Sunday, August 31

Hurricane Gustav To Make Landfall Monday Morning

Hurricane warnings and mandatory evacuations are now in place for southern Mississippi as well as southeast Louisiana, which includes the city of New Orleans. Hurricane Gustav which had weakened somewhat,remains at a category 3 and is still a major storm. Forecasters have advised that Gustav could strengthen over the next 12 to 24 hours with the possibility of becoming a category 4 before reaching landfall early Monday morning. This dangerous storm was located about 225 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi and was moving at approximately 17 mph., packing winds in excess of 115 mph.

Chief of the Louisiana State Police, Mike Edmondson, stated that nearly 90 percent of residents living along the coast had left, making it the largest evacuation in state history.

Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans has implemented a dawn-to- dusk curfew for the city, to help guard against looting. Nagin made it very clear anyone caught would go directly to jail. He also issued a stern warning to those who would not heed the warnings to evacuate, that they were "on their own." A skeleton crew of less than 50 police officers and emergency workers would stay behind and that no emergency services would be offered to anyone who had decided to stay. Mayor Nagin not only stressed how dangerous a storm this was but referred to it as "the storm of the century," and this was not the storm that persons should stay and ride out, but that everyone should "get their butts out now." Hopefully, all will have listened.

Monday, August 18

Missouri Water Patrol Report Two Drown Last Week

Tuesday August 12,2008

Anatoly Dmiturk, 18 of Strasburg, CO., drown on Lake of the Ozarks after he jumped from a pontoon boat to swim. Dmiturk began waving his arms and then went under. His body was recovered two days later on August 14,by Missouri Water Patrol.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chance Harp, 23 of St. Louis drown on a private lake in Osage County after the canoe he and another individual were in capsized. Harp began to struggle and the other individual tried to help him to shore. Harp who continued to struggle began pulling the other individual under and he had to break free. He swam to shore and called 911. Harp's body was recovered by Missouri Water Patrol.

Sunday, August 17

Missouri We Have A Problem

Earlier this week the residences of Virginia Gambriel, 61, of Pleasant Hope was the scene of an animal rescue by members of law enforcement, humane society and Division of Family Services. At least 317 animals suffering from neglect and malnutrition were removed from the residence. There were also 6 children removed from the home at the time the search warrant was served. The property had several old mobile homes and junk cars that served as shelter for a large number of dogs. Gambriel lived in one of these mobile homes along with 2 grandchildren in which she had custody. Also occupying the same mobile home were around 100 animals according to authorities. Virginia Gambriel was charged with 2 counts of child endangerment with more charges possible.

The children who were removed from the home, were dirty,covered in flea bites,signs of scabies and ringworms were present. The children were breathing dangerous amounts of ammonia and dried feces odor. The conditions in which these children lived in everyday consisted of trash, cages and animal cages and a least one dead animal carcass 6 feet from where Gambriel slept. In one of the children's bedroom there was a small pig in a pen next to the bed and 4 malnourished dogs along with large amounts of feces. Another child's bedroom had cages full of birds, quail, mice and gerbils.

Gambriel obtained custody of two of her grandchildren in 2001 according to Docket information shows that a yearly review was to be conducted and due each year on the 16th of July. The last entry was in 2007. There is no information listed to indicate if a review was actually conducted or by whom.

So now I am suppose to believe that on May 14th, 2008 that authorities just learned for the very first time, ever, that there might be a problem. No neighbors ever complained, the alleged yearly review gave no indication, nobody had the foggiest idea that two children surrounded by 317 starving animals making their way in and out of these old mobile homes,ONE IN WHICH THEY LIVED IN, never threw up a red flag for anybody?


I'm also suppose to believe that if someone did check on these children on July 17,2007 that Gambriel was baking cookies and dusting. And just as soon as those checking on the children left, she started moving in old trailers and people started flooding her with their unwanted animals.

Or maybe it's more like...

Nobody ever checked on those children and chances are neighbors have been complaining about the conditions for years. The court system handed the children over to the next of kin and little if any investigation was done. And even after law enforcement investigated in May, it took 2 1/2 months before anything was done. Was there 2 1/2 months worth of red tape?

These children didn't "fall through the crack," of the system, they were ignored by the system. While there may be several people to blame in this whole disgusting mess, I think it only fair to start at the top with Governor Blunt and work our way down. Missourians have been given example after example of the system that continues to fail children, due in part to cut backs implemented by Governor Blunt. A court system that isn't interested in "family problems," along with mounds of cases that promote tired, burned out caseworkers to either lie or take short cuts.

The court gave Gambriel custody of her two grandchildren. The court system gives custody according to what they deem is in, "the best interest of the child." If this is what they consider a "child's best interest," no wonder child abuse has reached epidemic proportion. If this is how the system works, then...Missouri we have a problem.

