Wednesday, July 9

Obama Taking The "Show-Me" Logo Seriously

When it comes to winning the support of Missourians Barack Obama believes he needs more than just words from 30-second TV ads to get the job done. He knows that in Missouri "Show-Me" is more than a logo, it's an attitude and that attitude will play an important role come November. Important enough that the campaign has tripled it's paid staff . The campaign will increase the staff from 50 to 150 in what is being deemed as an unprecedented amount.

Senator Claire McCaskill commented on this approach by saying,“Never before have we had a presidential nominee who’s organized and competed in nearly all 50 states prior to the general election.” The Obama campaign has 30 field offices in operation here in Missouri and with 150 workers their hope is to generate the neighbor to neighbor approach, focusing on word of mouth instead of strangers calling from phone banks.

While polls indicate that the race between McCain and Obama is close here in Missouri, the McCain campaign believes this increase to be sign that the Obama campaign is in trouble as far as winning Missouri. McCain has 10 field offices and between 12 and 14 full-time staff members in Missouri.

As Lloyd Smith, a long time GOP Campaign strategist for the Show-Me state put it,
"You can have all the paid people in the world trying to sell a product, but if that product is not what people are looking for, they won’t buy it."

At this point in the campaign it would be refreshing for either one of the candidates to "Show-Me" something to get excited about!

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