Monday, February 23

Carnahan Swings and Hits It Out Of The Park!

Let me say that I am not sure I am ready to already talk Senate races so soon after the election of 2008, but with the recent announcements by Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan that they are ready to be your next US Senator, I guess it is time to get prepared.

This may be one of the most interesting races in a long time for a variety of reasons, not the least of which will be a likely Steelman/Blunt primary showdown. The winner of that bloodbath would then move on to face the Democrat Carnahan. Let me also say here that this isn't a rehash of the governor's race last year. Blunt is no Kenny Hulshof... he will be organized and in control. Robin Carnahan is definitely no Jay Nixon... she is a seasoned campaigner who has been through many, many races (either for herself or for her brother, mother, and father).

If recent events are any indication, it looks like so far the score is Blunt 0, Carnahan 1.

Blunt came out with what looked like a good strategy. Immediately challenge Carnahan to a series of debates. We knew she would never fall for it, but it makes Blunt look like someone who is ready to come at the race with everything he has. Plus, it makes him look as if he is the presumptive nominee, something I am not too sure that he is. This should have been a point for him. Yet, Carnahan hit it out of the park.

Listen to what her campaign spokesman, Tony Wyche, said in response: "I was quite surprised to receive a voicemail message earlier today from Rich Chrismer of Congressman Blunt’s campaign, who expressed a desire to discuss a plan for candidate forums. Assuming he had the wrong number, I returned his call and left him a message in which I offered to provide him with a telephone number for Sarah Steelman."

Um, Congressman Blunt... I don't mean to sound like a high school student, but sir... you just got owned. So, chalk that up to Secretary of State Carnahan, but don't get too comfortable with that lead. There is still a long ways to go in this election.

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