Wednesday, August 13

Arkansas Chairman Bill Gwatney Killed By Man From Searcy

A little before noon on Wednesday a man entered the Democratic headquarters in Little Rock asking to speak to Chairman Bill Gwatney about volunteer work. The man then pushed his way past employees and entered Gwatney office where he then fired three shots and fled in his pickup truck. Gwatney died 4 hours later at University Hospital in Little Rock. The gunman has been identified as 50-year old Timothy Dale Johnson of Searcy.

The shooter lead police on a 30-mile high speed chase before police shot and killed him. The State Capitol was locked down for about an hour, until they received word that the shooter had been caught. Just prior to the shooting a man with a gun threatened the building manager of the Arkansas State Baptist Convention headquarters located about seven blocks east of the Democratic headquarters. There has been no word on whether it was the same gunman.

Gwatney had served as a state senator for 10 years and was a Hillary Clinton superdelagate for the Democratic National Convention being held this month in Denver. The former state senator was 49.


Tuesday, August 12

Ron Paul's Wife In Serious Condition

Carol Paul, wife of Republican U.S.Rep. Ron Paul was in serious but stable condition Monday at an unidentified hospital in Houston. Nothing has thus far been released as to the nature of her health problems. A spokesman for Ron Paul would only state that, "she has had several abdominal surgeries."

Sunday, August 10

Man Killed When Plane Crashes In Barry County

Theodore Anderson, age 77 of Blue Springs, Missouri was killed when the single engine plane he was flying went down between Shell Knob and Cassville, MO.,on Sunday. Anderson was believed to have taken off from Turkey Mountain 1 which is a private airstrip located in Shell Knob.He was the only person on board the plane when it went down in a remote area called Hailey Hollow. Anderson was killed on impact.

Due to the remote location of the crash it was difficult for first responders to reach the site,which was located about a mile from any county road.Two Deputies from the Barry County Sheriffs department will be guarding the site until the Federal Aviation Administration arrives on Monday. Click on [KY3 ]for the full story.

Nebraska Beef Recalls Another 2.1 Million Pounds Of Beef

Another beef recall of 2.1 million pounds of meat was issued by the Nebraska Beef Company late Friday. The meat which is sold to companies that further process the beef has been linked to at least 31 cases of E.coli poisoning.  The cases reported covers 9 states, but the states were not listed by officials.

One month earlier Nebraska Company had recalled 5.3 million pounds of beef believed to be tainted with E.coli. In that recall 49 cases of E.coli poisoning had been reported. Several lawsuits have been filed in regards to the first recall.

Whole Foods Market which purchased the beef from the company also issued a recall on ground beef sold from June 2 to August 6. A spokeswoman for the company stated that 9 people who had shopped at the Whole Foods Market had reportedly became ill. Seven were from Massachusetts and two from Pennsylvania.


Saturday, August 9

Missouri Water Patrol: Two Drown On Missouri Waterways This Week

Wednesday, August, 6

Gregory Jobe, age 39 of Chaffe, MO.,drown while fishing with his brother on the Mississippi River. The brothers had put in near the waste water treatment plant access and were fishing between the shore and some docked barges. One of the barges floated between the them and the shore blocking their access to calmer waters. They decided to try to go upstream in front of the barge. As they came around the front of the barge the current caught them and pushed them sideways in front of another barge. The boat struck the barge,capsized and went under the barge taking both of them with it. They both resurfaced, at that point the victims brother Shawn was able to grab a cable and pull himself up onto the barge. He was unable to grab his brother. Shawn was rescued by a nearby tug boat. The victims body was recovered Saturday morning.

Thursday, August, 7

Tony Vaughn, age 55 of Lebanon, MO., drown after he fell off the back of his boat near the 16mm Big Niangua on Lake of the Ozarks. He was not wearing a life jacket and did not resurface. The victims body was recovered by bystanders.

Thursday, August 7

Tyson Foods Recalls 51,000 Pounds Of Chicken

Tyson Foods Inc., located in Springdale Ark., is recalling frozen raw chicken breast tenderloin after discovering that the product may contain soy.

Soy, a known allergen was not recognized on the label of the product, prompting Tyson Foods to recall more than 51,000 lbs. The chicken came from a plant in Vicksburg, Miss., and had been shipped to Tyson food distributors across the nation.

To date there have been no reports of anyone becoming sick from the product.

Clock Is Ticking For Former Sen.John Edwards

With the democratic convention just two weeks away, everyone is scrambling to get things in order for the week long event. Everyone except... Senator John Edwards who has been reluctant to set the record straight over a series of articles posted in the National Enquirer about his alleged affair with Rielle Hunter, a videographer for the campaign and the alleged "love child.'

