Saturday, November 14

The Only Place I Can Log In

To access this page is on my cell phone. For some reason I can't get on any other place. Do you know how long it took me to text this out? I will resume blogging when I can get back in. Yeesh!

Monday, November 9

Palin To Sign Books

The Springfield News Media is reporting this evening that former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will have a book signing at Borders when she speaks at College of the Ozarks next month. Regardless of your political affiliation, it is nice to have someone of national stature paying attention to the region as a source of political strength.

The Republicans need to realize how important Southwest Missouri is in a statewide campaign. Sarah Palin taking the time to sign books just might be one indication of the party showing that it does understand that. While most pundits will be focused on the suburbs of Kansas City and St. Louis, the difference between a Republican and a Democrat win occurs right here in the Ozarks.

Say what you want about Sarah Palin -- she knows where her base is and she has a big following in this area. I expect the book signing to be a massive success for her pocketbook. It can also serve as a lesson to those wanting to tread in her footsteps.

Saturday, November 7

Don't Blog Today

By all means, it is November 7th and the forecasted high today is somewhere between 75 and 80 degrees. There is no need to blog. Get outside and enjoy the weather! I plan to follow my own advice very shortly.

It isn't often that we get weather this nice. I hope we don't pay for it in winter. Enjoy the beautiful weekend.

Thursday, November 5

Foot Hood's Missouri Connection

* KMBC has the story of one Missourian who was injured during the shooting rampage.

* For full coverage of this story, please head over to MSNBC.

Wednesday, November 4

Goodman Rumor Is Just That

A rumor floating around the political arena recently has been that state Senator Jack Goodman would be dropping out of the race for the 7th district Congressional seat being vacated by Roy Blunt. His office says that this is not the case. The campaign spoke to the Springfield News-Leader this evening and said that it was nothing more than a rumor.

Goodman has been criticized in recent months for his "lack of passion" when speaking to crowds. He has had much support from party faithful across the 7th Congressional District, however, despite running against veteran politician Gary Nodler.

Goodman's Facebook page has no indication of a forthcoming departure from the race. In fact, quite the opposite appears to be the case: "Spending time with our sons this weekend was a reminder of how much I care about their future. This is not just a campaign, but a mission we must win to protect American freedoms and opportunity for the next generation."
I guess the best advice is to stay tuned. There will be many more rumors to come concerning this Republican primary before the election gets here next year.

Monday, November 2

Local University President To Resign

No, it isn't Bruce Speck. On the same day as MSSU announces its no confidence vote in its president, Missouri State University's president Mike Nietzel has announced that he will be leaving in December 2010.

In a press release this afternoon, Nietzel stated, "I told the Board that I would be willing to remain in my position until Dec. 31, 2010, in order to give the university a good opportunity to conduct a thorough, national search for the next president. However, I am also prepared to step down as soon as the Board finalizes its search and the next president is ready to begin the position. I have asked the Board to begin its search process in as timely a manner as possible."

The departure from the position appears to be personal and not for a position somewhere else. His wife has been ill for some time.

Definitely No Confidence

According to local media, by a vote of 140 to 44, the full-time faculty of Missouri Southern State University has no confidence in their boss, the university president. I think I will let the results speak for themselves.

Sunday, November 1

KSPR New Set

Thanks to Sandra for taking pictures of the new KSPR set when we were there the other day. Here is a sneak peek:

No Confidence Looming

While many people across the Ozarks have been focused on Tuesday's elections, there is a vote that will take place tomorrow with significant ramifications as well. That is when the full-time faculty from Missouri Southern State University will likely (according to all indications) cast a vote of no confidence in their president Bruce Speck.

The Joplin Globe has a very thorough article this morning detailing how things arrived at this point and what lies ahead for the university. Please click here to read the article. I am sure that many will be anxiously awaiting the results tomorrow evening.