Monday, July 28

Empire District Electric Warns Customers Of Scam

Empire District Electric Company is warning customers to beware of a new scam. A person claiming to be from the company is calling customers and telling them that they need to pay their delinquent bill or their service will be disconnected. Customers are then told they  will need to make a payment over the phone to avoid disruption of service.

Director of corporate communications, Amy Bass, says that Empire District Electric does not ask for credit card or checking account numbers over the phone. The company corresponds thru mail to delinquent customers. If payment is not received then customers will be contacted by the collections department but the department does not take payment over the phone. It is merely a means to touch base with the customer

Customers do have the option of paying their bill over the phone,however, they have to make the phone call to a third party number given to them by Empire. Customers themselves  have to make the call. If anyone calls asking customers to make a payment over the phone, they should report the call to authorities.


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