Edwards has had several opportunities to set the record straight but has refused to do so. His only comment was to refer to the matter as "tabloid trash." He was asked about the articles during an interview in Houston, click [KTRK] to hear his response.

  Even those associated with Edwards will not speak on the matter and this has democratic strategists concerned. They believe Edwards must address the allegations before the convention. Otherwise they fear that the "big media," will focus their attention to this unresolved issue during the convention.

As a presidential candidate with 19 delegates and a 2004 vice presidential nominee, Edwards is expected to be a key speaker at the convention. Without him addressing the issues before the convention party officials will have to make different arrangements. Arrangements that will not include Edwards.

As of Wednesday, scheduled speakers for the convention had not been released.

Wednesday, August 6

Obama Reminded To Say The Pledge Of Allegiance By Audience Member

Presidential candidate Barack Obama was about to give a speech in Ohio, when a member of the audience reminded him to do the pledge of allegiance. You can view the video here on [MSNBC}.

Texas Ignores Bush Administration Mexican National Executed

Texas Governor Rick Perry, Texas Attorney Generals office , and the board of Paroles and Pardons, were all in agreement that  Jose Ernesto Medellin would be executed as scheduled Tuesday. Medelin had been sentenced to die for his role in the brutal gang rape and death of two Houston Teenage girls.

Medelin and his attorneys had appealed the death penalty because he was not given access to Mexican consular officials a violation under the International treaty agreement. Attorney's had asked for a hearing on the matter before carrying out the death penalty.

President Bush, after discovering Medellin along with other Mexican Nationals were not allowed access to Mexican consular ordered states to comply with the ruling. The Bush Administration along with the International Court believe that carrying out the execution and breaking the treaty agreement would put Americans overseas in danger. The Supreme Court denied Medellin's appeal stating that neither President Bush or the International court had authority over Texas in this matter.

The decision to continue the execution of Medellin was due in part to the fact that he waited 4 years after being sentenced to die before he appealed.  As a spokeswoman for Governor Perry put it,

"We don't care where you're from. If you commit a despicable crime like this in Texas, you'll face the ultimate penalty under our laws."

Monday, August 4

16-Year Old Predator World Employee In Critical Condition After Tiger Attack

A 16 year-old worker at Predator World located in Branson West was attacked by three tigers today, after he entered the cage to take pictures for customers. The worker who's name has not been released was airlifted to a Springfield hospital and is reported to be in critical condition.

The day prior, a volunteer at the Wesa-A-Geh-Ya animal farm in Warrenton, MO., was attacked by an 800-pound tiger while trying to clean the cage. Owners of Wesa -A-Geh-Ya first told authorities that the volunteer had been attacked by a pit bull, in fear that the animals would be euthanized. It wasn't until later, after the tiger had been disposed of that authorities learned the truth. Currently no charges have been filed.


Texas To Execute Mexican National Tuesday As Controversy Continues

The execution of Texas inmate Jose Ernesto Medellin, age 33, is scheduled for Tuesday, August, 5 and has been the center of controversy between Texas,the Bush administration and international diplomatic officials for years. Medellin, a Mexican national who has lived in the United States most of his life, received the death penalty for his part in the brutal gang rape and murder of two Houston teenagers 15 years ago.

According Medelin and his attorneys, he was not given access to Mexican consular officials, which is a violation under the International treaty agreement. The agreement states that a detained foreign national in any of the 166 participating countries is entitled to consular officials "without delay." President Bush ordered the states to comply with the ruling, but the Supreme Court revoked Medelin's appeal stating that president Bush had overstepped his authority.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, has not up to this point tried to stop the execution, even after he has received written appeals from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Attorney General Michael Mukasey. A spokeswoman for Gov. Perry,Allison Castle stated,

"This is an individual who along with five others brutally and viciously gang-raped, stomped, kicked, slashed, strangled and murdered two young teenage girls.

"We don't care where you're from. If you commit a despicable crime like this in Texas, you'll face the ultimate penalty under our laws."

If Gov. Perry allows the execution to occur, it is feared that failure to comply with the treaty agreement will endanger Americans overseas and could cause other countries to retaliate against U.S. citizens. Perry will make his final decision after hearing recommendations from the Texas board of Pardons and Paroles.


Sunday, August 3

Man Drowns Friday On Lake Of The Ozarks

Calvin Bloxom, age 56,of Parksley VA., drown Friday afternoon on Lake Of The Ozarks. Bloxom jumped off a pontoon boat near the 28MM main channel.  The victim submerged into the water and did not resurface. Persons on board the pontoon waited for approximately twenty-five minutes and then left the area. Believing Bloxom had swam back to shore,they continued on their boat trip before returning the rental boat and going back to their residence. Upon arrival to the residence they called Camden CO to report the victim missing. Bloxom's body was recovered by Missouri State Water Patrol.