Tuesday, July 15

Huckabee To Fill In For Paul Harvey

While talks are still in the works for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to have his own talk show on Fox News Channel, he is finding other ways to fill his time until the deal is sealed. Huckabee will be the host of the ABC radio network "Paul Harvey News and Comment" segment for the next couple of days. Huckabee started his radio career at the age of 14 in Hope, Arkansas and also had a call-in program while he was governor of Arkansas. He has also worked in Christian broadcasting and founded a religious TV station in Texarkana prior to entering the political world.

It is still too soon to know if Huckabee will reach a deal with Fox News for his own talk show. It appear however, for now we will just have to wait for "the rest of the story."


Josh Schroeder said...

Paul Harvey must have no standards.

DONNA said...

Thanks for the post Josh. Shall I assume your not a Huckabee fan?

Prototech said...

I snagged his recordings from July and have them on my blog.

Huck did a great job!

See: http://pupista.blogspot.com/2008/07/mike-huckabee-on-paul-harvey-news-as.html