Tuesday, July 15

Everyone Can Make A Difference

A local blog, Life of Jason, has proposed a wonderful idea in which everybody can come out a winner. For a limited time politicians or businesses can place an ad on his blog. Why I am blogging about the advertising practices of another person's blog? The reason is simple. The cost for these ads directly benefits his son Eli and the Walk Now For Autism that will be held on September 13 at Jordan Valley Park in Springfield, MO. Jason has designed advertising packages that are now available at a very reasonable price. What a great way to get affordable advertising while at the same time supporting a most worthy cause!

Some of you (like myself) may not be in need of advertising, but you can still help support this important event. Any size donation would be greatly appreciated. As I have gotten to know Jason and his family through his blog it is apparent the amazing amount of their commitment to Eli and other autistic children. Let's all do our part to show Eli how important his future is to all of us.

You can click the link below to donate to the Walk For Autism.

Help Eli


Jason said...

God bless you for doing this. We greatly appreciate it.

Newsy said...

I would like to donate but the link takes me to Jason's blog. Where do I need to go after that?

DONNA said...

Newsy: when the link opens click on the moose (in the middle of the page). This will open a new page. Near the bottom you will see a list of names the first of which is Jason's. Click on Jason and that will take you to the donation page. Please do not hesitate if have any problems or questions.
Thank you for supporting Eli!