Wednesday, August 13

Arkansas Chairman Bill Gwatney Killed By Man From Searcy

A little before noon on Wednesday a man entered the Democratic headquarters in Little Rock asking to speak to Chairman Bill Gwatney about volunteer work. The man then pushed his way past employees and entered Gwatney office where he then fired three shots and fled in his pickup truck. Gwatney died 4 hours later at University Hospital in Little Rock. The gunman has been identified as 50-year old Timothy Dale Johnson of Searcy.

The shooter lead police on a 30-mile high speed chase before police shot and killed him. The State Capitol was locked down for about an hour, until they received word that the shooter had been caught. Just prior to the shooting a man with a gun threatened the building manager of the Arkansas State Baptist Convention headquarters located about seven blocks east of the Democratic headquarters. There has been no word on whether it was the same gunman.

Gwatney had served as a state senator for 10 years and was a Hillary Clinton superdelagate for the Democratic National Convention being held this month in Denver. The former state senator was 49.


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