Tuesday, August 18

Man Humps Car? Are You Serious?

I am not one to normally post this kind of thing on the blog, but it is so bizarre I simply couldn't resist. Ironically, apparently neither could the man from New Mexico arrested for doing naughty things with his vehicle.

Below is the news story from (who else!) MSNBC's Willie Geist.


I apologize for the slowness of the blog. I am back to work full-time and it makes it much harder to fit blogging into my day. Once I get back into a regular routine, I will be back to a semi-normal blogging pace. Until then, please be patient. Thanks!

Saturday, August 15

Friday, August 14

Beautiful Weekend

The National Weather Service is predicting it to be a beautiful weekend so get out and enjoy it. For many kids it is the last weekend before school starts in Southwest Missouri.

Friday Links Worth Reading: Watercooler Edition

Here are a few links you might want to read up on so you be all caught up on the "important news" of the day:

Michael Phelps in Car Crash (CNN)

Candidate Campaigns on Cleavage (AOL)

Nuns Help Police Capture Subject In Independence (Springfield News-Leader)

Philadelphia Eagles Swoop Up Michael Vick (TMZ)

Wednesday, August 12

Fair Grove City Council Gets All Wound Up

This story seems to never end, so this morning I figured it warrants a post. KSPR anchor Michelle Sherwood gives the basic background information you need, so I won't go into detail on what led up to this interesting council meeting.

Tuesday, August 11

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Has Passed Away

The news is just now breaking across the cable news networks that Eunice Kennedy Shriver, JFK's sister, has passed away at the age of 88. Here is a link for more details.

Country Duo Brooks and Dunn Saying Goodbye

Country superduo Brooks and Dunn are ending their run as a duo team after a farewell tour next year, according to their website. Their first cd was released in 1991, meaning the duo has been at the helm for about twenty years. In a world of one-hit wonders, that is a significant feat.

Here is part of the note from their website:

"After 20 years of making music and riding this trail together, we have
agreed as a duo that it's time call it a day. This ride has been
everything and more than we could ever have dreamed.... We owe it all
to you, the fans. If you hear rumors, don't believe them, it's just
Their tour, scheduled for next year, is entitled "The Last Rodeo."

Saturday, August 8

Quote of the Week

I heard a political science professor say this. I know we have some Pennsylvanians who browse the blog so I thought I would fill you in on the quote:

"How do I describe Pennsylvania? Well, it is very simple. Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with Alabama in the middle."

I don't know if anyone else will find that humorous, but I did.

Group Kicked Out Of Hotel Says It Is Because Of Race

An article appears this morning in the Springfield News-Leader that is very interesting. A group from Connecticut who were in Kansas City for a drill team competition were kicked out of their hotel early because of what the owners say was excessive noise. The group's leader says that it was because they were African-American.

Who is correct? Well it appears to me that they were thrown out because of being loud. Of course, the newspaper has framed the story from the information they have been given and it is possible they have left things out. Yet, from everything I can ascertain from the article, this wasn't a race based decision.

I have traveled with students on more than one occasion. We once took thirty-five students, which would be comparable to this group of thirty-two. There is no way that ALL the students were asleep by 1:15. Teens especially see trips like this as an opportunity to stay awake late into the night. They may have all been in their rooms, but I guarantee you that some were still making noise at this time. And unless the group had a chaperon for each room and they were stationed inside of it at the time, there is NO WAY the sponsor could know.

Do I think racism is alive and well today? Heck yes! We still have a major problem with it in our nation. Do I think it factored into this story? From what I can tell, absolutely not. It is a shame the race card is thrown around when it isn't an issue because what that does is ultimately hurt other legitimate claims that arise in the future.

Friday, August 7

Blogger Pause

No blogging today because it is my birthday. I am going to enjoy the day. Blogging resumes tomorrow.

Thursday, August 6

Links Worth Reading

Here are a couple of links worthing digging into this morning:

Marian Days Celebration in Carthage To Kick Off (Joplin Globe)

Break In The Case? (Sky News)

Paula Leaves American Idol (MSNBC)

Tuesday, August 4

KSN Weekend Crew A Little Empty

Lots of anchor-go-round lately at the Joplin stations. KSN's weekend anchor Stephanie Diffin and weathercaster Iris Hermisillo have left the station. The Turner Report first broke the news that Ms. Hermisillo will be heading to Kansas City to work as the weekend morning meteorologist on KCTV 5. Diffin is heading to KAKE-TV in Wichita. Not to worry. Sports anchor Morgan Vance won't be by himself for long. New replacements will be announced soon.

Miamian To KOAM

I don't know if Miamian is a word. The definition would be "someone who hails from Miami." And folks, I am talking Miami where the "i" sounds like a long "e". I am talking Miami, Florida and not Miami, Oklahoma.

KOAM's Chief Meteorologist Doug Heady announced on his blog today that the new weekend meteorologist will be Vanessa Alonso. I do believe this is the first female weathercaster at KOAM since Jessica Allen around 2000.

She has a degree in meteorology from the University of Miami and is a member of both AWS and NWA.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch Until 10 PM

The Storm Prediction Center has issued a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH until 10 p.m. tonight for the counties highlighted below. Be prepared for the possibility of large hail, damaging winds, and heavy rains.

A Couple of Good Pieces of News

From the economic front, MSNBC has two articles on their front page today that bear highlighting for you. While there are still some negatives (like unemployment which is one of the last aspects of an economy to turn around) these are both pieces of good news that I thought you might appreciate on this Tuesday!

Consumer Spending Rises for 2nd Straight Month

Pending Home Sales Up For the 5th Month In A Row

Election Day (For A Few)

Next year at this time the region will be hopping as it is voting for the primary race for 7th Congressional District. However, today features only a few communities going to the polls and likely very few of those registered in those districts actually voting. Some of the biggest issues on the ballot include whether or not to remove planning and zoning in Stone County and a school bond issue in Carthage. If you do have a local issue to vote on, please go out and vote today.

Monday, August 3

Passengers Aboard Turbulent Flight Speak Out

This morning news broke concerning a Continental Airlines flight that encountered severe turbulence on its way from Rio de Janiero to Houston. The plane was diverted to Miami. Below are some interviews with passengers from that flight.

Sunday, August 2

Billy Long Officially Jumps In

How do you kick off an unconventional run for 7th District US Congress seat? By holding your announcement at PFI, of course! KY3 has the details both here and on David Catenese's Political Notebook.

Saturday, August 1

Should People In Charge of the News Editorialize It?

This may be old news to some, but the premise I am going to discuss still applies. KOAM's President and General Manager Danny Thomas recently editorialized his position about health care on the news before President Barack Obama held his press conference at 7:00. He came out strongly against the reforms, specifically citing his disapproval for rushing into change. You can read his full editorial here.

My problem isn't his position (although I highly disagree with the premise that we are rushing through this). My concern is that opinion is making its way onto the local television newscast. Why the need for the GM to come out and make that kind of statement anyway? The reason that I believe local news remains relevant is that you can turn on your tv and get news from market veterans like Lisa Rose, Dowe Quick, Jim Jackson, and Joy Robertson without having to wade through spin and opinion. If opinions start working their way into the broadcast local television will lose any legitimacy it currently has.

Maybe it is a one-time occurance. I hope so. Leave local news alone. Keep your opinions to yourself, please.