Friday, September 26

Ummm... KSPR? Roy Blunt is Not The Governor

I think the KSPR webmaster is confused. The headline on reads "Gov. Blunt Joining In on Bailout Bill Negotiations" yet the AP article specifically talks about Blunt's father, 7th district Congressman Roy, as heading in to the bargaining table.

"WASHINGTON (AP) -House Republicans say they're sending a top leader to renewed negotiations on President Bush's $700 billion plan to bail out the financial industry." Umm.... they said top leader. I don't think they mean Matt.

"Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri will attend the talks with key lawmakers. That's after the House GOP boycotted negotiations on an emerging bipartisan agreement, calling it unacceptable. Blunt is the number two House Republican."

The article even has a picture of Governor Blunt. Oops!

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