Thursday, May 8

Rev. Al Sharpton Arrested

" Organized civil disobediance"was the promise Rev. Al Sharpton made in the courtroom after 3 police officers were acquited April 25th in the shooting death of Sean Bell in 2006 on his wedding day.

Today Sharpton's promise was kept as protesters blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Holland Tunnel,the Triborough Bridge,the 59th Street Bridge and the Queens Midtown Tunnel at the onset of rush hour.

Approxiamtly 200 people were arrested including Sharpton, Bell's fiancee and her mother.
The New York State director of the NAACP, Hazel Dukes made the following statement,
"We're here to continue to send the message to judges and lawyers that it's time to stop taking innocent people's lives."

Bell was shot over 30 times and two of his friends were injuried when police fired 50 shots at the men as they were leaving a bachelor party for Bell at a Queen's strip club. Officers believed the men to be dangerous armed felons but Bell was found to be unarmed.

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Michael M. said...

"it's time to stop taking innocent people's lives."

Not sure your point in posting this, but the while the quote is correct, it should apply to the police who legally defended themselves....not the thugs who tried to run the cops over after binge drinking.

found you via blogrush by the way

DR said...

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your post. I have been following this story for sometime and have refused to post anything on it due to the fact that the death of Bell is a tragedy but not a crime. I decided to post the story simply because of the controversy surrounding the case and the action taken by protestors after Sharpton a man who knows nothing about innocence threatened the court with civil disobediance.