Monday, September 22

Police Cancel Amber Alert For The 4 Missing Children

Police have not given up on the search for 39-year old Shirley Riggs, of Independence, Mo., who did not return her 4 children to DFS as scheduled on Saturday afternoon. The reason they say that the Amber Alert has been canceled is because it has out lived it's effectiveness.

While police feel that the children are in imminent danger, a close friend of the family, John McGliton, does not. McGliton told WDAF that she had taken off with the children before because she had caught her husband abusing the girls. Riggs had taken the children to Oregon where she and the children lived with her mother. After 4 years she filed for a divorce in which her husband became angry and filed a report with Missing and Exploited children. Authorities found Riggs and arrested her.

McGliton also said that Riggs husband's sister works for the Division of Family Services and that she was being, "railroaded". Riggs left with the children in fear that the children would be placed in foster homes and she would lose her visitation. Riggs also feared her husband would be allowed overnight visits. McGliton said he doesn't blame her for taking off with her children. The judge in the case has issued a warrant with a $500,000 case only bond.


Legally Kidnapped said...

They should restart the underground railroad and help some of these parents get to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

It's time for Spencer, Raven, Kelley and Rhiannon to return to Missouri safely. There is harm each time a child is disrupted, told to distrust laws and authorities, removed from school, and withheld from loving family members.

The mother is not some heroic figure putting herself on the line to protect her children. She is a person who places her children in harms way. Anyone who thinks they believe differently needs to simply think. Personal frustrations with "the system" should not be taken out against these beautiful and gifted children. It's time everyone comes together to help locate the children. Comments to the contrary are counter-productive and unwarranted in this situation

octopusollie said...

These children should have never been Missouri state property to begin with!!! The were not genetically engineered in some state incubation center. They were gestated for 9 months each in this poor mothers womb. Then through the pains of her travail she brought them into the world. You don't even know these people.Shirley and her mother are my dear and beloved friends. They are some of the most quiet and descent christian people I know. Independence and D.F.S have turned the lives of this entire family into a living hell. You say they should be returned to loving family members. Do you mean the paternal side of the family/ So they can continue to be exposed to pornography and sexual abuse. The media didn't tell you that one. But if these allegations were unfounded, then why wern't the children returned to paternal care when they were recovered the first time? It is a shallow thing to render a comment or opinion about an individual or situation you know nothing about. There are other resources out there, besides local media. Public resources show that it is only through a loophole and legal mis-representation that the children were ever awarded to paternal custody to begin with..just a case of who knows who first strike strategy. The same week that the Honorable Judge Nixon set a $500,000 cash bond on this loving frightened mother and they are hunting her like a animal, local government set a meager $200,000 on a convicted pedaphile and child pornographer. A balanced system. If I saw Shirley tommorrow I would give her all available cash on hand, and send her to Canada to live , love and be at peace with her children...she wont find it here.