Friday, July 18

Lake Of The Ozarks: Second Drowning At Niangua Arm Leads To Investigation

Less than a week ago a man drown at the Niangua Arm. Thursday evening the body of a 63-year old man was discovered. The man had been seen standing on a seawall, 15 minutes later he was found floating face down in the water. The Missouri State Water Patrol is  investigating the drowning. No name has been released.

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Maggie said...

Please get the story straight.. the mans name was Ronald Lichtenberg. He died of a massive heart attack. He was found by 3 teenagers, and one of them was the one to begin CPR. The kids pulled him out of the water. The neighbor was never unvolved. It was the man who was working on his house that came to help. If you were to read the ACTUAL police report you would see that this is the truth.. I have no reason to lie about something so serious..