Friday, June 6

Nuclear War Scheduled For Thursday

The end of the world is at hand and tonight only one network can bring you all the exclusive details. You won't find it in the no spin zone nor will the man with the suspenders have all the answers. Tonight the world will be watching 20/20 as they interview the Texas prophet "Buffalo Bill" Hawkins as he attempts to predict the end of the world for a second time.
It appears however that Hawkins followers are buying into more than his beliefs as they prepare for Thursday's nuclear war. Former members say that Hawkins requires his members to buy doomsday food and supplies from a company owned by Hawkins. It just so happens that Life Nutrition Products has all of your end of the world needs, each and every time.

Phew...Good thing I am having my underground shelter installed on Wednesday!


GDawg said...

Move over Jim Bakker. There is a new con artist in town.

DONNA said...

gdawg I take it you'll be staying above ground on Thursday? Thanks for the post!