Monday, May 12

Pitcher Oklahoma Fire Chief Says "Enough is Enough"

Jeff Reeves, who serves as Fire Chief for Pitcher Oklahoma spoke with Gov. Brad Henry after touring the storm damage of Saturday's EF-4 tornado that left 6 dead. Many residents had left the mining town due to contamination and unstable ground, reducing the size of the town to approx. 800 people. Several of the homes that were damaged in the storm were vacant as residents had agreed to participate in a voluntary buyout due to the contamination.

Reeves asked the Governor to make getting people out of Pitcher the number one priority.

“It is devastating,” Reeves said. “All that we have been through and now this ... when is it going to stop?”

“We have just been beaten down and beaten down ... this may be the knockout punch.”

Federal legislatures stated Sunday that they will try to speed up the process of getting people out of Pitcher.

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