Thursday, June 5

Two Top Air Force Officals Forced To Resign After Embarrassing Mistakes

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced in a press conference at 4 p.m. that two top Air Force officials had resigned. Secretary Micheal W. Wynne a civilian, and Chief of Staff Gen.T Micheal Moseley the top uniformed Air Force Leader were involved with several mishaps since last August.
Earlier this year fuses for missiles had been shipped to Taiwan instead of helicopter batteries which were ordered. In April the Pentagons inspector general found out that a $50million contract had been improperly granted to the Thunderbird's aerial stunt team by the Air Force. Problems arose last August when a B-52 bomber mistakenly flew six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles across the country.
Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England made an unexpected visit to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base located in Ohio where he asked for Wynne's resignation.

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