Sunday, June 8

Missouri Water Patrol: District 4 Reports 3 Drownings

Matthew Pruessner age 17 of Union City Mo., drown Thursday while swimming after dark with a juvenile friend in the Bourbeuse River. Pruessner told the friend he was going to swim out to deeper water. As the juvenile waited near the shore Pruessner called out for help but the friend could not locate him in the dark. After a few minutes he called out for help again, but still the friend was not able to locate him. After waiting for a period of time the juvenile left and went home. The next morning the juvenile called around to try and locate him, but could not. The juvenile then reported what happened to authorities. Pruessner's body was found Friday under the hwy 50 bridge.

Lucas Light age 31 of Cuba Mo., drown in the Meramec River. Light jumped off a 15 foot cliff and was attempting to swim to a nearby gravel bar when he became tired. Light started to bob up and down he then went under and did not resurface. His body was found near Canes Bottom.

Tyler Snowden age 17 of Stafford Ok., drown while he and his brother and several other youths were trying to swim across the Current river 1 mile above the Arkansas state line. Tyler and his brother began to struggle and clung to a root wad. After awhile they attempted to continue swimming and again started having trouble. His brother finally made it to shore. Tyler went under and did not resurface. His body was recovered by divers from the Doniphan Fire and Rescue 50 yards downstream.

Sunday: District 1

Jason Corbin age 23 of Raymore, Mo., drown after he jumped from a rope swing and landed in swift current on the Sac River. The current swept him down stream over a low head dam. Corbin was submerged for about 30 seconds, resurfaced and was swept toward the dam a second time and was submerged again for approx. thirty to forty five seconds. He once again was swept toward the dam and was submerged for about a minute. Corbin resurfaced face down as a bystander jumped into the water and pulled him to shore. CPR was administered until an emergency crew arrived.


Anonymous said...

How sad, Tyler was from Stafford, OK in visiting family for a birthday party for Grandma.

DONNA said...

This is such a horrible tragedy and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and all the families that have to endure such a tragedy. While these are terribly hard to post, my hope is create awareness of the dangers and to exercise precaution while on the water, especially since the flood one does not know what hidden dangers could be beneath the water.

Anonymous said...

SGT Jason Cobin was a friend of mine and we served in the 82nd ABN together. We both deployed to Iraq from August 2006 till November 2007. It's sad that he survived 15 months in a war zone to die at home. All my thoughts and prayers go to him and his family.

DONNA said...

Thank you for sharing. It is obvious that he meant a great deal to you. My condolences to you as well for the loss of your friend.

Anonymous said...

matthew was my cousin and there was more to that story i think it's not fair that he is gone and every day that passes i just keep playing the imagine of his funeral:( i miss him and so does his family if u hav children make sure they no the dangers of the river

DONNA said...

My deepest sympathy to you and your family.
The reason that I post these is in hopes that readers will understand that while lakes and rivers can be fun they can also be a very dangerous. Especially dangerous since the flooding with currents swifter and objects in and underneath the water that neither boaters or swimmers can see.