Thursday, August 7

Clock Is Ticking For Former Sen.John Edwards

With the democratic convention just two weeks away, everyone is scrambling to get things in order for the week long event. Everyone except... Senator John Edwards who has been reluctant to set the record straight over a series of articles posted in the National Enquirer about his alleged affair with Rielle Hunter, a videographer for the campaign and the alleged "love child.'

Edwards has had several opportunities to set the record straight but has refused to do so. His only comment was to refer to the matter as "tabloid trash." He was asked about the articles during an interview in Houston, click [KTRK] to hear his response.

  Even those associated with Edwards will not speak on the matter and this has democratic strategists concerned. They believe Edwards must address the allegations before the convention. Otherwise they fear that the "big media," will focus their attention to this unresolved issue during the convention.

As a presidential candidate with 19 delegates and a 2004 vice presidential nominee, Edwards is expected to be a key speaker at the convention. Without him addressing the issues before the convention party officials will have to make different arrangements. Arrangements that will not include Edwards.

As of Wednesday, scheduled speakers for the convention had not been released.

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