Tuesday, August 3

The People Have Spoken

At the end of the primary day, here are the notable results:

* With Kansas City and St. Louis proper still out, Prop. C looks to pass in Missouri and in a major way.

* Billy Long will be the 7th Congressional Republican nominee. He will face the Democratic challenger Scott Eckersley in November.

* Republican Vicky Hartzler will take on Democrat Ike Skelton in the 4th Congressional race.

* The voters liked Schweich in a big way. He will challenge incumbent Democrat Susan Montee in November. That should make for an interesting race.

* Roy and Robin both won. No surprises there.

* Bill Reiboldt and Bill White pulled out wins in their respective State House seats. Lincoln Hough looks to win his, but with two precincts left out and the vote so close, that isn't a lock yet.

* The Neosho property tax issue failed. Look for major ramifications in that city in the coming days and weeks.

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