Tuesday, June 17

Man Identified In The Horrific Beating Death Of Toddler

A California man who beat a 2 year old boy to death Saturday night has been identified as, 27 year old Sergio Casian Aguilar. Aguilar took the 2 year old boy whom authorities believe to be his son, to an unlit road Saturday night, took him out of his car seat and proceeded to kick, punch and stomp him. Passing motorist called 911 and tried to stop him but he continued, saying that the boy was full of demons. One man said that a first he thought the boy was a dead animal lying in the road and then he realized it was a child and tried to stop him. By time police arrived the boy was unrecognizable. Even after a police officer demanded him to stop, he continued. The police officer shot him in the head killing him, but it came too late for the toddler.

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