Wednesday, July 2

Has The Whole World Gone Mad?

What on earth is wrong with people who think it's funny to harm another person, video tape it and then put it on YouTube ? This last genius is a 16 year old boy from Lee County, GA., who used an inflatable pillow to lay an 8 month old child on and then jumped on the pillow which caused the child to be airborne and land several feet ON THE FLOOR. In the video, which has been pulled from YouTube the baby can be heard crying according to the report.

The baby was left in the care of the family of the boy who was taping the "how to make a baby fly," video. A student from the Lee County High School saw the video and showed it to one of the teachers who then called authorities.

The boy who sent the baby flying through the air has been arrested and charged with felony cruelty to a child.
No charges have been filed against the boy making the video, nor was there anything mentioned about what planet the family who was suppose to be taking care of the child was on during the time this all transpired.

In my opinion... they should all get the opportunity to become better acquainted with the judge who should video tape throwing the book at all of them and letting the world see that on YouTube!


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