Saturday, September 27

A Great Way To Spend A Saturday

Well, if you have ever wanted an
entertaining way to spend part of your Saturday and you are at least remotely interested in the weather... you should attend a KSPR Weather Warriors get together. It was a wonderful time today. This was the third meeting of the group and the picnic was held this time at Doling Park.

No other station in the Ozarks has a tighter knit group of fans than those who gather together once in a while to talk weather, current events, and just have a good time. There is always a member of the KSPR Weather Team there, too. Kevin, Josh, and Natalie are always gracious. They truly are what we here in the Ozarks would call "good folks."

Meteorologist Kevin Lighty even let us play a couple of rounds of Weather Jeopardy today. Pablo (that's me... not my real name, but my stage name) and the posse went 2-0 on the day and had a wonderful time, as evidenced by our smiling faces. Jeff and his team (pictured above) were not so lucky. He does have a wonderful storm blog called Ozark Storms though. Check it out in the blog roll to the right!

For more information on the Weather Warriors, check out and join in on all the fun!

(Yes, that is KSPR Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty on the slide. Yes, we are blackmailing him with this picture.)

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