Monday, August 2

My Primary Predictions

Before each major election I usually try and take a stab at who will win. I find primaries much more difficult to predict because it is hard to gauge the true sense of where the electorate lies within each political party. I did not make predictions in all races. I chose a few. Here goes...

US Senate: I think both Robin Carnahan and Roy Blunt will win easily. I think Chuck Purgason will pull double digit percentages, however, when all the votes are counted.

State Auditor: This is a hard one to figure out. I think when it comes down to it, as much as I hate his cheesy nickname, IceT will win.

Proposition C: Passes. Look for this to be a big topic on the cable news channels Wednesday.

129th District: Bill White wins. For a state house race, this one has been rather nasty.

130th District: This is a toughie. I think Lynn Otey wins.

140th District: Lincoln Hough will win.

4th Congressional District Republican Primary: I believe Vicky Hartzler will prevail. She will take on Democratic nominee, Ike Skelton.

7th Congressional District Democratic Primary: Scott Eckersley should win this race.

7th Congressional District Republican Primary: This is the toughest race of all for me to call. I can see this going four different ways. In the end, I have to go with my gut. I predict that Goodman will win. But it will be close... possibly nailbitingly so. This has been a nasty last week in the campaign.


Anonymous said...

The 129th,130th and 131st are State Representative races. Those elected will serve in the Missouri House of Representatives located in the state capitol of Missouri,Jefferson City, Mo. You would do yourself and your readers a a favor if you actually knew what the various levels of government were and in what capacity and issues they delt with.
--Alexander McNair

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?

News2K said...

Anon 11:25, I belive Mr. McNair is referring to a typographical error I made regarding the state rep races. I referred to them as state congressional races, which he took to think I meant they were going to DC. The discussion following these races (at least in the 129th) should clearly show that I know that they will serve in Jeff City. Instead of pointing out the need to clarify, Mr. McNair chose to imply that I have no idea about government. To each their own.

By the way, Mr. McNair... it is quite the giant coincidence that you share the same name as Missouri's first governor. That was the capacity he served in wasn't it? I wouldn't want to lead my readers astray. ;-)