Saturday, August 9

Missouri Water Patrol: Two Drown On Missouri Waterways This Week

Wednesday, August, 6

Gregory Jobe, age 39 of Chaffe, MO.,drown while fishing with his brother on the Mississippi River. The brothers had put in near the waste water treatment plant access and were fishing between the shore and some docked barges. One of the barges floated between the them and the shore blocking their access to calmer waters. They decided to try to go upstream in front of the barge. As they came around the front of the barge the current caught them and pushed them sideways in front of another barge. The boat struck the barge,capsized and went under the barge taking both of them with it. They both resurfaced, at that point the victims brother Shawn was able to grab a cable and pull himself up onto the barge. He was unable to grab his brother. Shawn was rescued by a nearby tug boat. The victims body was recovered Saturday morning.

Thursday, August, 7

Tony Vaughn, age 55 of Lebanon, MO., drown after he fell off the back of his boat near the 16mm Big Niangua on Lake of the Ozarks. He was not wearing a life jacket and did not resurface. The victims body was recovered by bystanders.

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