Wednesday, September 16

Where is Aretha Franklin When You Need Her?

First it was Representative Joe Wilson calling President Obama a liar in front of the entire world during the President's address to the Congress. Then Serena Williams decides to threaten a line judge during a tennis match. Most recently it was Kanye West deciding to rip the microphone from Taylor Swift's hands and inform the world that he thought Beyonce's video was far superior at MTV Awards.

Wilson, Williams, and West are just three of the most recent examples of people in our society who seem to have lost respect for others. And we wonder why we have problems with our youth! We need to look no further than the popular culture icons that they are watching. That "I can do whatever I want, no matter who I am talking to or where I am" mentality can quickly rub off on those impressionable minds who are viewing these childish behaviors.

All of this leaves me longing for Aretha Franklin. Okay, maybe not Aretha herself, but something that she sang about. Anyone remember R-E-S-P-E-C-T? It is very obvious that our society is sure having a hard time recalling that word. We better remember it soon or our country is in trouble. It is hard to correct the motion of a society when they are on the downhill slide of a mountain.

Saturday, September 12

KSPR To Begin 4 P.M. Newscast

In what is another first for the Ozarks, KSPR is preparing to launch a 4 p.m. newscast in November.

On her Facebook page, Michelle Sherwood is quoted as saying "We were told this show will be less of the same... meaning, it will not look like your standard newscast. My guess is that it will be like a meatier morning show. After all, it is an early afternoon newscast. Expect local newsmakers to come on the show and talk, probably expect more opportunity for anchors to show their personalities, expect more community events to be featured, perhaps more indepth coverage of local and national news."

The launch is expected to happen when KSPR moves into its new home in November. But don't expect the Daues family to be the anchors at the helm or even Sherwood. "I can tell you, it probably won't be me... but I don't think it will necessarily be your usual suspects, either."

Wednesday, September 9

SE Kansas Child Dies From H1N1

KOAM-TV is reporting this evening that a six year old has died from swine flu in Southeast Kansas. This news comes as many school districts are trying to prepare for what lies ahead in the coming months as more cases of H1N1 are confirmed.

Many districts are making hand sanitizers more readily available and younger grades are taking time out of their days more often to make sure that hands are washed. The Kansas City school district is requiring buildings to be cleaned and sanitized three times a day as opposed to one.

Others feel that the H1N1 virus is being blown out of proportion. What do you think? We would love to hear what you have to say.

Helpful Home Tips To Help Avoid Swine Flu

From none other than NBC's Today Show:

You Know It is Going To Be A Crazy Day When...

there is a 100% chance of rain in the forecast. Try to stay dry today everyone. The next seven days look pretty rainy. Yet, at least we are not dealing with the kinds of flooding rains they are having over in Turkey.

For a look at your forecast click here.

For more on the flooding in Turkey, click here.

Monday, September 7

Joplin Police Officer Assaulted

A Joplin police officer shot a DWI suspect after being assaulted by him, according to KY3. The incident occurred Saturday evening. After pulling the car over on 15th street, the suspect fled from the car. When caught, he began to assault the officer. No specific details have been given concerning the nature of the assault or the shooting which took place. The Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating. The DWI suspect remains in the hospital.

Wednesday, September 2

Monett Cubs Climb To Top Of Football Rankings

Go to any town in Missouri on a Friday night and most of the talk there will revolve around football. I know there is a lot of talk about how big football is in Texas. That may be true, but it is gigantic around here, too.

That's why the news today of the Monett Cubs topping the Week 2 Missouri Class 3 Football rankings caused quite a stir. The Cubs weren't the only local team on the list. Below are some others:

Class 4:
Webb City #1
Bolivar #4
Neosho #6

Class 3:
Monett #1
Cassville #7
Logan-Rogersville #8

Class 2:
Fair Grove #4

Class 1:
Miller #5
Greenfield #8

* For a complete look at this week's state rankings, please click here.

Tuesday, September 1

Rhonda Justice Returns To KOAM

Former KOAM evening co-anchor Rhonda Justice is returning to the station. She is replacing anchor Erica Edwards, who anchored her last newcast Friday evening. According to KOAM's website, Justice will return to the station in a couple of weeks. It has been a year and a half since she last anchored a newscast for KOAM.

Rhonda Justice, in my opinion, has been the best co-anchor alongside Dowe Quick in years. I am glad that she is returning to the station.