as he waited outside the jail. "They might believe it's a tactic to shake him up."

Illinois State Police Sgt. Thomas Burek denied that the gun charge was an attempt to harass Peterson.

Separately, he said the investigations into Stacy Peterson's disappearance and Savio's death are "going well.""We're moving methodically," Burek said. "We're confident that (the investigations) will result in an arrest".
"The felony gun charge, unlawful use of a weapon, carries a penalty of up to five years in prison". Story...

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