Tuesday, May 13

Bentonville Teacher Detains Almost Naked Man For Police

This story is nothing short of bizarre and scary, but thanks to Shellie Cope a junior high school teacher from Bentonville Arkansas a man identified as Freddie Eugene Philpott of Washburn, Mo. is behind bars. Philpott jumped a curb in his jeep and ended up in the field behind the school. He then drove toward students until they had to jump out of the way. He had nothing on but a pair of underwear and told one of the male students he would give him $20.00 if he would ride to Missouri with him. When Cope told the man he would have to leave he almost ran into two of the female students. It was at that point Cope decided to talk to the man until police could arrive. It appears that this man had just gotten out of jail in Anderson on a DWI charge and the days prior to this event were just as psychotic. Read full story here.

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