Sunday, August 10

Nebraska Beef Recalls Another 2.1 Million Pounds Of Beef

Another beef recall of 2.1 million pounds of meat was issued by the Nebraska Beef Company late Friday. The meat which is sold to companies that further process the beef has been linked to at least 31 cases of E.coli poisoning.  The cases reported covers 9 states, but the states were not listed by officials.

One month earlier Nebraska Company had recalled 5.3 million pounds of beef believed to be tainted with E.coli. In that recall 49 cases of E.coli poisoning had been reported. Several lawsuits have been filed in regards to the first recall.

Whole Foods Market which purchased the beef from the company also issued a recall on ground beef sold from June 2 to August 6. A spokeswoman for the company stated that 9 people who had shopped at the Whole Foods Market had reportedly became ill. Seven were from Massachusetts and two from Pennsylvania.


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